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Citidel LTD Investment App Scam Steals Money Proof

Posted on by Patrick Jones

If you have browsed the web and searched this question: “Is Citidel LTD Investment App a Scam or legit?” After reading this full review and investigation about who Dr Kent Grifly really is, and being exposed to some particularly disturbing information, you will reach the obvious conclusion that this Auto-Trading software is an illegal binary options scam that steals money from innocent victims.

First of all, there is no Grifly Capital, just Google it and you will see a collection of review sites rehashing old and cumbersome lies about how this person has had a “substantial impact on world economies” and is now making  in excess of “$140,000 monthly for the past 5 years”.

Secondly, these are the same people behind Centument LTD and Dow Jones Focus Group (AKA the scam Equinox automated trading software). This can be seen very plainly because they use the same form of illegal false advertising tactics, primarily that they hide the fact that you are registering for a broker and tell you it’s for their software.
citidel scam

Below you will see the Centument member’s area, you can compare the two and see they use the same content and exact same form and the fields are aligned in exactly the same order.


I will say this for as long as I have to until viewers understand how they are being cheated into funding a trading account without providing written consent. Legitimate signals and automated trading software will offer you the tools and let you choose from a selection of brokers. You can then do your research and move on to decide if you want to continue with the service provider or seek alternative options to make money trading binary options online. This is clearly not the case with this App.

Additional Proof – Fake Logos that Can’t Be Clicked

These guys are up to no good, doing the same tricks and stealing peoples money while using shady brokers usual people would never even consider registering for. They are professionals at victimizing innocent would-be traders looking to supplement their income or altogether quit their job and become full time day traders.

Special Features of the Citidel Investment App (No Joke)
. It will infect your computer with a Virus that will steal your credit card number and personal information – don’t download or install anything!
2. It will make you lose all your initial investment very quickly.
3. It will force you to register for a broker without letting you check the integrity, honesty, and most importantly withdrawals issues related to that broker.
4. It will provide your personal information, specifically your Email and maybe Phone number to unauthorized third parties. So if you start getting SPAM offers for Replica Watches and online Pharmaceuticals don’t be surprised.
5. They may partner with brokers that have been known to overcharge customer credit cards. This is real credit card fraud committed by some shady brokers in 3rd world countries or the Middle East where they don’t really care about customers or ethical business practices.
6. Some of these brokers have been known not to let you withdraw your winnings, even if you have miraculously won a small amount (AKA Deposit only brokers).

Fake or Plagiarized Citidel LTD Reviews and Testimonials!
The whole testimonial section looks like it is out of Facebook, but when you try to click the links nothing happens because there are no real profiles and the excerpts are obviously made up since they are too predictable, and the images are almost theatrical and look like they have been taken out of some image bank.


Guess what? It’s free, but you need to fund a broker’s account if you want to start trading. Amazingly it’s only gonna cost you $250, excluding Porter Finance which has a $200 minimum deposit policy and happens to be the only good thing I can recommend in this review since they have a solid reputation for paying on time.

Additional Facts:

1. Reaching 84% + ITM trades in binary options takes time, research, proper guidance, and a substantial investment since there is a learning curve.

2. There is NO push-button solution to becoming a millionaire overnight, and if someone tries to sell you that pitch try to dig deeper and seek out more diverse sources of information.

3. The App is not innovative, it’s a rehashed piece of scam software. There is nothing genuine, honest, or transparent about it.

4. There is no conference, similar to the old German Banker Secret seminars where people were lured into funding trading accounts under false pretenses this video acts the same way. Other similar scams include Insured Profits and Walter Green’s Free Money System.

Auto-traders, Bots, and Signals
There are other ones that work, in terms of automated trading solutions the only ones I can recommend are Virtnext and maybe Mikes Auto Trader since I personally tried them out and profited consistently. As for signals, check out the reviews section and tell us what you think by emailing us at [email protected]

Conclusions and Recommendations
The Citidel LTD Investment App is a rehash of Centument Limited and the Equinox software. Dr Kent Grifly is a second rate actor, and the presenter in this promotional video looks like a fully certified scam artist. I would not buy a bag of peanuts on the street from people as insincere as that, much less pull out my Visa card to fund a trading account with a broker. You have been warned to stay away, and if you have problems recovering stolen funds try messaging me and I’ll see what I can do to assist.

  • Are these people for real? What happened to actually formulating a solid trading strategy and following up on market trends? This is really horrible…

  • Hi John, these guys have a different background than you and are not necessarily professional traders. They just want to get people to fund trading accounts with brokers so they can get commissions. I guess its OK to do it if that’s your livelihood, but this is really an unethical way to do business.

  • Lynn V.

    Is that the whole trick behind these!?? They trick you into funding to get a commission? Wow, I knew it was a scam but I didn’t exactly know how they were benefiting from it! This makes a lot of sense now!!

    • Hi Lynn, yes that is the reason we see these things are so heavily promoted by Emails and other forms of advertisement. Usually the advertisers shoot their spam with exaggerated messages of instant wealth and wait for traders to register for the broker and deposit.

  • Kelly Knight

    Don’t we all wish money came with a push of a button?!! People need to see that there is no easy way out. I’ve leanred the hard way. Its crazy how all the sites are looking the same now!

    • Hi Kelly, the reality of it is that people will try anything to have a chance at reaching their dreams, unfortunately there are no shortcuts in life. Scam artists like Dr Kent Grifly and the people behind him are trying to sell you the opposite, a fast and easy way to make money online. I guess most people have to learn the hard way.

  • Taylor H

    Wow, yet another system trying to scam people! It makes me wonder if these are really the same people over and over repeating with different business names?!

  • Grace J.

    All these sites start looking the same. I know if I have seen the same site with a different name to keep on moving!! Do they give these sites out in bulk or what?!

    • Seems that way right Grace? It’s most likely a part of a network which decide to promote specific products, however one can’t ever be sure. Some of them are actually legit and offer good tips, I personally stopped believing there is anything genuine or honest about what people write anymore, especially about profits on Auto-pilot with Auto-traders or bots. Those things will drain your pocket very quickly – that’s a promise.

  • Beth Anne

    People are blinded by dollar signs and miss the signs that things are fake. I know I was one of them. I don’t try any get rich things anymore!!

    • Hi Beth Anne, you should never give up on your dreams, but the way to go about it needs to be totally different. Contact our staff at [email protected] and we will draft a unique trading tutorial based on your trading style and amount you are able to invest. The results will arrive faster than you think if you do it correctly.

  • Kelsey

    Thank you for this site. I was told I should look into this by someone teaching me how to make money online and now I see its a scam. I’m glad I decided to do a little research myself. Are all these sites scams for trading?

  • Rosemarie

    I guess I’ll stop looking into these softwares, I was hoping they were reliable. I wasn’t looking for millions, just extra cash. How are these sites not shut down? There seems to be a ton of them online?!

    • Hi Rosemarie, thanks for writing to us. You can’t stop it because there are just too many of these scams, and opportunity seekers wanting to invest in a fast get-rich-scheme will always exist since people are lazy by nature and will not make an effort to research real trading tools and signals properly. That is the end result when you try to cut corners.

  • Kevin K

    Yeah I wish we could just sweep the Internet clean of all scams. There are so many evil people trying to scam people. I can’t believe they even put fake logos on there!

  • David

    I have to admit I didn’t see the signs but my friend told me to research before I signed up. I’m so glad I listened to her! After reading this post and seeing all these comments I almost feel stupid for not seeing the signs that were in front of my face. It’s upsetting to think I almost feel for something like this!

    • Hi David, thanks for taking the time to write to us. You are not stupid at all, in fact we have University Professors and savvy businessmen buying into these scams. These are professional con-artists and are very good at deceiving people and victimizing them. If you invested and lost money with a broker through these blood hounds let me know by mailing me at [email protected] and I will try to assist you in recovering lost funds. Thanks, Pat

  • Amber Beth

    I recently put my email address and phone number in and didn’t go any further. Now I’m getting tons of emails to claim my free water pitcher and wrinkle removal creams. You name it I’m getting it! I’m glad I stopped! Oh and they are even calling me daily. They just won’t stop! Stay away from this!!

    • Jacques Deysel

      What I don’t understand about this, is that when I click this FBI link, the Citidel logo isn’t displayed. The spelling of Citidel (the investment app) and CitAdel, the malware reported here are different. The Citidel (investment app) isn’t a download and install software, it is a website i.e. no downloads needed. Also if Dr Kent Grifly, is not who he says he is, why expose himself with live seminars all over the world? I’m not saying they are legit, all I’m saying is that all the info provided here are speculation and there are no real evidence that they are a scam. Best is to do further research and make an informed decision. I have personally signed up, have not received and or more spam emails than usual. Did not have to install any software etc. I have not started trading yet, but plan to do so next week to test this for myself as there are just too many legitimate and reputable websites out there who has tested the app and happily endorsed the Citidel app. I will revert back with my findings in about 2 weeks or so.

      • Hi Jacques. read the post attached and make sure to view the images. Then tell me what you think. Thanks.

        • Jacques Deysel

          I agree the skins look the same, but so does Virtnex, as a matter of fact, I signed up for Virtnext today and the only difference is the color scheme, all else is exactly the same.

          • That means you are looking for an alternate solution. Something hand crafted and unique. You wont find it through the usual channels. Sometimes its right there staring at your face but you cant see it so Im pointing it out to you. Check the box on the right panel on our site – and sign up. Let me know how that goes. Pat

      • Hi Jacques, following up. Citidel and Citadel may or may not be connected. We did however receive a flurry of complaints from traders who received this virus in close proximity to registering with the app. In fact, there may be a download file (.exe file) running in the background without you noticing, so while the software may be web-based the malware is definitely not. Secondly, just go to the University of Iowa website and look him up. Also try looking up any social profile of his. This is a high end production designed to make it look legit, and the so called “honest review sites” are getting commissions on referring traders (that would be you). If you actually manage to make money with this fake app please let me know and I will revise my review accordingly – thanks, Pat

  • Please listen to this video and don’t buy into the hype:

    • John

      Hi just visited your site. Great read, I signed up with Citidel too late. I knew form the first hour it was a scam.

      I could not turn off auto trade and it was taking trades left and right on low risk. It took 7 trades in 3 minutes 3 were the same pair in different directoins. It went 7 ITM and 9 OTM in the 2 hours I used it.

      I have turned it off and changed my password on my broker account.

      What I would like to know is for one reader you offered her a trading manual.

      Was wondering if you could do the same for me so I can recover my account. Fortunately I only lost 90.00 dollars before I shut it down.

      Also feel free to post this email and warn others.

      • Hi John, thanks for this post and letting me know. If you want our staff to start a refund process and recover your lost money we would need you to provide the name of the broker and some documentation regarding how you were falsely lead into this obvious fraud. Feel free to update your comment anytime and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel

        • John

          I have emailed Patrick, I have since recovered my loses. In 2 hours Citidel lost me 90.00 dollars. In 3 days I made that back on my own.

          I am just wondering should I keep my account?? I have changed my password and reformatted my computer.

          Should I contact my broker and have then remove my account association with Citidel??

          And are the other so called watchdog sites complicit?? I went with Citidel from the recommendation Binary ………..Dog.

          • Hi John, that is a question best posed to the owner of that site, I can only tell you that from my investigation I reached some very alarming conclusions about the fake app, and the complaints keep coming in every day in the dozens. Our Facebook Page is really getting full of these constant complaints: you should check it out and see what other people are saying.

      • Oh Sorry John. Missed the part about the trading guide. I think we can start with the 10 point ebook that teaches you how to avoid getting scammed. Mail me again about it and then Ill put you in touch with trading professionals if you would be interested. Thanks Pat

  • John

    Has anyone tested Auto Binary Signals or ABS for short??

    • Hi John. They come off as professional but its not something I would recommend. I cant say it’s a scam because I didnt conduct a full investigation but have 3 people say they were not satisfied with the performance. Proceed with extreme caution.

  • David

    Reading through the comments and yes people are lazy by nature. It’s crazy how lazy we can be. I’ve been there too! We really need to smarten up…I mean come on those two sites look exactly the same. This whole situation upsets me

    • Hi David, thanks for your insightful comments. Some people view things differently and I’m the first one to admit I have made mistakes before and will do so in the future for sure. There’s a lot of hype out there and you must make sure to get your fact straight and do proper research.

    • Hi David, thanks for your insightful comments. Some people view things differently and I’m the first one to admit I have made mistakes before and will do so in the future for sure. There’s a lot of hype out there and you must make sure to get your fact straight and do proper research.

  • Nicky Smith

    I have gone as far as signing up but then never funding my account. Then for a week straight these brokers will my phone and send me emails daily. Sometimes twice a day. They eventually stop but then pop back up every once and a while with a phone call. It’s just plain harassing.

    • Hi Nicky, the brokers are very happy to get customers and will do whatever is in their power to get them to fund trading accounts. The problem is, they are being cheated by the advertisers who put on a nice show that has nothing to do with reality.

  • Shelby

    I’ve learned the hard way and once you deposit money, there isn’t an easy way to withdraw it. It doesn’t take anything to put the money in but when you want it back you have to provide copies of your personal information. Seems legit but they are just stealing more info from you and not giving you your money.

  • Taylor H

    I am still trying to unsubscribe from multiple junk emails I keep getting. I think I have learned my lesson inquiring about these companies because this is what happens. I wake up to about 40 junk emails a day. They just won’t go away.

    • Change mail and be careful next time. Have a SPAM Mail ready just for these things, thats what I do. is best for that since they dont require you to validate your account with a text message.

    • whitefiver

      Use the following number for any internet interests your not sure about 03338888888 an extra 8 can be added Directs the caller to contact you by email. ..00443338888888 from outside uk.. Inclusive minutes allowed from uk mobile..hope this helps

  • Sammie

    I’m sure these scammer pay these people good money to do these videos and it’s a shame that now these peoples face are linked to this scam. I wonder if these actors can get in trouble for this too?

    • Na, the actors are cool. Its the people who pay them that are the problem.

  • David Howell

    Have you tried Binadroid? I lost my first 14 out of 18 trades. Their success rate is claimedas +80%! They are a scam.