Citidel LTD Investment App Scam Steals Money Proof

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Citidel LTD Investment App Scam Steals Money Proof

Posted on by Patrick Jones

If you have browsed the web and searched this question: “Is Citidel LTD Investment App a Scam or legit?” After reading this full review and investigation about who Dr Kent Grifly really is, and being exposed to some particularly disturbing information, you will reach the obvious conclusion that this Auto-Trading software is an illegal binary options scam that steals money from innocent victims.

First of all, there is no Grifly Capital, just Google it and you will see a collection of review sites rehashing old and cumbersome lies about how this person has had a “substantial impact on world economies” and is now making  in excess of “$140,000 monthly for the past 5 years”.

Secondly, these are the same people behind Centument LTD and Dow Jones Focus Group (AKA the scam Equinox automated trading software). This can be seen very plainly because they use the same form of illegal false advertising tactics, primarily that they hide the fact that you are registering for a broker and tell you it’s for their software.
citidel scam

Below you will see the Centument member’s area, you can compare the two and see they use the same content and exact same form and the fields are aligned in exactly the same order.


I will say this for as long as I have to until viewers understand how they are being cheated into funding a trading account without providing written consent. Legitimate signals and automated trading software will offer you the tools and let you choose from a selection of brokers. You can then do your research and move on to decide if you want to continue with the service provider or seek alternative options to make money trading binary options online. This is clearly not the case with this App.

Additional Proof – Fake Logos that Can’t Be Clicked

These guys are up to no good, doing the same tricks and stealing peoples money while using shady brokers usual people would never even consider registering for. They are professionals at victimizing innocent would-be traders looking to supplement their income or altogether quit their job and become full time day traders.

Special Features of the Citidel Investment App (No Joke)
. It will infect your computer with a Virus that will steal your credit card number and personal information – don’t download or install anything!
2. It will make you lose all your initial investment very quickly.
3. It will force you to register for a broker without letting you check the integrity, honesty, and most importantly withdrawals issues related to that broker.
4. It will provide your personal information, specifically your Email and maybe Phone number to unauthorized third parties. So if you start getting SPAM offers for Replica Watches and online Pharmaceuticals don’t be surprised.
5. They may partner with brokers that have been known to overcharge customer credit cards. This is real credit card fraud committed by some shady brokers in 3rd world countries or the Middle East where they don’t really care about customers or ethical business practices.
6. Some of these brokers have been known not to let you withdraw your winnings, even if you have miraculously won a small amount (AKA Deposit only brokers).

Fake or Plagiarized Citidel LTD Reviews and Testimonials!
The whole testimonial section looks like it is out of Facebook, but when you try to click the links nothing happens because there are no real profiles and the excerpts are obviously made up since they are too predictable, and the images are almost theatrical and look like they have been taken out of some image bank.


Guess what? It’s free, but you need to fund a broker’s account if you want to start trading. Amazingly it’s only gonna cost you $250, excluding Porter Finance which has a $200 minimum deposit policy and happens to be the only good thing I can recommend in this review since they have a solid reputation for paying on time.

Additional Facts:

1. Reaching 84% + ITM trades in binary options takes time, research, proper guidance, and a substantial investment since there is a learning curve.

2. There is NO push-button solution to becoming a millionaire overnight, and if someone tries to sell you that pitch try to dig deeper and seek out more diverse sources of information.

3. The App is not innovative, it’s a rehashed piece of scam software. There is nothing genuine, honest, or transparent about it.

4. There is no conference, similar to the old German Banker Secret seminars where people were lured into funding trading accounts under false pretenses this video acts the same way. Other similar scams include Insured Profits and Walter Green’s Free Money System.

Auto-traders, Bots, and Signals
There are other ones that work, in terms of automated trading solutions the only ones I can recommend are Virtnext and maybe Mikes Auto Trader since I personally tried them out and profited consistently. As for signals, check out the reviews section and tell us what you think by emailing us at [email protected]

Conclusions and Recommendations
The Citidel LTD Investment App is a rehash of Centument Limited and the Equinox software. Dr Kent Grifly is a second rate actor, and the presenter in this promotional video looks like a fully certified scam artist. I would not buy a bag of peanuts on the street from people as insincere as that, much less pull out my Visa card to fund a trading account with a broker. You have been warned to stay away, and if you have problems recovering stolen funds try messaging me and I’ll see what I can do to assist.

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