Click Money System Review, SCAM System Steals Your Money At a Click!

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Click Money System Review, SCAM System Steals Your Money At a Click!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Click Money System Software by Julia and Harold is a dangerous SCAM, and we exposed and blacklisted this fake app and trading robot in our fair and impartial review and investigation. Here’s a fair warning, we have been tipped off by a whistle blower that there is a network of con artists and thieving affiliate marketers promoting this malicious new scheme. When we started getting complaints about this new system we were astounded by the level of sophistication and finesse employed by this crafty band of well-known cyber-crooks. It seems they wish to reassert themselves as leaders in the viral financial scam niche, and take pride in defrauding hundreds of innocent day-traders who wish to make some passive income trading binary options online. We understand that this high-end, expensive production is very believable and that is why we believe its particularly deceptive and misleading nature is very effective and baiting and victimizing potential would-be traders. Don’t be fooled by the fancy British accent and demeanor of these two paid actors and charlatans, they are well compensated for their performance and are directly responsible for being active participants in what we believe to be one of the nastiest financial scams being peddled online today. Keep reading to see how we reached this conclusion and why our findings will shock you.

Official Scam Website, Login, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
We believe the people behind the Click Money System are the same ones who are responsible for producing and promoting the Push Money App by Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan. We have gathered what we believe to be circumstantial evidence which clearly validates our initial premise.

Above you will see a section of the registration area in the Click Money System, compared to the Push Money App registration area. As you can see the instructional steps indicating how to proceed are almost an exact replica. The content is almost the same, as well as the marketing logic pushing traders to register and deposit. They are using the same diagram but with different graphics.


Here again, you will see the same content as in Push Money, “please register your click money account below”, the same font, the same call for action on the buttons saying to unlock your account, and similar pressure tactics used to coerce and bait viewers into registering with and funding trading accounts with rogue and unregulated brokers.


Another piece of evidence compares the FAQ sections in the two systems. As you can see they bare a striking resemblance, and it’s fair to say it was done by the same people.


Finally, the last nail in the coffin and all the proof you will ever need to reach the proper conclusion can be seen in the image above. Every trader knows that payments arrive via international wires or E-wallet transfers directly from the broker’s bank account ONLY. Intuit is a payroll services company located in the USA and would never transfer money to online traders as this is not a part of the services they offer. This connected all the dots for us and removed any form of doubt or hesitation we had after listening to the vacuous sales pitch.

Click Money System Software Review
The charade begins as “Julia and Harold promise $16,000,000 a year to anyone who signs up and starts trading using their software. Then they go on to show a live demonstration of how the software performs and explain how it “compounds the return on investment”. Julia says they are looking for people who are looking to make money online, trading experience is not required, and anyone can do it according to her. While watching a big screen TV, they claim that “you are watching the video is even more important than your family, because it can save your family”. They say you have been playing Russian Roulette with your savings and then getting scammed because you have chosen the wrong system, but now the solution to all your financial problems is at your reach and you can make easy money on auto-pilot while you live your life.

Then they each drive a Bentley and an Aston Martin respectively and head out to the Click Money Headquarters in London. While en route, Julia gets a phone call from an ecstatic Click Money member explaining how much money she has made today “and it’s not even noon”. In the house, the presenter claims that after making millions of dollars for themselves they decided to “expand their empire”. In order to make more money they needed more beta-testers using their system.

The charade continues as they “interview” new beta testers such as James the Ex-Construction worker and it takes a more operational tone. Here is where they introduce the match bonus concept and how the broker will “double your initial deposit”. The actress (Julia) says that every time he makes a winning trade, the broker pays her a commission. Then they go on to say that they guarantee you will become a millionaire this year. In the registration area we see filmed testimonials of actors named Sara, James, and Steve and Helen. All of them are rambling about their life story and how the Click Money System has made them millionaires.

In reality, the producers of this film have spent thousands of dollars hiring actors, renting expensive cars, as well as a very impressive mansion. Still, at the end of the day it is nothing more than a very misleading SCAM designed to lure you into a trap and get you signed up with a broker.

The people who are behind this sham (for the lack of a better word) are very sophisticated and talented online marketers with zero integrity or ethical business practices. They understand that perception becomes reality if it is presented in the right way, and that people are looking for something to believe in. The use of inflated bank accounts, hired actors, hyped up claims, and fake testimonials are clearly evident and plain to see.

OK, Will This Cost Me Anything?
Actually, that was the only thing they said which was not a lie, fabrication, or half-truth. It will cost you at least $250 to get started with the system, and that money will be charged to your bank account by one of their slimy brokers.

Fake Reviews
We are witnessing a dramatic rise in fake reviews these days. This is due to the fact that affiliate marketers get paid by brokers to write favorable reviews so stay alert and start asking all the hard questions.

Other Viral Scams
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Signals Versus Trading Robots
We understand that you may be deliberating which app is better for you, so we saved you the trouble of doing the research. All of the systems we showcase in our recommended section have passed our rigorous credibility tests and are consistent performers.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Click Money System Software by Julia and Harold is a BLACKLISTED SCAM and a Push Money App clone. If you believe this app to be legit or genuine then you are about to kiss your money goodbye, because it is fraudulent and totally rigged to take losing trades and steal money. We have provided all the facts and evidence and have made a very compelling case against Click Money. If you have received a SPAM email communication, make sure not to click on any link or download anything and immediately unsubscribe because the affiliate marketers peddling this filth will do anything to get their greedy hands on your hard-earned money. Please make sure to join our Facebook Group and Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel, to get informed.

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