Cloud Trader is a Nasty Scam, Honest Review Exposes Cheating Autotrader

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Cloud Trader is a Nasty Scam, Honest Review Exposes Cheating Autotrader

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting an official scam review in regards to the Cloud Trader Software and App as well as Matthew Shepherd the so called CEO of this fake system. Our staff and management has received repeated complaints from day traders about SPAM emails being delivered directly into their inbox and illegally soliciting them to open accounts with fraudulent and unregulated offshore binary options brokers. After conducting an extensive investigation we have apparently opened a can of worms and these same brokers asked us to refrain from informing our viewers about this scheme. Obviously we ignored their requests and are now warning our members and viewers and asking them to find alternative trading software.

Official Scam Site:
Main Culprit: Matthew Shepherd

Proof of Scam
Where’s the software, can you please show me? All they let you see is the Cloudtrader logo plastered on a broker. That does not instill too much trust in this system. Usually even the crappiest Auto-traders will actually show you how the software works and how it looks like because they understand the importance of transparency. With this thing all you get is smoke and mirrors coupled with less-than-sophisticated innuendos about “never losing a single trade”

Cloud Trader 1

We also tried finding Matthew Shepherd in social networks such as Linkedin and Facebook, however we were not able to find any mention of him or the company he represents. I personally don’t know any company CEO without any form of social presence, and this in my opinion is a resounding statement and a very big red flag.

Cloud Trader Review
The people behind this app are deliberately trying to hide the software, and with good reason. Someone who has good trading systems will want to show them for the whole world to see, but these guys are doing exactly the opposite so this is basically a cover up attempt.

cloud Trader 2

Additionally, they are ripping people’s pictures off the internet without consent. I’m sure Eugene Garner is not the name of the man sitting in the chair on the top and looking at the screen. I found him in some forum called IGN and claims he is “too lazy..”. To top it all off, they don’t let you continue past the first page unless you enter your full details including password and phone number. That is because the you are not registering for the software as implied. In reality you are signing up for a broker, and you can’t ever know which one it is until you have completed the signup process.

Cloud Trader 3

Similar Scams
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Is it Free?
Well yes it is, but you need to fund a a trading account with at least $250 to enjoy the benefit.

Signals, Autotraders, Bots, Trade Copiers
There are tons of systems and trading tools designed to make you fund a trading account and lose money. They will promise you easy money and prosperity at a click of a mouse. Binary Scam Alerts fully endorses the Binary Profit Method as a solid signals tool that consistently makes money. If you are in the market for an Auto-trader please make sure to read our Virtnext review.

Verdict and Foreseen Conclusions
The management and research staff at Binary Scam Alerts has categorically identified the Cloud Trader software (AKA CloudTrader Auto-trader and APP) as a binary options investment SCAM. After a careful review and examination of the facts we found the main flaw in this system to be lack of transparency, and in our eyes that is one of the most tangible indications of  fraudulent and criminal activity. A criminal always tries to hide the truth and hide behind lies. There is nothing genuine, honest, legit, or sincere about this illegal piece of code, and we wholeheartedly recommend you stay as far away from it as humanly possible. As always, please make sure to join our Facebook Group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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