Cobalt Code is Scam! Legit Review Exposes Fraudulent Software

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Cobalt Code is Scam! Legit Review Exposes Fraudulent Software

Posted on by Patrick Jones

If you have searched the internet looking for a legit review about the Cobalt Code SCAM Software, App, and Autotrader as well as Grant Stone the fake actor and cheater, you need look no further. After receiving a burst of complaints and grievances from frustrated day-traders who keep getting profusely SPAMMED , our team of expert researchers launched a full review and investigation into the nature of this appalling new system. We are constantly looking for a trustworthy trading app, but the Cobalt Code is definitely not it. We have found the narrative to be riddled with holes, and the software anything but genuine. In light of the overwhelming evidence we have compiled, we have officially posted a SCAM review and Blacklist notification against this binary options automated trading solution and are warning all our members and subscribers to stay away from it.

Official Scam Site and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
Here we have Mr. Grant Stone (Alias) who boldly claims this “is not binary trading”. I really don’t understand why he would lie about something like that, but as the saying goes there’s no such thing as a half-way-crook, and once you start lying you risk sliding down a very slippery slope and this time they just went too far with their half-truths and deception.
cobalt 1

Well, as if you needed more proof, here it’s plain to see that the use of fake testimonials and image bank actors is very effectively utilized to create a sense of legitimacy. Oddly enough the photos they took were also used by another BLACKLISTED offer called Disrupt Trading, only there the woman is called  Cindy and not Claudia. I guess they all steal images from the same places, and I personally find this form of false advertising to be particularly misleading and deceptive. Inflated bank accounts, rented houses, fancy cars, invented identities, and the use of actors is clearly evident in the sales video. You will also notice the classic ripped off CITI, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, and Santander logos, as these methods of operation should raise some red flags and those alarm bells need to start ringing.

cobalt 2

The Cobalt Code Review
So as the story goes, the so called Mr. Grant Stone worked as a mid-level employee in the Cobalt mines of Madagascar off the coast of Africa where he saw how the “fat cats” manipulate the stock in their favor. After kissing up to them he found out their secret and now he he is making millions and would like to give you access to this amazing money-making system. Interestingly enough there are only a few remaining copies of the cobalt code left, and they can be snatched any minute so you must “take action” and seize the opportunity before it slips away and never comes back.


Additionally, their sales page contains a bogus chart which claims it has been “proven and verified by Citibank and Bank of America”. We urge our members to contact the legal department of these banks and relay this information. I can pretty much guarantee that these banks have never heard of the Cobalt Code or Grant Stone, and most probably will report them to the police and/or sue them for trademark infringement. So we believe it’s best not to try and mix strategies like momentum trading or scalping. The use of technical trading and candle sticks analysis on 60 second options will also be futile, hence we suggest you withdraw whatever is left of your money and look for an accurate trading app.

Is this System Really Free?
No way, it’s gonna cost you $250 which will be paid through one of their slimy brokers.

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Signals, Bots, Autotraders, and Copiers
Out of the many new systems that are hitting the markets these days it’s fair to say the number of legit apps is very small and they are all showcased in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The Cobalt Code software, app, and auto-trader as well as Grant Stone is a verified binary options investment SCAM. Our in-depth review and investigation has left no stone un-turned, but we found nothing but deception, lies, misleading information, and a massive lack of honesty and integrity. There is nothing genuine or legit about this fake app, and after testing the software we found it to be fraudulent. It takes losing positions and the ITM ratio is below 40%. Our balance was blown in about 60 seconds after consecutive losses were incurred. We are advising all our members to stay clear of this fake, blacklisted app and seek alternative investment avenues. Please join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get involved!

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