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Coffee Cash Scam Alert

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Ah I love Coffee! Well guess what? Sean Willows is really an actor (not a very good one if you ask me) and has absolutely nothing to do with binary options or trading, and this review will expose these ripoff artists. Secondly, Multi-Millionaires don’t usually testify as to their fortunes. In fact, the exact opposite is true. These guys keep to themselves and don’t want anyone interfering with their daily lives, because they really don’t need anyone or anything anymore. But wait, there’s much more from scam central.

Here’s another red flag, whenever you hear sentences like “push-button system that will make you money”, stay away  at all cost because it’s just a seasoned marketer trying to solicit you to open and fund a trading account with a binary options broker. It plainly mentions this in the second page when the presenter says “Our Coffee Cash cheat is able to bind itself to that trading account”.

Moving forward, the presenter claims the system will trade on your behalf, and that is the only thing I believe. That scammy software will take all your money, place it on random positions and lose all your money in a neat and effective way. That is because binary options (Excluding the exchanges such as Nadex and CBOE) are built on a market maker model. This means the losses achieved by the traders are the actual profits of the broker. This is not the case in a Spreads format, where the broker get paid according to the trading volumes and regardless of the win/loss ratio.

Now, when people try to offer you automated or algorithmic trading tools please check these 5 criteria:

  1. Functionality: How easy is it to use, and are there instructional videos?
  2. Accuracy Levels: How is the system performing and what is the percentage of ITM (In The Money) trades?
  3. Transparency: Are the contracts fully displayed, and is the information shown in a clear an coherent fashion?
  4. Customer Care: Are they responding to your questions in a timely and professional fashion?
  5. Reliability: Are there delays or down times in the system? Do you see any messages like “server is down” or “communication error”?

As always, when choosing any type of online profit method, please make sure to do a Google check and see who these people are, and get some background information as to what they are offering and how much it will eventually cost you because at the end of the day it won’t be free.

Coffee Cash Scam

Moving Forward, please pay careful attention. This guy claims he made over 84 Million dollars, and he’s telling you its possible to amass that amount with a mere $250 deposit. Now this is where they all make the biggest mistake, because if he said the system makes him a passive income of $30,000 a month after a certain trial period it would be a lot more believable as well as logical.

Now this guy who calls himself Sean Willows, is sending you to the proverbial gallows, because as you can see in the  image below he wants you to register and deposit funds with Rumeliacapital, a broker considered to have a dubious reputation and no regulation. Surprisingly though, the actual software and how it is presented to the user is clear and easy to grasp, unfortunately it masks the true nature of this promotional scheme and I am officially labeling it a total SCAM in my review.

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