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Compound Trader Review, SCAM Software is Exposed

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Compound Trader software is just another in a long line of SCAMS and it has been rightfully BLACKLISTED in this impartial review. The truth is that we only got a few complaints, but their nature and level of severity surpassed the usual slimy scheme. It appears the marketers behind this bogus app and auto-trader are using Facebook ads to target innocent day-traders. We find this particularly disturbing since Facebook members navigating through their accounts or chatting with friends don’t expect to be mauled by annoying ads about making millions of dollars on auto-pilot with no risk to their money. In light of this overwhelming evidence and grievances presented to us by frustrated would-be traders, we have no choice but to declare this system as hostile and dangerous. After investing the initial amount for testing purposes our worst fears received additional validation when the money was lost in the blink of an eye. Our comprehensive investigation proves without a shadow of a doubt that Compound Trade is a bona fide binary options investment SCAM and Henderson is a paid actor performing at the behest of the cheaters pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Official Scam Site and Login Page:

Proof of Scam
Here we have the good doctor rambling about how this 5-minute video will be “life-changing” and then immediately you are shown inflated bank accounts with bogus figures and no way to show where the money originated from. Then he continues to promise us that in “30 days you can live in the house of your dreams and drive luxury cars”. Fancy vacations and dreams about never having to worry about money is the next item on his sales script, but here’s the clincher. He plainly states that he created an “app that is guaranteed to exponentially grow profit”. That is a lie and complete fabrication since you would need an ITM ratio of 100% or close to it in order to achieve this goal, and we all know these things are non-existent.

I would like to remind you that the only proof of winning trades can originate from within your brokers trading history. They are fudging the numbers in an attempt to conceal the truth and manipulate viewers. To top it all off, below you can see the use of fake social feeds and made up testimonials from image bank photos. The same feed is live and can actually be viewed when checking out the GPS trader scam which we have also blacklisted a while ago.

If you need additional proof and found this to be partial or lacking, please contact us and we shall be more than happy to put you in touch with some victims who lost their money using this sub-standard auto-trader.

Compound Trader Software Review
A Tall Tale and Cheap Scam
The story starts off by telling us a fable of a “life changing experience” where Dr. Albert Henderson will give us free access to a secret system which compounds profits by re-investing it instead of cashing out winnings. This is actually solicitation to illegal gambling under the false disguise of trading. These less-than-scrupulous marketers are trying to bait the weaker and less educated segments of society using false advertising techniques and a variety of pushy pressure tactics designed to lure you into registering with and funding a trading account with a rogue and in most cases unregulated broker.

When we opened the software we saw an image of Henderson inside spewing his lies and trying to entice customers to fund their trading accounts. More disturbingly what we saw was a money which was credited to our account, and then deducted. Well, if it was added and trades were made and we profited why are we back at zero and asked to deposit money with our credit card? Is it because they stole it, and if they didn’t then why show it to us in the first place? The software is also not flexible enough and does not allow you to choose the levels of risk or exposure you want to absorb, but that is the least of your problems. We actually put money in this thing only to have it blown away in a matter of minutes. The ITM was under 30% and we lost our money,  something which did not surprise us in the least bit.

Is this System Free?
No, you will have to risk at least $250 and that will be charged to your card by one of their slimy brokers.

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Review Summary and Conclusions
The Compound Trader software and Albert Henderson is a confirmed binary options investment SCAM. Our review exposed this app and the intent of the people who are behind it. Be careful! These people are NOT your friends and they will do their utmost to get their greedy little fingers on your wallet. When we contacted then they were very rude because we sent them a third email about withdrawals, so assume the worst and make sure to seek alternative investment opportunities.  Don’t forget to join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel and have your say!

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