Crypto Advantage Review, SCAM Crypto Advantage or Legit App?

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Crypto Advantage Review, SCAM Crypto Advantage or Legit App?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Crypto Advantage Review and Scam Investigation
Right when we were getting ready to BLACKLIST a viral crypto scam, we were contacted by one of our members who asked us to conduct an in depth review and investigation of  the Crypto Advantage software and semi-automated trading robot. A closer look revealed that Crypto Advantage also functions as a social trading app, which is a rare combination and not something which is readily available these days. Taking into account the fact that the internet is bursting with get-rich-quick crypto schemes, our staff of researchers was extremely standoffish and skeptical about this new system. We were also very suspicious about the sales pitch and other various issues such as a hyped up claims and some testimonials that at first glance did not seem to be genuine or legit. Despite everything, we have to constantly remind ourselves to treat every system fairly and do so without allowing our previous experience influence the outcome and findings of our investigation (this is not a simple task). So, as usual we see various affiliate networks which have endorsed this offer and this time there is a broad consensus that we are actually looking at a legitimate crypto system and not some thieving piece of push-money crypto technology designed to steal your money.

Still, we had to dig in further and let the numbers speak for themselves. The results we were able to produce in our Crypto Advantage Review were definitely in line with our expectations. After funding our trading account we were able to generate a consistent income during the last 3 days, leaving us with an estimated return on investment of around 300% give or take a few pennies. Now, its true that this is a relatively short period of time, however the mere fact that Crypto Advantage didn’t just wipe out our balance in a few hours and steal our money, has made us reach the decision that it is a legit and genuine crypto trading system. It’s also worth pointing out that the brokers we were partnered with were extremely polite, professional, and not pushy. We immediately inquired about withdrawal procedures, and we recommend getting phone verified as well as this will speed up the cashing out process. Given the fact that 99% of the worthless apps today are designed with pure malice and devised by crafty online marketers with the deliberate intent of stealing your money, we found Crypto Advantage to be a welcome breath of fresh air. We rarely endorse new apps, so why not take a minute to go over this review and see what Crypto Advantage is about and how it can help you make money.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Crypto Advantage Review: What is Crypto Advantage?
Crypto Advantage is a semi-automated trading system which trades cryptocurrencies. It also has a built in social function which allows you to follow successful cryptocurrency traders. Semi-automated means that the signals come in on autopilot but you have to approve them. This gives you more control over the risk you wish to take and helps minimize exposure. If you want to trade manually and are not sure how to do it, then you also have the copy trade feature where you can copy the leading traders in the Crypto Advantage community.

How Does Crypto Advantage Work?
First and foremost this software works by monitoring the word’s financial markets. The technological infrastructure crunches big data and stats via the mainframe computer in order to spot patterns, and in this way produce the optimal signals with the minimal amount of risk. Now we know how skeptical some of you may be because Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is viewed by some leading figures such as Jamie Dimon  CEO of JP Morgan as a SCAM or Ponzi scheme which will eventually fizzle out and die. In contrast there are a great many people saying the opposite. It is for this reason the Crypto Advantage staff is including a free Ebook about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading with a few basic facts about how to get started.

Free Ebook:
The book is Free but provided after funding a trading account. This makes sense, you would need to have a funded account in order to put the Ebook to use so this is very logical.

Is Crypto Advantage a Scam?
The straight answer is no, it is not. However, we received some unjustified complaints that resonated very negatively due to various issues we have spotted ourselves. But, the members who complained did not follow through and conduct proper testing, they simply relied on the presentation and their impression and that is not a good enough reason to blacklist an app.

I Got Scammed Before – How’s This Different?
Well, you are correct and right about thinking twice before jumping into this little adventure. However, every now and then there comes a time where you have to take a small risk in order to make gains. Everything considered Crypto Advantage is the best chance you have and a genuine opportunity to make money in the brave new world of cryptocurrency trading.  You should also read how we chose our brokers.

Initial cost is at least $/£/€250 (sometimes $/£/€500 depending on the platform), and this money will be invested into your brokers account. Please remember that your broker has been carefully selected based on your geographic location and its ability to provide professional and courteous brokerage services.

Verified By Visa (Or Mastercard)
In order to fund your Crypto Advantage account you may be required to fill out a “Verified by Visa” form. This is the final step which is needed in order to get started, and it is done for your security. If you are not familiar with this process that’s OK, you just need to contact your bank in order to get a password, and enter it in the proper field as seen below. Again, this may not be required at all times, but we have seen this trend growing (especially in the United Kingdom). Its equally important to allow the popup on the window browser to open in order for the form to show.  You should also know that the appearance of the form may change according to banks, but it will usually ask for the same information. If you are not sure about how to proceed simply message us at [email protected] and we shall advise you accordingly.

Does This Have Anything to Do With Mining, and What is Blockchain?
We know you are exposed to a lot of facts and its difficult to process and may be confusing. Mining and blockchain technology have to do with the actual process of generating the cryptocurrency. It has nothing to do with the Crypto Advantage software, as we are trading signals based on how the app projects the cryptocurrency will perform against other currencies such as the USD, EUR, or GBP.

Fake Crypto Advantage Reviews, Hype, and Other Troubling Facts
We did notice some of the testimonials looked fake, but after inquiring we got a very simple and straightforward answer. First, the profiles are added by the traders themselves NOT the system or people behind it. Meaning, if someone wants to use a fake persona and hide their identity its possible to do. Secondly, people want to stay anonymous and make their money quietly, hence they are not willing to show a real picture of themselves. This is especially true with cryptocurrencies as many people do not wish to report their earnings. As for the hyped up claims of easy money, well generally we would agree to this conclusion but Bitcoin is breaking new records every day so that is not a lie.

Viral Scams Trending
The hot scams receiving the most complaints these days are binary robot 365 and Bitcoin Code.

Signals, Forex EAs, and Crypto Bots
If you have already tried Crypto Advantage and want to diversify with other trading tools then we invite you to check out our recommended section. Our staff has compiled a short yet reputable list of consistent money-making apps which have withstood the test of time and have a proven track-record in generating money.

Review Summary and Conclusions
Crypto Advantage is a SCAM-free trading app which provided consistent results for us and our team during the three day trial we conducted and therefore we are recommending and endorsing it. While drafting our detailed Crypto Advantage review, we noticed the proof and evidence of potential scam our staff produced was minor and insignificant compared to the results we achieved. In other words, the numbers speak for themselves and it is a very profitable app, so we are not about to blacklist the Crypto Advantage software at this point as we view it as a legit and genuine app. However, because we got burned a few times in the past, we have gone through the process of obtaining a signed letter of compliance by the owners of this software. If the Crypto Advantage app suddenly stops performing and fails to meet our standards, we will expose this letter and the identity of the people behind it. If you feel differently or alternatively feel you got ripped off by the Crypto Advantage system, please let us know by leaving a message below. Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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