Crypto Cash Review, Fake Crypto Cash SCAM Cloned? Yes!

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Crypto Cash Review, Fake Crypto Cash SCAM Cloned? Yes!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Crypto Cash Review and SCAM Investigation
Crypto is Making People Rich, And You Can Become The Next Millionaire! Does this sound all too familiar to you? That is the opening sales pitch for the recently re-launched and cloned Crypto Cash SCAM software and fake trading signals app (not to be confused with Crypto Cash System by Brian Daniels). Our detailed and informative Crypto Cash review will prove that this system is not an investment platform or automated trading software of any kind. In fact, similar to its predecessors, this copied get-rich-quick scheme is merely the latest in what we refer to here as a “production-line” or “serial scam”. What does that mean? Well, it means the crafty affiliate marketers and online promoters behind this losing scheme are using a type of white label or turnkey solution available for any pathetic blogger, Email marketer, or Facebook promoter who wants to plug in to an existing lineup of dubious crypto scams and get paid referral cash for their efforts. That’s the real secret behind the Crypto Cash scam, but you won’t read about it anywhere else!

SEVERE WARNING: Due to mounting complaints we have received in regards to fake news campaigns (BBC, Forbes, CNN, Mirror UK, and Reuters) which ultimately lead viewers to the Crypto Cash SCAM, we regard the Crypto Cash scam to be particularly deceptive and misleading and for that reason are advising all our members and subscribers to refrain from joining this fraudulent scheme and avoid it at all costs.

The end goal of the scammers behind this ruse is to get you to fund a real money trading account with a fake offshore Forex and/or CFD broker. In our case it was VIP Coins which is owned and operated by Foreign Holdings Ltd. and have a registered business address in Seychelles. Our initial findings as well as proof and evidence of SCAM and malicious foul play have led us to the realization that Crypto Cash is neither genuine nor legit. So if for some reason you feel compelled to pull out your credit card and risk your own money, we highly recommend you continue reading our revealing Crypto Cash review since we exposed the crooks behind it as well as their shady methods of operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Spoofed Website Which Keeps Changing

Proof of SCAM
Below you can see the main sales page and registration area for the Crypto Cash SCAM software. It is clear to see Jake Tapper and the usual spiel about “no banks and no fees” just like he babbles in the previous versions of the fake app.

Moving along, here we can see the whole list of copied scams we were able to obtain. It’s critical to point out that all of these schemes, without any exception, were blacklisted right here at the Binary Scam Alerts website. Here is a list of the cloned scams and the links to the reviews:

1. Bitcoin Investor
2. Bitcoin Revolution
3. Bitcoin Trader
4. Bitcoin Evolution
5. Bitcoin Formula
6. Bitcoin Secret

Shame on you cheaters! We caught you red-handed so stop scamming people out of their money and get a real job!

And here is the last piece of evidence our staff has produced. We signed up multiple times to test the app and its plain to see that Hybrid Reserve was the broker which was assigned to us, and the post-registration page is identical to the one which is currently being used for Bitcoin Revolution.

What is Crypto Cash?
Crypto Cash does not answer to the criteria of software. It is merely a web page with a signup form which integrates with an offshore broker. In most cases the victims are not even aware they are signing up for a broker. They are under the assumption that they are now a part of an exclusive group of people which have somehow magically stumbled onto the right formula for making massive amounts of passive income.

Why Are The Confidence Artists Copying The Websites?
Scammers are duplicating the same sites in order to cut down on design and programming costs. They want to minimize their investment and get the maximum amount of money possible by scamming as many victims as they can.

Crypto Cash Review, Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt Do Not Endorse Crypto Cash!
Hold on to your credit card and keep an eye on your wallet because Crypto Cash has nothing to do with members who “enjoy retreats around the world every month while they make money on their laptop with just a few minutes of  work every day”, and everything to do with defrauding unsuspecting opportunity seekers such as yourself! You can bet your bottom dollar that the performance is NOT laser-accurate, the technology is sub-standard at best and most likely non-existent, and of course there is no award-winning app at all! Its all a bunch of hype wrapped up into one big lie. The testimonials are fake, the bank accounts are inflated and photo-shopped, and the sales video just circulates from one site to the next. In other words, stay away and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Fake Crypto Cash Reviews
We are the first ones to expose Crypto Cash, so currently there are no reviews at all but this will change for sure.

Is It Free?
Not really no! Its going to cost you at least $250 to get started with this crappy get-rich-quick scheme and that money will be charged to your credit card by thieving offshore brokers.

Still Trust Crypto Cash And Want To Try it Out?
If you still intend to test the Crypto Cash scam app and risk your own hard-earned money, then maybe you should consider your options and avoid online trading altogether because there is no way you can make money using this system and that’s a guaranteed fact.

A Few Viable Options
Are you constantly searching the Internet for a legit trading app? You’re not the only one so here’s a little something you may be interested in. Our staff compiled a short yet reputable list of tested trading apps which have withstood the test of time. We invite you to visit our recommended section and check them out for yourself.

Crypto Cash Review, Summary, and Conclusions
The Crypto Cash scam software, app, and fraudulent Forex robot is nothing but a BLACKLISTED get-rich-quick scheme. This software has been cloned so many times that we are getting sick of constantly exposing these crooks and are actually waiting for them to get more imaginative and come up with something more original. So to recap, Crypto Cash wreaks of scam and malicious foul play any way you look at it so make sure to avoid it because we know for a fact the software is rigged and set to lose (that’s how it steals your money). If you would like to access additional information in regards to the Crypto Cash scam please make sure to message us via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel


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