Crypto CFD Trader Review, Recycled SCAM Crypto CFD App Exposed!

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Crypto CFD Trader Review, Recycled SCAM Crypto CFD App Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Crypto CFD Trader Review and SCAM Investigation
In the past month “the lives of 3 people changed dramatically” after investing in Bitcoin! That is the opening sales pitch for the fraudulent Crypto CFD Trader SCAM software, app, and trading robot by Lenny Hyde. Danger, Crypto SCAM Alert! We know the unethical affiliate network promoting this latest get-rich-quick crypto scam as they reached out to us and tried to entice us with fat commission checks for delivering investors. Naturally we declined their offer, sent them on their way, and added BLACKLISTED their fake signals system immediately.

The Main Problem: Crypto CFD Trader is a complete clone and replica of the Bitcoin Code SCAM. The design has been altered to capture a new audience, but the fraudulent software is the same and so are the dire consequences for anyone who is careless enough to join this cheating program.

In our detailed and revealing Crypto CFD Trader Review and investigative report we will examine how the promoters of this recent sham (for the lack of a better word) target would-be traders and opportunity seekers who are searching the internet for a legit or genuine crypto trading app. In essence, the con artists prey on your financial fears and lack of knowledge in cryptocurrency trading. They even say it themselves. “it can get confusing” or similar sentences are used to get your attention so you can identify with them. These dirty tactics will not work as we are on to their deceptive and misleading sales pitch. Keep reading our Crypto CFD Trader Review to see how we exposed the lying thieves behind this fake app and shed much needed light on their dirty little operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Member’s Area:

Proof of SCAM
Here is a picture of Lenny Hyde, he is marketed as “the Mastermind Behind Crypto CFD Trader”. In reality this is an image bank actor and his photo was ripped off the internet without written consent in order to peddle crypto scams.

Moving forward, the whole testimonial section is fake and designed to instill a sense of trustworthiness, something which stands in stark contrast to the hideous nature of this software.

Again, you can clearly see the photos are taken from image banks. Now for the actual software, it is a replica of other scams we have seen in the past and it is just a kind of turnkey solution which is used by online promoters in order to funnel customers into their seemingly legit crypto app

Who Is Lenny Hyde?
He is NOT the crypto millionaire man and he was never on CNN or Forbes. The story says he is now opening his revolutionary new software for the public because more data means more accurate information and better results for his software. He is also doing it to help other people because he has already made his money (if you believe that).

Crypto CFD Trader Review
Earn consistent and solid profits every day with a 100% accurate auto trader. Lenny Hyde is offering you a quick and easy way to get into the profitable world of online cryptocurrency trading. Some of the most famous people in the world invest in cryptocurrencies. But what’s all the talk about mining and how difficult is that? In fact, it’s very hard and not very user-friendly (not to mention expensive). The sales presentation claims its difficult to find legit exchanges, but Crypto CFD Trader does all the work with almost no risk and generates money for you on auto-pilot. Hyde wants to “help you”, but spots are limited so they can only take 10 new clients per day. He claims the money is yours, you can cash it out any time, and he is looking for action takers.

How Does Crypto CFD Trader Work?
Hyde claims that regardless if Bitcoin or other currencies go up or down, the app executes the right trades. A CFD or contract for difference means you don’t actually have to own cryptocurrencies. You can buy a CFD on bitcoin for example and sell it later. Your profit is based on the difference in the contract prices, and the software places the best trades all the time. The app is supposed to calculate the right time when to sell or buy, so all you have to do is activate the auto trade button. In reality the promoters of this filthy app want you to open multiple accounts with various brokers and get commissions from different brokers to multiply their earnings. One of the actors even says it so it’s fairly obvious what the end game is.

There Is Nothing To Sell Here, Put Away Your Credit Card!
Oddly enough you should do just that, because if you decide to invest and provide your confidential financial data you will most likely be stolen by thieving offshore brokers looking to wet their beak. We have all the ingredients of a get-rich-quick crypto scam such as hyped-up and exaggerated claims of easy money, fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, and outright lies and fabrications. The narrative is also rehashed from the Bitcoin Loophole and Crypto Wealth Club, “software developer, turned investor, turned millionaire” is the exact phrasing Steve Mckay and Max Carney use.

Is it Free?
Access to the Crypto CFD Trader SCAM will cost you at least $250, and they even say it themselves so at least they didn’t lie about that. When we signed up we were partnered with a broker named Universe Markets, which is not a regulated or tested CFD broker so that’s already a big problem.

Viral Crypto Scams Trending
There are Ponzi schemes and fake ICO’s popping up every day. There was even a fake ICO called ponzi.coin which literally made $25,000 and shut down just to make a point not to trust shady crypto-scams.

Fake Reviews
We saw several fake Crypto CFD Trader Reviews and we know that these are unethical affiliate marketers who are getting paid referral commissions as long as you invest.

Signals, Forex EA’s and Crypto Robots
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity with the media outlets and it was just a matter of time before greedy scammers latch on to the latest trends and start peddling their filthy apps. It can be quite difficult at times to separate the wheat from the chaff, however our staff has a proven track record in identifying money-making machines that perform consistently. After passing our screening process these online trading systems get listed in our recommended section.

Crypto CFD Trader Review Summary and Conclusions
Crypto CFD Trader by the fake Lenny Hyde is nothing more than a fishy scam orchestrated by thieving affiliate marketers and offshore brokers. To dispute this fact would be both futile and useless (not to mention dangerous for your wallet). Our staff of researchers has gone to great lengths to establish the facts and lay the groundwork for our inevitable conclusion. We have no doubt that the Crypto CFD Trader SCAM should be blacklisted and even reported to the authorities for violation of the wire fraud act, identity theft, credit card fraud, and a host of other criminal activities which put even the most professional ripoff artists to shame. If you want additional proof or evidence or for some reason find their story believable then make sure to signup for our Facebook Group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel, that is where we will try to answer all of your questions.

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