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Crypto Code Review, Scam Crypto Code Software Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Crypto Code Review – Updates For 2019
The crypto code automated trading software (AKA robot) by William Gardner is a SCAM, and therefore BLACKLISTED in our fair and impartial review and investigation. We have classified the Crypto Code as a fake crypto app in the guise of a get-rich quick scheme. This bogus trading robot is clone and replica of other crypto scams such as Bitcoin Code and Crypto Trader, all of which have one thing in common. These schemes are all piggy backing on the recent wave of Bitcoin success stories and in this context manipulating the facts to their benefit. Its also important to point out that the thieves pulling the strings behind this latest SCAM are affiliate marketers and offshore brokers who specialize in click baiting tactics, SPAM email marketing, and internet fraud. So if you have been exposed to a fake review, annoying pop up message, or spam email just ignore them and move on. Additionally, make sure to refrain from clicking on any links as these are known to be malware and spyware which infect your computer or device by latching on to it with a parasitic virus. We know you may be tempted to test the waters with crypto code, however we can guarantee that it is not a legit or genuine crypto app. This dodgy hoax is extremely misleading, unethical, and deceptive since it preys on the segments of society which are in dire need of immediate cash and not the well-to-do with private wealth managers at Goldman Sachs. Keep reading to see how we exposed these crooks and why we believe the Crypto Code is a confirmed financial scam.

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see the main sales page for the Crypto Code SCAM with the fake Doctor William Gardner. We found his picture in Shutterstock which is an image bank.  Feel free to check for yourself.

If you need more proof of SCAM you can find it here in the fake testimonials section. This actor is named Pat Caporuscio, and he also starred in the “Honest Forex Signals” scam where he went by the alias of Ken Dempsey and lied about how some pathetic Forex software performs.

As for the software itself, you can see that after signing up to test the technology we were partnered with a broker named “safemarkets”. Interestingly enough its anything but safe, as we found out the site is just a cheap template integrated into a third party hack software with no real infrastructure in regards to markets, segregated accounts, leverage, regulatory constraints, or margin trading.

Additionally, the people who designed the app are definitely based offshore as their English and grammar skills are lacking at best. It seems all the binary crooks shifted their focus to crypto scams and are now peddling these dirty apps. This is the only logical explanation.

Crypto Code Review – 98% Accuracy or Scam?
This 5 minute video will be “life changing”! Get ready for a life of wealth and prosperity. No more financial pressure or stress. It’s time to live the easy life and enjoy the amenities and luxury lifestyle reserved only for the rich and wealthy elite. In the presentation they claim this process took them 5 years of dedication to create, analyze, test, and optimize. The result was an app that is “guaranteed to exponentially grow profit”(if you believe that).

How Does the Crypto Code Work?
Gardner claims his system is based on a secret passive income method which is based on a unique compound profit strategy. It compounds profits by reinvesting previous winnings and keeps cashing in unless the trend reverses. It uses a compounding algorithm and the so called “compounding effect” only takes place by confirming trades that are confirmed as profitable, thus guaranteeing a profit.

Who is Dr. William Gardner?
He is the man behind this fake app and a fictitious persona designed to lend an aura of legitimacy to this fraudulent software.

Is it Free?
Absolutely not! Access to this pitiful app will cost you at least $250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by thieving offshore brokers who care nothing about your financial situation.

In Reality
What we are witnessing here is a rehash of the same themes we have been accustomed to seeing in binary options. We have all the ingredients of a get-rich-quick scheme, namely hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money, fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, and outright lies and fabrications. The narrative is also recycled and borrowed from the binary options niche.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Tesler App and Crypto Wealth.

Fake Reviews
There is a huge network of rogue affiliate marketers writing fake reviews and misleading the public. We know they are getting bribes in the form of commissions from cheating brokers so stay alert and don’t take the bait. If you are not sure leave a message below.

Signals, Forex, Crypto, and Bitcoin Apps
If you are not quite sure about how to proceed and which system is best for you then you are obviously not alone. Fortunately we have tested and compiled a short list of consistent money-making apps and we keep measuring their performance on a daily basis. The top performers stay and the rest are taken down due to poor results. Feel free to check out our recommended section, we have added new apps which we are our new top performers.

Review Summary and Conclusion
The crypto code trading robot and software by William Gardner is a malicious blacklisted SCAM. In our fair and factual review our staff has been able to produce unequivocal proof and evidence of scam and insidious foul play. We have no doubt that if you attempt to test the waters and deposit via the Crypto Code software, your money will be stolen by thieving offshore brokers and dirty affiliate marketers in what is commonly referred to as a revenue share scheme. That means the online promoters refer you to the broker who steals the money and then they both share the loot. We also have it from trusted sources that the crooks operating behind the scenes are notorious con artists specializing in credit card fraud, identity theft, software manipulation (rigged and set to lose), tax evasion, and aggressive false advertising tactics. If you think this all sounds too familiar then you are correct, and that is a guaranteed fact. In light of all this overwhelming evidence our staff has produced, we are forced yet again to blacklist the crypto code and advise our members and viewers to choose alternative and more legit investment avenues. As always, we would like to personally invite you to check out our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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