Crypto Shield Review, Fraud Crypto Shield SCAM Exposed!

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Crypto Shield Review, Fraud Crypto Shield SCAM Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Crypto Shield Review and SCAM Investigation
The Crypto Shield software and trading robot by Anthony Hopkins is a crypto SCAM and therefore blacklisted in our fair and impartial Crypto Shield Review. Curious day-traders want to know if Crypto Shield is a legit and genuine system. So after digging in our staff was able to produce proof, evidence, and findings which point to the indisputable fact that it is a malicious SCAM. We also know that the crooks responsible for putting this sleazy get-rich-quick scheme together are unethical affiliate marketers who specialize in baiting tactics and executing SPAM email marketing campaigns. If you happen to receive an email inviting you to join this SHAM (for the lack of a better word), please make sure to refrain from clicking on any links and unsubscribe immediately. The main problem with Crypto Shield and Hopkins is that it is a complete clone and replica of a previous SCAM called Bitcoin Code, and the facts indicate that we are dealing with a very sophisticated fraud ring. Keep reading our extensive review and see how we exposed the con artists behind this latest scheme and why we know for a fact that Crypto Shield is a confirmed investment scam.

Official Website, Login page, Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see the Crypto Shield main sales page and signup form. Immediately you can see the pressure tactics and hype about how you can make $1,500 instantly.

And here is the testimonial section. We only chose one image and its plain to see that James Williams in not really a veteran trader as his face is plastered all over the internet under different aliases. You must believe us when we say that the rest of the testimonial section is also completely fake and totally fabricated.

Crypto Shield Review – “Make at Least $1,500 TODAY”!
Thomas Stanley said being frugal is the “cornerstone of wealth-building”. That is how the sales video starts and immediately we are bombarded with a flurry of extremely aggressive and hyped up sales pitches designed to get you signed up and depositing. Your dollars are taxable while your savings are not? A bit confused? We were too so lets continue. Crypto Shield surveys the markets and various trading instruments such as stocks, Forex, binary, and compares them to cryptocurrencies. Then he (whoever he is) reaches the conclusion that investing in cryptocurrencies is the only realistic way for regular guys with a nine to five job to make money.

Then he shows us his fancy house, new sports car, and a worthy spouse which comes with all the money he was able to generate. Then he introduces himself as Anthony Hopkins, and explains how he was a “nothing” until he met his friend Thomas introduced him to Bitcoin. A cryptocurrency which is based on Blockchain technology and produced by miners and not affected by product launches, rather by how many people use it.

What is CryptoShield
Its a bogus system that analyses anything an everything involved in cryptocurrency and gives you recommendations with “99% accuracy”. This is of course not possible and totally insulting. They also promise $1,500 instantly just by signing up, and this just closes the door completely on this fake and ludicrous offer.

Who Is Anthony Hopkins
He is the fictitious character and fake persona of the man behind this get-rich-quick scheme.

Is It Free?
Absolutely not! Access to this fraudulent software will cost you a minimum of $250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by rogue offshore brokers who care nothing for your financial welfare and will bleed you dry as fast as humanly possible.

In Reality
What we are witnessing here is a bona fide investment scam. The recent surge of exposure Bitcoin has gained on the media is being exploited to peddle thieving apps in the disguise of legitimate software. We have all the classic tell signs such as fake testimonials, hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money, inflated bank accounts, and outright lies and fabrications. The narrative is also rehashed and copied from the binary options niche.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Gatesway and Bitcoin Loophole.

Signals, Crypto, Forex EA’s, and Trading Robots
If you have shopped around and found yourself in a dilemma about which system is best for you then you are not alone. Our team of researchers is constantly searching the internet for reputable trading apps which make consistent profits. We have come up with a short list and compiled in in our recommended section.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Crypto Shield software and trading app by Anthony Hopkins is a scam crypto system and blacklisted in our fair and honest review and investigative report. Crypto Shield is owned and managed by a group of greedy scammers and unethical affiliate marketers who are out to get your money. You should also be aware that the promoters of this fake app are conspiring with unregulated brokers behind your back and will definitely steal your money in what is commonly referred to as a revenue share scheme. That is where the promoters refer clients (that’s you), the brokers fleece their wallets, and then the loot is shared depending on the agreed terms. We also have it from trusted industry sources that the crooks pulling the strings behind this hoax are professional con artists specializing in credit card fraud, identity theft, tax evasion, software manipulation (rigged and set to lose), and internet fraud. This is the creme of the crop where modern-day cyber criminals are concerned and they know how to defraud unsuspecting victims. In light of all the evidence and proof our staff has compiled, we are forced yet again to blacklist the Crypto Shield software and advise our members and viewers to seek alternative investment opportunities. As always, we would like to personally invite you to check out our  our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. That is where we provide additional information concerning online financial scams.

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