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Crypto Signals Review, Fake Crypto Signals Scam By Roger Fitzpatrick

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Crypto Signals Review and Scam Investigation
The recently launched Crypto Signals scam software (AKA by the fake Roger Fitzpatrick is a blacklisted crypto scam which uses every trick in the book in order to get you signed up and depositing with an offshore unregulated broker. Sometimes, the scam is not in plain sight and difficult to spot, however this is definitely not the case when it comes to the fraudulent Crypto Signals software. It’s also important to note that this software is NOT being marketed as a trading robot which generates profits on auto-pilot. However, it is being portrayed as a system which can potentially turn you into a crypto millionaire overnight and that is something we will not tolerate.

But first, some clarification is required. Despite some pretty convincing explanations, Crypto Signals is not an investment platform (well, not in the traditional sense). This software generates random signals according to predefined criteria and from that point onward, you are set on a certain path to financial doom and utter misery. Crypto Signals does not fit the usual scam prototype in terms of design or look, it does however use the same form of hype and unsubstantiated claims which de facto turn this cheap piece of technology into a verified get-rich-quick scheme (this is also verified by horrific complaints). Additionally, right off the bat you will find fallacious as well as contradictory information which is relayed to potential new members looking to cash in on a legitimate trading system. Think you are a smart investor? Keep reading our detailed and informative Crypto Signals review to see how we caught these crooks red-handed and exposed their dirty little affiliate operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM and Malicious Foul Play
Here is the main sales page for the Crypto Signals app and trading software. You can clearly see that they are using images of fast cars and the rich lifestyle coupled with very false advertisements stating that you can easily turn $50 into over 95 thousand using a “brand new crypto trading method”. Then again, you have conflicting claims about how you can get instant access for only $37 (if you are confused then you are not alone).

Who Is Roger Fitzpatrick?
He is advertised as the mastermind behind the Crypto Signals software and the man who has become a self-made millionaire. In reality he does not exist and was created by marketing professionals for promotional purposes.

Crypto Signals Review – Your Secret To Massive Wealth!
Are you ready to stake your claim and become a “crypto millionaire”? Discover how you can turn $50 into $95,701.25 using “the first highly profitable” crypto system. That is how the sales presentation begins, and they continue to lay it on REALLY thick. Catch phrases like “here’s your opportunity to get in on the most lucrative investment opportunity” are prevalent and accompany you throughout the presentation. We are also completely inundated when the names of James and Julian Spediacci, Daniel Colosi, and Eric Finman are introduced in a completely out-of-context scenario as the sales pitch harps on the fact that this duo purchased a significant amount of Ethereum at less than 30 cents, and it is now worth over $700. In a nutshell, the Crypto Signals scam is a carbon copy of 90% of all the worthless apps which are being peddled online these days.

What Is Clickbank?
Clickbank is a type of vendor which gathers offers from various advertisers who look for affiliates to promote their software. Clickbank traces the transactions and sales record and then divides the profits while keeping a slice of the profits for itself. This offer is advertised as having a money back guarantee, but good luck trying to get a refund as these guys will wear you out and have you sign so many forms you will most likely just give up and accept the fact that you got robbed.

Is Crypto Signals Scam or Legit?
This software is a confirmed crypto scam so be extra careful.

How Does Crypto Signals Work?
It exploits untapped market trends as they emerge when new cryptocurrencies such as “ETHlend” start getting mined, hit the markets, and gain value exponentially. The software understands how to exploit the gaps in market rates and use various forms of technical analysis to generate profit. In reality its a bogus app designed to drain your wallet. The signals operate at random at best and most likely rigged and set to lose.

Is It Free?
Actually you have to pay twice. First you pay the network for the software, and after that you would need to pay the broker in order to fund a trading account. That means you are fleeced twice and that is just outrageous.

Fake Crypto Signals Reviews
We have seen a few of these and today we know that these so-called “reputable review sites” receive bribes in the form of affiliate commissions for endorsing fake apps.

How Is Crypto Signals Different?
It’s not, and there is no way to really tell the difference as the features are not displayed before you purchase the software. The functionality and strategies are hidden and there is a total lack of transparency which signals to us that we are dealing with a scam.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Crypto Formula and Bitcoin Aussie System.

Red Flags, Tell Signs, and Alarm Bells
Here are all the signs you need in order to understand you are being misled and deceived.

  1. An enormous amount of hype and exaggerated claims of easy money.
  2. Complete lack of transparency (no back testing or demo).
  3. You end up paying TWICE instead of just once.

In short, Crypto Signals is a total ripoff and a 100% SCAM guaranteed!

Forex, Crypto Robots, and Signals
There are all kinds of apps which are launched on an almost daily basis, and they are designed to drain your wallet and generate income for promoters. However, sometimes we spot a trustworthy system which performs consistently and that is when we decide to include it in our recommended section.

Crypto Signals Review and Conclusions
The Crypto Signals Scam software and bogus trading app by Roger Fitzpatrick is totally blacklisted and if you try to fund a real money trading account then you will end up having your money stolen by thieving offshore brokers operating in cahoots with unethical affiliate marketers. The proof and evidence our staff was able to gather is more than adequate in order to justify our initial findings and assertions. The truth is being presented to you in a very transparent and clear manner, and the fact speak for themselves. So, to recap the Crypto Signals (AKA is a hoax and bogus app which is not to be trusted. We encourage you to seek alternative means of investing and educate yourself by joining our Facebook Group and subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

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