Crypto Trade System Review, Fake Crypto Trade System Scam Exposed!

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Crypto Trade System Review, Fake Crypto Trade System Scam Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Crypto Trade System Review and Investigation – Fake Auto-trading Crypto Robot Exposed!

The Crypto Trade System SCAM by Jake Norton is a dangerous get-rich-quick crypto scheme which we blacklisted in our fair and impartial Crypto Trade System review. This is not your usual, run-of-the-mill financial scam! There are various distinguishing features here which threw our scent off and actually caused us to initially doubt ourselves. However, a closer inspection of the Crypto Trade System software revealed that we are dealing with a copy/paste or replica software commonly referred to as a white label turnkey solution (that is the main problem here). This means the software is set up to duplicate itself with graphic changes in color and or layout. In essence, we are looking at a new affiliate production line designed for crafty affiliate marketers looking to diversify into the popular niche of cryptocurrencies.

In many ways, Crypto Trade System is similar to Crypto Robot 365 which is the quintessential scam crypto robot. However, the differences in software design and the fact that you can actually trade real bitcoins and not just bitcoin futures, puts this operation on a completely different level of sophistication as it requires a technological skill set which is a first of it’s kind in the get-rich-quick crypto scam scene. We actually found out who the con artists and developers behind this software are. These crooks are ex-binary options affiliate marketers and a rogue tech network which designed binary options scams like the auto money generator. In this unique review and investigative report we will describe in detail how this new type of crypto scam operates and why it was difficult for us to spot. Needless to say, the untrained eye would have an extremely difficult time identifying malicious, deceptive, and misleading nature of the Crypto Trade System app. Keep reading to see how we exposed this crooks and why we believe the Crypto Trade System is a confirmed financial scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see a screenshot taken directly from the Crypto Trade System FAQ page inside the actual software. Right next to it you will see the same page with the same texts, layout, and even the same balance advising new recruits on how to “use the robot”. There is one exception, the first one belongs to Crypto Trade System, while the one next to it belongs to another SCAM named ICO Money maker. We still have not had ample time to cover every new crypto scheme which is launched, however it is plain to see these two systems are using the same software and in essence what we have uncovered here is a new White Label Solution, and this type of activity will only increase as time progresses as new schemes will hit the market.

Now if you take a closer look at the testimonial section below you will see the images are theatrical and do not resonate a sense of authenticity. To be specific, these are all  young people who look like their image was taken out of an image bank or magazine. That is because their images were scraped off the internet without permission and stolen in order to peddle this filthy new crypto app.

Who Is Jake Norton
Jake Norton is not a crypto enthusiast or a software developer. He is not a real person, he is however a fictitious entity designed to lure you into this crypto scam.

Crypto Trade System Scam – Distinguishing Features and an Explanation
This crypto software is part of a new breed of crypto trading software designed to catch you off guard by integrating with real cryptocurrency such as cryptocoinfn. For all intents and purposes this is a real trading arena which accepts Bitcoin deposits and allows you to trade (sell and buy) bitcoin according to set rates. This is huge, as so far brokers ask you to fund your account using safe haven currencies such as USD, EUR, or GBP and then trade BTC contract futures. This means trade Forex spreads of  BTC against these currencies. For example BTC/USD, BTC/EUR and so on.

It is acceptable to charge fees for this service, however in this specific case the trading platform is NOT TO BE TRUSTED since we know it was created just a few months ago (see proof above) and as opposed to legit ICO’s for example which have a white paper and let you know who the management team is, this exchange is totally anonymous and that is indicative of a very well concealed scam. Although, there is no hard evidence validating this assumption we must admit. Additionally, we signed up again and this time we were assigned a broker named “Third Eye Telemarketing” (see image below). Needless to say that is not a broker, its a call center with sales reps trying to get you to fund your account with Bitcoin.

How Does Crypto Trade System Work?
The rehashed sales pitch tells us it has to do with machine learning and artificial intelligence. The automated system supposedly makes split-second profits on the markets. It is supposed to be algorithmic crypto-trading on a massive scale.

Crypto Trade System Review
“Do you envy those who invested in Bitcoin and obtained unimaginable riches just like that?” That is how the sales presentation starts. Then the narrator continues to hammer away about an easy way to “catch up with these millionaires” in a matter of months starting with “a couple of hundred bucks”.

Imagine “getting 20 Bucks almost every second”, this is possible after Beta version 0.17 was released and generated massive profits for its users. In fact, these cyber hoodlums claim they have generated over 19 Million Dollars in profits in a period of 2 months. Now they need more beta testers and that is where you come in. They are asking you to try out the revamped system and be a part of their winning team. But this window of opportunity is about to close so you must move fast if you want to make the big bucks.

Crypto Trade System SCAM – Fake Demo
Then we get a glimpse of a Kraken account (which is totally legit by the way) and see a bitcoin purchase live. Then, he enters his Poloniex account and Voila, the price magically increased and he has made money!

Imagine the Profits On A Larger Scale!
The Crypto Trade System was designed to automate the process and in doing so generate more profits faster (if you believe that).

Is It Free?
No, it is not. You will be required to fund your account with at least $200-$250 worth of Bitcoin in order to get started. That money will be swallowed up and as you know, as opposed to a credit card with insured protection, once that money leaves your account you can kiss it goodbye. This is a crooks dream and you are being funneled into an elaborate crypto-trap.

In Reality
What we are witnessing here is an extremely sophisticated crypto scam. The evidence has been concealed, so in terms of fake testimonials we don’t see fiverr images. However, the brokers are call centers, there is a ton of hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money, the bank accounts and balances are inflated, and the narrative is rehashed from older SCAMS. In short, these liars are gunning for your wallet so be super careful and don’t deposit.

Fake Reviews
We have seen a few fake Crypto Trade System reviews, and we believe they are connected to a fraud affiliate ring which is a part of the inner circle promoting this fraudulent crypto software. Again, these are very crafty scam artists and understand who to reach out to and bribe in order to promote their filthy apps.

Forex EAs, Signals, and Crypto Robots
With the advent of cryptocurrencies on the rise and the news coverage Bitcoin has been receiving, it’s no surprise we see new fraudulent systems being launched on a daily basis. However, every now and then a new app is rolled out which actually passes our testing process and able to generate profits consistently. We have compiled a short list of these systems and they are now displayed in our recommended section.

Crypto Trade System Review Summary and Conclusions
The Crypto Trade System SCAM by Jake Norton is totally blacklisted and with good reason. These cyber crooks are very effective at luring people into their get-rich-quick crypto scams, but a few oversights on their side have exposed them and ultimately revealed their real intentions. The truth is that the crooks behind the Crypto Trade System are affiliate marketers and software developers who understand how to roll out effective get-rich-quick schemes. We have it from trusted sources that these criminals specialize in identity theft, credit card fraud, software manipulation (rigged and set to lose), wire fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering. In essence, we are dealing with some of the most professional con artists in the cryptocurrency trading industry, and they will stop at nothing in order to get their dirty little fingers on your Bitcoin or Credit card. So to finalize, the Crypto Trade System SCAM is BLACKLISTED and all the evidence and proof required to validate our assertion has been produced. There is nothing legit or genuine here, besides the intent of the fraudsters operating behind the scenes to steal your money and share the loot between themselves. As a result, we are recommending our members and viewers seek alternative investment options and refrain from clicking on any links associated with this offer as the complaints we received hint that we are dealing with malware, phishing, and SPAM Email marketing. We are also available through our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel and answer a lot of questions there so please join today to get informed.

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