Crypto Trend Rider Review, SCAM Crypto Trend Rider App Exposed!

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Crypto Trend Rider Review, SCAM Crypto Trend Rider App Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Crypto Trend Rider Review and Investigation
Fellow profit seeker. The undisputed secret to becoming the next crypto millionaire is finally here! Sound familiar? This is the opening sales pitch for the blacklisted Crypto Trend Rider SCAM. Roger Pierce the ex-binary options scammer from the fraudulent Auto Binary Signals is making an unwelcome comeback and debuting his newest and most thieving software, app, and fraudulent signals system. Maybe it hasn’t sunk in, so we shall clarify again. All binary options signals, automated trading systems (AKA Robots), and social trading apps are bona fide financial scams. Crypto Trend Rider has aligned itself with a scam binary options system and in this context eliminated any option of receiving our seal of approval. Multiple complaints lead us to believe that the promoters and producers of the Crypto Trend Rider scam orchestrated a very convincing and sophisticated get-rich-quick crypto scam which is currently going viral on the internet. Get ready to receive MASSIVE amounts of SPAM email, and all kinds of click baiting ads inviting you to join a crypto program and become an overnight millionaire. After a close inspection of the facts, our staff of researchers has come to the realization that the Crypto Trend Rider system is without a doubt the most dangerous, misleading, and deceptive crypto scams which have recently been launched.

We have mentioned previously that binary options scammers are diversifying into cryptocurrencies, and this is exactly the case with Crypto Trend Rider. Trust us when we say that the allure of easy money at your fingertips is incredibly appealing, however this is clear-cut case of fools gold and as our proof and evidence will show, this fake system is a one-way ticket to getting fleeced by greedy offshore brokers. Keep reading our revealing Crypto Trend Rider review to see how we have exposed the crooks behind it and why you should avoid it at all costs.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM and Foul Play
Below you will find the main sales page and registration area for the Crypto Trend Rider SCAM. Here they clearly state that they are the thieves behind Auto Binary Signals, and for some reason they are proud of it.

Below is a screenshot taken from the original Auto Binary Signals sales page where “Roger Pierce” just made over $17,000 with XPMarkets. Please be advised that XPMarkets was one of the biggest binary options scam brokers in the history of binary options trading. It particularly targeted French-Speaking nationals, but not only. In fact it got such a bad reputation that the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority issued a severe warning in regards to this broker. We outlined the warning in a red box below for you to see.

So let’s get our ducks in order. For all intents and purposes the scam artists behind the Auto Binary Signals scam are shamelessly asking you to join their new system so then can get their filthy commissions and you get left holding the bag.

Again, the image above is illustrative of the classic hype and exaggerated claims of easy money which has become synonymous with binary options and now crypto scams.

Who is Roger Pierce
According to the sales page he is an ex-JP Morgan analyst who had his entire wealth wiped out in the dreaded black Monday. He needed to rebuild his wealth from ground zero, so he sold off all his assets and made his wealth with Auto Binary Signals. Now he is coming out with the Crypto Trend Rider and offering you a way to take in profits “day in and day out”. In reality Pierce does not exist and his fake persona was created for promotional purposes.

Crypto Trend Rider Review
The Crypto Trend Rider system is in many was similar to a host of other automated Crypto signals systems (Crypto Robots) we have already exposed. The narrators put on a very convincing show, and Roger Pierce is presented as a real person who trades for a living. The crooks behind the Crypto Trend Rider SCAM are trying to trick you by getting you to believe that there is a secret which is only known to a select group of crypto millionaires and that it is somehow connected to Blockchain technology and various cryptocurrency exchanges. In reality you are their cash cow and the secret is that after you deposit the brokers pay them money.

After signing up for this bogus app, we received an email notification indicating that Crypto Trend Rider has a consistent win rate of about 80% and that wins are guaranteed so you can’t lose (if you believe that).

You are a smart person who does research, so you know that a trading signal is very much related to timed execution and contract expiry times. So, if Crypto Trend Rider sends a recommendation to buy Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin, your profit margins will be a variant of your entry and exit points. Take the trade too early or too late and your contract will expire out of the money so you can kiss your money goodbye, but that is not mentioned anywhere!

Unique and Differentiating Features
The software dashboard shows that it is integrated with certain exchanges and brokers. The offered cryptocurrency pairs show duration, time frame, strategy (trend and momentum), and ROI. Each trade has a timestamp and tracked in the trading history section of the Crypto Trend Rider dashboard. We see a huge variety of virtual currencies such as Monero, Nano, ICON, OmiseGO, Lisk, Vibe, and Stellar. We also see entry and exit signals which are presented and serve as trading recommendations or indicators. In many ways we see subtle attempts to emulate the sRs Trend Rider 2.0 by Vladimir Ribakov, however the Crypto Trend Rider system is nothing like it.

Is Crypto Trend Rider SCAM or Legit?
Of course it is a scam. It is a confirmed crypto fraud and it is anything but legit or genuine.

How Does the Crypto Trend Rider SCAM Work?
According to the sales presentation the Crypto Trend Rider system works by capitalizing on the price action of crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, and Dash. In reality, its an affiliate marketing SCAM where the promoters get a cut of your losses after the brokers steal your money. There is an added dimension here, since this is a clickbank product you actually have to pay twice. Once for the software and again to fund a trading account, and that is where you really get fleeced.

Is it Free?
These rude imbeciles will have you pay TWICE! Once for the license and again to fund a trading account with one of their corrupt brokers (that’s at least $250). They even went as far as to tier the offer, and break it down into two options. The first for $39 which is a 30 day license, and another for $297 which is good for 12 months.

The Grim Reality
What we are witnessing here is an updated crypto version of the Auto Binary Signals scam. We have the same tell signs such as hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money, inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, fake stickers that are not clickable, and outright lies and manipulations. Simply put, stay away.

Fake Crypto Trend Rider Reviews
Sure we saw a few of those and obviously these so-called “honest review sites” are getting bribes in the form of affiliate commissions under the table.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Code.

Forex EA’s, Signals, and Crypto Robots
There are new systems being launched on a daily basis, and all of them offer you vast riches at the click of a mouse. In most cases these are worthless apps designed to generate money for the promoters and brokers. However, sometimes a worthy system is launched and that’s when we start screening it. Only after it passes our testing process and generates profits consistently do we include it in our recommended section.

Crypto Trend Rider Review Summary and Conclusions
Enter at your own risk! We blacklisted the Crypto Trend Rider scam because it is pointless to reach any other conclusion (not to mention irresponsible). If you have received a spam email invitation to join the Crypto Trend Rider signals app, then you must not click on the links inside it as we have received confirmation that it is infected with viruses and malware. We also know that the crooks associated with the Crypto Trend Rider are ex-binary options affiliates who are also dabbling in launching fake ICO’s, Ponzi Schemes, fake faucets, and HYIPs. If there is any truth behind these rumors then you are in a very delicate (not to mention dangerous) situation as these types of criminals also specialize in credit card fraud, identity theft, tax evasion, and money laundering. In light of all the damning proof and evidence our staff has produced, we are compelled to blacklist the Crypto Trend Rider SCAM software and advise our members and viewers to seek alternative and more legit investing channels. Join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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