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Crypto Unlocked Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Crypto Unlocked Review and SCAM Investigation

Crypto Unlocked

The Crypto Unlocked SCAM system is the latest automated trading software (AKA Robot) and fraudulent app which integrates with unlicensed offshore Forex brokers.

Before you decide to pull out your credit  card and become the next victim of this despicable Forex trading scam, we would like to point out some critical facts. We are sure there are some things you should be made aware of and the information provided for you will surely affect your decision-making process in relation to the Crypto Unlocked software.

Keep Reading This Review & To Better Understand Why This Trading Bot Is a SCAM!

Do you really think that a lousy crypto app which was registered during February 2018, can magically convert your $250 initial deposit into daily cash windfalls and generate passive income which will turn you into a millionaire overnight?

We are sorry to burst your bubble, but you will not be able to find any Forex or Crypto trading robot that can make you “life-changing” sums of money in such a short period of time.

Many opportunity-seekers looking to cash in on a legit and genuine trading app received a SPAM email invitation about Crypto Unlocked (don’t click any spammy links). But in reality this product is fraudulent software designed to steal your money. You must be aware of the fact that all those identities and names are actually fictitious, and once you invest your money is gone without any way to remedy your situation. To reiterate, after you deposit and fund a real money trading account you will lose it, and that is a guaranteed fact.

Crypto Unlocked SCAM Software Uses Fake Investors And Scraped Images

Crypto Unlocked Review – Rigged Software Set on Lose and Fake PDF!
The automated trading system that Crypto Unlocked utilizes is (for all intents and purposes) equivalent to a crap shoot. In terms of risk management and control of funds, the only filter you have is now much money you wish the bot to place on each trade (i.e. contract).

So let us assume you funded a real money trading account with $250, and set the robot to trade $25 at per trade (which is the minimum amount). It can potentially place 10 trades an hour, and wipe out your entire trading account. With Crypto Unlocked we have no idea how many trades it will do each day and that is a huge risk.

Manual trading signals ARE offered. However, these only become operational after funding a real money trading account and that’s not fair!

Its worth pointing out that professional Forex robot expert advisors (EA’s) are equipped with tested risk management tools such as; stop loss or buy-back protocols.

Binary Scam Alerts Official Warning and Public Notification

Many day traders and opportunity-seekers utilize automated trading systems and Forex trading bots for investing and executing trades on auto-pilot. The problems start when an investor is partners with a greedy and unapproved broker who doesn’t really care about how to get money out of clients and will use every dirty trick in the book to maximize profits.

You must understand that the software is not where your money is, your money is at an account with a Forex broker. The broker selection process was made arbitrarily by an internal allocation mechanism and not by the trader. Opportunity seekers don’t care much about which broker is offered to them and fund their trading account without doing proper research. We have written extensively about what kind of tricks brokers use to steal your money, so if you encountered any of this type of activity you should submit a complaint.

Forex EA’s, Signals, and Crypto Robots
Fake bots and signals are a dime a dozen these days and intentionally designed by affiliate marketers to steal your money. Fortunately our staff of researchers has compiled a short list of reputable systems which produce money consistently. These are proudly showcased in our recommended section.

Fake Crypto Unlocked Reviews
It’s true! Some websites are endorsing this bogus app and get-rich-quick crypto scam. In return these so called “reputable” review sites get compensated via affiliate commissions which are wired to their bank account.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Bitcoin Loophole and Crypto Code.

Crypto Unlocked Review and Conclusions
The Crypto Unlocked scam was NOT built by world leading experts and the so-called free “PDF Crypto Trend Report” is a hoax and part of an elaborate crypto scam which is designed to steal your hard-earned money by getting you to invest and open real-money trading accounts with offshore brokers. The algorithm is NOT ranked number one, there is no live support, the profit “capability” is non-existent, and you have ZERO control over your trades as this is an auto-trader. On top of everything we have heard horror stories about identity theft and over charging on credit card statements. So, while Crypto Unlocked does not fall under the category of Ponzi Scheme, MLM, Pyramid, or fake ICO it does answer to the definition of financial scam as the advertised return on investment is ridiculously high and the lies are just outrageous. There are no testimonials (fake or real), and no real identity of someone with a valid social media account who can attest to the authenticity of this sham (for the lack of a better word), and there is no viable proof from the broker’s account real trading history section which can validate a high ITM rate. In short, we are blacklisting the Crypto Unlocked SCAM software and advising our members and viewers to seek alternative investment channels. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel, as that is where we try to answer you questions and show you how the scams work.

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