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Crypto Wealth Review, SCAM Crypto Wealth App Exposed

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Crypto Wealth super wallet, software, and fake signals app (AKA Crypto Wealth Creator) by Max Carney is a SCAM and should not be confused with the Crypto Wealth Fund which is another Ponzi and MLM scheme. In our detailed and revealing review and investigation we will expose this thieving cryptocurrency SCAM, and provide a factual base of evidence and proof which will validate our initial findings. Be advised, the cheating  affiliate marketers who produced this sham are related to countless binary options scams such as the Tesler App, and will stop at nothing to get you signed up and depositing with their software. Keep in mind the baiting methods preferred by these crooks are SPAM email marketing and pop up ads so make sure not to click on any links and unsubscribe immediately. The recently launched Crypto Wealth Creator and super wallet is particularly deceptive and misleading because we all know there is nothing like the truth to hide a lie. It’s true that Bitcoin, Neo, and Ethereum at “hot” and very profitable cryptocurrencies, but that fact has nothing to do with this get-rich-quick scheme. There’s nothing legit or genuine about this system, and we have ascertained that it was designed with pure malice and the deliberate intent to defraud and victimize innocent opportunity seekers looking to cash in on a decent crypto-offer. Keep reading to see how we exposed these crooks and why we believe Crypto Wealth is a confirmed financial scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see a picture taken directly from the Crypto Wealth sales page. In it you can see Mr. Max Carney chatting about how he transformed the lives of 753 “regular” people and made them Millionaires.

Below you can see the same “Carney” performing at the behest of the 7 Figure Months set and spewing lies about making “guaranteed” 7 Figure incomes on a monthly basis. The conclusion is very simple, Carney is a liar and a paid actor. You can also pretty much bet your bottom dollar he is clueless about cryptocurrencies or any form of online trading for that matter.

If you needed additional proof here it is. The whole testimonial section is forged and totally fabricated. You can see “Kim Sores” is not a real person and her image was stolen from the internet without consent and her picture is being used to peddle fake crypto-schemes on the internet.

Crypto Wealth Review
In the sales video Carney does not waste time and immediately starts to say how digital currencies are sweeping the markets and people are making billions of dollars. You are “officially invited” to join a completely automated money-making machine that scours the world’s cryptocurrency markets, analyzes millions of blockchains, and uses artificial intelligence and state of the art intelligence to predict “sure-fire” winning operations. Today only, Carney is willing to grant you full Crypto Wealth ownership for the next 36 days at no charge, but after 36 days you will be charged an ongoing operational fee of 1%.

Who is Max Carney?
He is a software developer, turned investor, turned millionaire-maker with a real passion is to help people generate money using Bitcoin, Neo, and Ethereum. (In reality he is an actor).

Cutting Edge Crypto Wealth Creator Software?
Carney is trying to sell the concept of a digital super wallet and claims he was featured on Bloomberg, Financial Times and Forbes Magazine. According to him he “eats, breaths, and sleeps cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them”. He claims the offer is insured, there’s no risk, and that there is no risk involved, and that it is mathematically impossible to lose (more lies). He also claims that only a few people know whats going on and they are keeping their mouth shut about it and how it makes 4K a day on auto pilot.

Carney claims karma is a big part of his life as he believes much of his success comes from helping others, that’s why he wants to share his success so he put together the crypto wealth creator group. Together, he and his Beta Testers create wealth through cryptocurrencies. He then proceeds to show proof of winning trades, but makes a mistake and exposes the email database of his testers for all to see (bad move).

How Does Crypto Wealth Work?
Carney was able to see the blockchains logged on one company’s computer system a fraction of a second before they were synchronized across the whole network. He was then able to analyze the actual buying and selling of cryptocurrencies fractions of a second before they were synchronized across the global marketplace. After 2 years of tweaking they finally did it. The app takes place of the “grunt work” of actually placing the trades at the very precise times to ensure maximum profitability.

He claims blockchains act as railroads  which cryptocurrencies can travel on. This is the was a digital ledger of transactions on a decentralized network behaves. In other words, people all over the world can work together to create a network, instead of a network being controlled by a single person or company.

Carney says its like having your own digital ATM where you can transfer money to it to your digital wallet and from there to your bank account.

Is it Free?
No, we signed up and were referred to a Forex Broker which was not regulated and licensed in Vanuatu which is by far the preferred jurisdiction for online scammers wanting to rip off their victims.

In Reality
This is a ruse and a SCAM contrived by binary options affiliate marketers who are diversifying into crypto scams and looking to steal your money. We have all the classic tell signs such as inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, hyped-up and exaggerated claims of easy money, and just outright lies and deception.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The big crypto scams are Bitcoin Code, Binary is Tesler App making a comeback, and Forex scams are also on the rise with Apiary Fund getting more complaints.

Forex EA’s, Binary Signals, and Crypto Apps
We understand you may be a bit confused with everything, so we have made it simple. Our team of researchers has done all the weeding out for you and as a result we have compiled a short list of reputable and consistent money-making machines. These are all proudly showcased in our recommended section.

Crypto Wealth Review – Summary and Conclusions
The Crypto Wealth super wallet software and automated signals app also known as Crypto Wealth Creator is  bona fide investment scam. Max Carney is an unscrupulous paid actor and performer who knows nothing about online trading or cryptocurrencies. We are dealing with a crafty band of affiliate marketers who are experienced in defrauding unsuspecting opportunity seekers looking to cash in on a solid crypto offer and make some passive income. These rip off artists specialize in credit card fraud, software manipulation (rigged and set to lose), identity theft, and tax evasion. Today, we know that the Crypto Wealth Creator is a piece of fraudulent software, and if you buy into this program you are sure to lose your money so don’t say we didn’t warn you. In light of all this incriminating evidence, we are compelled yet again to blacklist this latest scheme and advise our members to seek alternative investment avenues. As always we invite you to join our Facebook Group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel


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