Crypto XChange Review, Fake Crypto XChange SCAM App? YES!

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Crypto XChange Review, Fake Crypto XChange SCAM App? YES!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

What is Crypto XChange and is it a SCAM? Interesting you should ask yourself this question because our Crypto XChange review and investigation will provide you with the answer you need, and as always our conclusions will be based on facts rather than suppositions. But before we get started why not take a minute to think about how you were exposed to this blacklisted get-rich-quick scheme and replica crypto scam. Was it via a fake news advertisement featuring celebrities like top Chef Gordon Ramsay who claim they are “closing down restaurants and jumping on Fintech”, or were you approached on Facebook by someone using a fake profile? Any way you look at it, the Crypto XChange software, app, and fake crypto robot turns out to be a filthy scam. But the truth is that Crypto XChange is just the front end of a much more elaborate ruse designed to trick and bait unsuspecting victims who wish to generate some passive income online. In the back end is where the real crime is being committed by illegal offshore Forex and CFD brokers. To clarify, in reality you are not signing up for a trading app or a Bitcoin exchange. The registration form in the  Crypto XChange website is integrated directly into a broker CRM, in our case it was XMarkets which is is owned and managed by SG INNOVATION LTD and has a registered business address in the United Kingdom as well as in the Marshall Islands.

To make matters worse, through our industry connections we were able to track down the fraud affiliate network and a few media agencies which are responsible for promoting the  Crypto XChange scam. They are called “spicyoffers” and they are a part of a big media agency. So, why is this important? It lets us know that the group of promoters behind this recent launch are actually professional marketers which are highly motivated, organized, and well-funded. In other words, these are professional internet scam artists and you would be well-advised to keep your distance from the fake Crypto XChange app because we exposed it and know that it was designed to lose trades and intentionally steal your money.

Official Webiste, Login Page and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below is the main sales page for the Crypto XChange app. Here you can see for yourself very clearly that they have a video presentation with Jake Tapper telling everyone how Bitcoin is Making People Rich.

And right below you can see proof of copycat scam. There are about 14 different variants of Crypto Xchange, and they are all circulating on the internet at this time. The major cloned viral scams which are currently trending are Bitcoin Revolution, Crypto Revolt, and Bitcoin Trader.

Now here is where we reach the broker part of the review. If you take a closer look you can see that the post-popup page is identical to all three scams (Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, and Crypto XChange). The only thing which alternates is the broker, feel free to click on the image to enlarge and see for yourself.

Crypto XChange Fake News Going Viral
Were you barraged with fake news advertisements? Because we received complaints about extremely deceptive advertising practices which are increasing in volume via doorway pages as well as via advertisements on mainstream digital media. So depending on where you are located in this little world of ours, you may find yourself reading an article from a highly reputable financial news site like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, or the Guardian and suddenly see a fake news advertisement which directs you to the Crypto XChange site.

Its worth pointing out that viewers from the United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are particularly targeted. But obviously if you reside in countries like South Africa, Germany, or Australia its also very possible you may have been exposed to this trash.

What is Crypto XChange and How Does It Work?
Crypto XChange is advertised as a king of exclusive club which is reserved for millionaires who have seized the opportunities Bitcoin has to offer and as a result made heaps of money and are now rich. There is also talk of some kind of trading app which executes trades on autopilot with a “99.4% level of accuracy.” In reality there is no app and if you deposit you can pretty much kiss your money goodbye because the scammers already stole it.

What is a Chain Scam?
A chain scam or production line scam is basically a cloned format of an existing website. This method of operation is used by scammers to reduce design and developments costs and maximize income.

Crypto XChange Review: Losing App, Confirmed!
Crypto XChange is not an exchange! It’s also not a trading app, and in reality it is nothing but a hyped up sales pitch integrated with thieving offshore brokers. The software is rigged and set to lose, the testimonials are forged, and the live profits chart is fake just like everything else about this system. The technology is not “laser-accurate”, and there is no award winning app. And of course, Crypto XChange was never mentioned in Forbes or the Finacial Times. The use (or misuse) of these logos are extremely misleading so please be careful and avoid this system at all costs.

Is It Free?
Absolutely not! Its going to cost you at least €/$/£250 in order to activate the app, and that money will be charged to your credit card by some pirate broker who will pick your pocket and steal all your money in a New York minute.

Fake Crypto XChange Reviews
Unfortunately we have seen more than a few fake Crypto XChange Reviews, and we know why this is happening. Webmasters and site owners are getting paid affiliate commissions every time you invest, and that is extremely problematic to say the least.

Still Trust Crypto XChange?
It’s not a smart move to try this fake app and “test the waters”. We would not like to see you get scammed and cheated, so please don’t join this program no matter how persuasive or enticing this offer may seem.

So What Does Work?
We all know that most systems fail to perform and you end up losing your investment. However, once in a while a profitable app is launched and that is when our staff starts to test it. Once it passes our screening process, we add it to our recommended section.

Crypto XChange Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Crypto XChange scam software, app, and fake trading bot is a BLACKLISTED system and there is no disputing this fact. Our review leaves no room for doubt or hesitation regarding the authenticity of this software, so please refrain from depositing as we can guarantee that you will end up losing your money. Should you require additional information or proof of scam please make sure to contact us via our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel



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