CryptoCurrency Institute Review, CryptoCurrency Codex SCAM is Fraud!

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CryptoCurrency Institute Review, CryptoCurrency Codex SCAM is Fraud!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

CryptoCurrency Institute and CryptoCurrency Codex Review and SCAM Investigation

The CryptoCurrency Institute (AKA CryptoCurrency Codex) software and trading robot by Nate Martin and  Pat Kendrick is a SCAM, and we blacklisted it in our fair and impartial review and investigation. We know that many of you are mesmerized by all the recent success stories about new Bitcoin Millionaires and are looking to replicate this success and make some fast cash trading cryptocurrencies online. Unfortunately the CryptoCurrency Institute or the CryptoCurrency Codex as the name suggests are two parts of the same crypto scam, and you should know that you are being led awry by a band of unethical affiliate marketers looking to cash in on your lack of knowledge in the new and promising niche of cryptocurrency trading. Additionally, you should not be fooled by the money-back guarantee as this fake app and trading robot has nothing to do with cryptocurrency trading, and everything to do with stealing your money. The obvious tell signs such as “loophole”, and “window of opportunity is closing” are the immediate giveaways. But there is much more, and we will provide all the proof and evidence required to validate our initial assertion. After examining all the facts in detail, we have reached the conclusion that CryptoCurrency Institute AKA CryptoCurrency Codex is neither legit or genuine, and it was designed with pure malice and the deliberate intention to defraud and victimize unsuspecting day traders and opportunity-seekers such as yourself. Keep reading our honest CryptoCurrency Institute review and see how we exposed the crooks and online promoters who are peddling this filthy app and bogus crypto system. 

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Here is the main video area for the CryptoCurrency Institute and CryptoCurrency Codex software. Here you can clearly see how Nate Martin (paid actor) introduces himself as the spokesperson for this sham.

Here is the sales page we received in the form of a popup when we closed the main sales page. This is referred to as an exit page and designed to get viewers who are not interested in the offer back in. Its plain to see these crooks copied some cheap template and if you look below at the “Reader’s Review” section you will see that it is a complete clone and replica of a sales page for a company named the American Energy Board.

Who Is Pat Kendrick?
According to the sales pitch he is a retired economist, lead researcher, and the head of crypto-mining and trading at the Cryptocurrency Institute. 

CryptoCurrency Institute Review
Here’s your chance to get in on the action and gain the kind of results reserved only for the “top 1%” of the hidden “elite class of investors” and make returns of up to “10,000%” in a matter of weeks. Martin whips up names like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and Peter Thiel. He claims all of these moguls invested using his secret bitcoin loophole strategy and attained great wealth. He claims his system has a 96% success rate, and average ROI of 759%. He claims the method he is about to show us is “risk free”

Now Pat Kendrick enters the scene and start talking about his academic background and theoretical work he has done in the cryptocurrency field and how he “flipped ICO’s”, conducted arbitrage, and crypto mining. He claims he understands how the super rich exploit loopholes in marketplace insecurities in order to obtain ungodly amounts of returns reaching as much as 10,000% with almost “no risk at all”. This loophole will “completely transform” your income statement, the way you live your life, and the way you feel about yourself.

Is It Free?
Absolutely not! The CryptoCurrency Codex costs $47 on Clickbank, which is an online marketplace for various software solutions. But that’s just the start of it. Your broker will charge you an additional sum of at least $250 to get started. And to be quite honest, these brokers are most likely unregulated and care nothing about your financial welfare or if you are in dire need of cash. Most chances they will rip you off and steal your money as they are in on the scam.

In Reality
What we are witnessing here is a bona fide crypto scam of mega proportions. A lot of thought and funding has been invested in the CryptoCurrency Institute, and all the tell signs are there for us to see.  We have hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money, inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, and outright lies and manipulations. The crooks orchestrating the CryptoCurrency Codex are binary options affiliates which are now diversifying into get-rich-quick crypto schemes.

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The ones to watch out for are Bitcoin Code and Binary Robot 365.

Signals, Forex Apps, Crypto Robots
We have scrounged the internet looking for legit systems and trading apps that produce results consistently. Its true that in most cases these apps turn out to be worthless scams designed to drain your wallet. However, every now and then you come across something which is legit, and we were able to compile a short list of genuine trading apps which produce results over time. In fact, we have just added new ones so don’t forget to check out our recommended section.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The CryptoCurrency Institute also known as the CryptoCurrency Codex is a blacklisted SCAM and our staff of diligent researchers has produced all the proof and evidence required to validate our initial findings. We understand why you may be tricked into believing that the  CryptoCurrency Codex and Institute is a legitimate trading software, but in reality we are being lured into a very intricate web of lies and deceptions designed to mislead and bait you into funding real money trading accounts with offshore brokers. We have also received complaints about overcharging on credit card bills. This should come as no surprise to you as the thieves behind CryptoCurrency Institute specialize in credit card fraud, identity theft, software manipulation (rigged and set to lose), and tax evasion. In light of all the damning evidence our staff was able to produce, we have no choice but to categorically blacklist the CryptoCurrency Institute (CryptoCurrency Codex) and advise our members and viewers to seek alternative investment channels. As always, we would like to personally invite you to check out our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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