Dow Jones Focus Group is a Big Scam

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Dow Jones Focus Group is a Big Scam

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Recently I’ve been receiving a ton of emails from people soliciting me to invest in this scheme called the Dow Jones Focus Group, so I decided to review them since I have been getting a lot of scam complaints.

First of all, there is no Jeffery Richards, its just an alias used by online marketers to attract every day working people much like you looking for a legitimate way to make money online. This has been re-confirmed multiple times, feel free to Google his name and references.


Secondly, the so called “Equinox” trading software is just a rehash of existing older software, re-branded to give you the feeling of something new. It really does insult my intelligence when people try to sell me the same thing

It’s easy to see this because these marketers will most likely promote GTOptions as the leading broker, that is due to business-related issues. Not to say it’s a bad broker (quite the opposite is true), it’s just not one of the best ones these days, and it’s lacking regulation.

Furthermore, it’s not very intelligent naming a software after one of the most well known chain of fitness centers. Granted, it really sounds good, but has nothing to do with working out or going to the gym.

Dow Focus

To continue, analysts don’t develop trading software, it’s computer programmers and engineers and these guys will most likely work for bigger companies like Citadel, Goldman Sachs, or Dean Witter. You also have great guys working for companies that specialize in HFT (high frequency trading) and algorithmic trading, which is really where the big money is. But binary options are such a small niche that you have second grade programmers rehashing old code to make it look legit (Nadex and CBOE excluded).

Moving forward, these guys promise you profit and easy money just by pushing a button, but this just doesn’t work in the real world. I’m really sorry to burst your bubble and be the proverbial wet blanket, but chances are they just want you to open and fund your account so they can get paid on the back end by the brokers.

This is really good for the marketers, and to a lesser degree to the brokers who end up paying exorbitant fees for disgruntled clients just wanting to try out a new system because they really don’t have that much money to invest in the first place.

I mean, let’s be real – people who have the money to invest go to an investment banker and cough up a minimum of $100,000 for a legitimate yearly ROI of 5-8%. If you have less than that, it’s best to invest it in some form of small business and get a cash flow going. Another alternative is just getting paid for filling out surveys, it’s not a lot of money but at least you don’t get scammed.

To conclude, this Dow Jones Focus Group and Equinox software is just another in a long series of scam trading systems designed to solicit your initial investment. Generally speaking, there are far worst systems and at least the trading activity and investment amounts are being displayed and you know your win/loss (success) ratio immediately. But at the end of the day its a mere facade of aggregated and random data rolled up in a way which is designed to create a false perception of authenticity and legitimacy.

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