Drexel Code is a Dangerous Scam! Legit Review Sheds Light on Fake Autotrading Software

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Drexel Code is a Dangerous Scam! Legit Review Sheds Light on Fake Autotrading Software

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting an immediate SCAM notice in regards to the Drexel Code Software (AKA Drexel Code App and Autotrader) as well as Cory Drexel the fake CEO and second rate actor. After being  drowned by a deluge of complaints and grievances from innocent day traders about a particularly deceptive and misleading new trading tool, we decided to dig in deep. Our staff of resourceful researchers has conducted a full-scale investigation of this appalling new system, and has come up with some extremely freighting conclusions about the latest binary options investment scam.

Official Scam Site: http://drexelcode.com/

Proof of Scam
As you can see the images below depict an all too well-known story about the same software being re-hashed over and over again. This should seal the lid on this stinking can of sardines, however just to make sure we proceeded to check out Mr. Cory Drexel and see if he has a public social profile. Needless to say, we were not very shocked to find out we are dealing with a ghost whose real identity we shall probably never find out. I do believe this person is a professional actor, however we were not able to collect evidence of this since they hired someone on the more expensive side to make it look more believable. They did however mess up on the testimonial, and you can see that one of the images in the fake accounts is taken from another older scam called “Sarah’s Confessions“.

drexel 2

Drexel Code Review – 100% Winning Trades?
The people behind Drexel Code managed to roll out a very high-production SCAM with new and innovative technical widgets that create a more trustworthy environment. For example the “click to verify” feature looks very convincing to the untrained eye, however looking at the actual code we could see that it is a JavaScript widget with a set of predefined criteria that are displayed when clicking on the buttons. The “proof of wins” is also very nice, but it is not really a representation of the real trading history inside the broker account behaves.

Everything considered this puts this system on a different level, and I would refer to it as a Class A scam, which means it is extremely deceptive and is able to mislead everyday normative people in a very effective way with the exception of one thing. They REALLY destroyed it when they promised 100% wins, because there is no system in the world that can guarantee that, so shame on you cheaters!! I must admit the story about Beta Testers and how Katy Montoya, Clay Chancellor, and how the “Coffee Brew Team” are presented with the big fake checks as well as the the nifty branded sweater add a nice touch. The bottom line is that if you invest in this sham, you needn’t concern yourself with ITM ratios of 100 or even 60%, just grab whatever is left of your money and flee the crime scene. There will be no need for fancy charting tools, scalping techniques, technical analysis, or candlestick charts, all these will become redundant when you clash with your broker about how to “get the hell out of dodge”.

drexel 3

Is it Free?
You bet it is, and all you need to do is fund a trading account with a recommended broker with a minimum of $250 in order to qualify.

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Signals, Bots, Autotraders, and Trade Copiers
We see new systems coming out every day with promises of a new Babylon and instant wealth at the click of a mouse. In most cases these are nothing more than scams serving up the same dish on a different day. Binary Scam Alerts endorses the Binary Profit Method as it’s preferred Signals provider. If you are in the market for an Auto-trader please refer to our recommended automated trading section.

Verdict and Conclusions
The Drexel Code Software (AKA Drexel Code App and Autotrader) and Cory Drexel the impersonator are an obvious scam and fraud. After conducting a proper review, we advise all our members and viewers to avoid this system like the plague and find better alternatives. We would like to personally invite you to join our Facebook group and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

  • Kevin K

    Intereting, I thought these people were the above average scammer too until you said about the 100% wins. How could they get a top rate actor and mess up on something so easy. This should be the biggest flag ever but sadly people are going to buy into it.

  • Nigel S


    • Hi Nigel, Optionrally is a regulated broker. There have been many communications going back and forth about them. The bottom like is that they are sticklers and very “by the book”, so you must follow their instructions exactly and eventually you get paid. Thanks, Pat

      • Lovey Luvv

        I just signed up for DrexelCode WITHOUT depositing and something told me to check out some reviews on them and I came to yours…thanks for exposing

  • Amber Beth

    These people take advantage of people who don’t know how coding works. I don’t know much about it but I do know that live trades can not be posted automatically to their signup page. They have to tell it what to say.

  • João

    Hi yes DREXEL code binary system is for sure a scam, I was taking a look in all the details and restrictions they have until you do what they want that is deposit there your money$$ and well I’m sure will be a bye to that $$. First they say they don’t need or want your money, card details or whatever but they want you to deposit. Restrictions are enormous.
    Also I open same website address in two different browsers or pages at same time online and one says “online members 6238+-” other “online members 3236+-” lol right there wtheck.

    • Shelby

      Wow they can’t even get their online members correct. Good catch, I never thought about trying this with sites. I’ll have to remember this.

    • Nikita

      Very clever approach. I never thought about doing that before. What kind of restrictions do these people have to withdraw your money? Shouldn’t you bank info and drivera license be enough?

      • Hi Nikita, Drexel Code is a dangerous SCAM designed to fleece your wallet. They don’t care about anything.

      • Pete William

        You have given them the right to use your deposit with any broker as escrow funds which means they generate paper trade on your behalf..sorry their computer system trades .
        Each trade must include between 5 to 10% security.
        They make a trade say 1 million dollars. They can deduct 50 dollars from a thousand accounts as security. Do it five times and you are busted.
        They may even have real trades using your money. They keep winning trades and pass to you the losers.. Zero risk for them because you have no say in which trade is yours.
        They can even show actual trades that lose. They just sell or buy to their own ‘unrelated’ company in bahamas etc.
        You cannot prove negligence and very very few people sue for 250 bucks of false advertising. They can claim caveat emptor meaning you bought with full knowledge and research plus it was sold as a beta TRIAL so nothing proven.
        The phone calls to the lawyer will cost more. The frustration makes you give up.
        Sorry but no such thang as free munchies.
        Ask for a company address and say you will visit them with big deposits of cash…lol
        Try getting their cell phone numbers and call the IRS or FBI financial crimes
        These lowlife scammers need to be jailed !

        • Nikita

          Ok….I see…wow. There’s a lot going on that I didn’t realize. But I agree not a lot of people will sue for $250 unless you can do it without a lawyer…but that can be difficult too. I think just trying to get these people served would be a difficult task in itself!

          • Hi Nikita, if enough people complain it will have an effect. So going to the authorities is the right thing to do but you have to come prepared and document everything.

          • Nikita

            So are you saying making a police report will eventually do something? If this is the case why sont more people do it then?!

  • Ervin

    I only been signed up a min into the site my cellphone rang with one of their representative on the line questioning me about my occupation and income and trying to convince me to deposit the 250. So I asked her if it was possible to start off with $50 seeing that there is a trade option of 50 bucks for beginners and they said proven to be 100% successful earnings for three years, then I’d increase annually. She admitted that I could loose it on my first trade is why they require 250 deposit. After us going back and forth and she saw it was no convincing me of full payment, she told me the system was not for me and hung up. It also sounded like a party in the background with music playing as if she was working from the comfort of her home.

  • t ford

    is totally a scam just been phoned by natasha who could only say come again? wanted money refused phoned me 7 times in 4 minutes continually from what sounded like a gym??

  • Moe

    Another indication is IF a system is so good and makes people money why do they have to beg you and send you several hurry and get in offers to get their software? Why do they have to beg you to make money? They are more likely a scam. I even sent them a E mail that I alreay have an account at FXCM but no response.

  • William

    Isn’t that the guy from the mobile money code videos

    • Yes! Nice catch its the same guy. This is really bad news, I hope they catch and stop these people already.

  • Peter

    I am one of the victim of this scam, I deposit $300 into the broker Morton Finance. It started trading with losses and my account balance down to $162.50 then stopped. I email to their support but never get any results. Today I can not even logon to DrexelCode, thank you for you work, I should find your work before I sign up.

  • Joseph O. Sadiq

    I cant beleive it. If the system works so good, why patronising or advertising it? You and your family should sit on it and make all the billions, why do you have to share it, because if I have a crystal ball through which I will see these opportunities, I won’t share it for sure. So I conclude that this is a pretty clever scam.

  • Maria

    Hi. I have been assaulted with these binary trades since Jamuary. I was full to join and experiment. The results were none. I was lucky to get back my deposits of 250 us. These traders were: Titantrade,option fm, and optionrally. These were good in cancelling the accounts. I made nothing in any of these, however, i tried another one: SwiftOption, have you heard of this one? Be careful. I authorized 250 dls, got the confirmation , i was asked for more money and i said no way. Few minutes later, i had aconfirmation e mail of 1500. I called imediatly and requested the reverse and until today, they have not returned my money, no tradings, no answer to my re quests, nothing. I tried to withdraw and not able. I contact support, is the same guy that charged me, and always answers that i am going to get a call and nothing. These since February. Is there a way of complaining? Have you heard of them?, SwiftOption. My experience with them is bad. I really need to get that money,i am still paying for that and nothing is being done. I find funny that each time we check their webs, a different broker calls immediatly with strong accent of english but with 2,exceptions, everypne else have british names. This is sispicious to me..

    • Hi Maria.
      Yes we know the broker and Im sorry you have to go through that. Did you send documents?

    • Aya Na

      Hi Maria,

      How did you get money back?
      I’m trying but they never said yes.

  • Gerald Lynch

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    • Sanders Sperlin

      Interesting idea! I don’t understand what a 702 savings account is but I’ll check it out. Hope Trump can do this thing right!

  • Yves

    Thanks for the advice… The minute I clicked to join the beta group, one of their rep called me 6 times to make sure I deposited $250 in the account. I became suspicious when I received that call from NY. The web site was self explanatory… Why do they need to call to pressure you in investing your money. They almost had me… but I decided to check for scams about Drexel Code and here I am.
    The phone is still ringing… LOL

  • Wendy

    i got the drexel code email and i cannot delete it, how do i remove this email

  • Kerri

    Wow I haven’t heard of majority of these…I didn’t know so many existed! I would be really cautious of anything that states guaranteed retirement!

  • Donald Smith

    Usually when a “sales person” gets upset like that it usually means they are not doing to well scamming people and they are getting frustrated. I thought these people were just racking in the money….but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe people are getting informes and they are having a harder time with it?

    • Yea its their frustration showing.

      • Donald Smith

        This is good to hear. I’m glad they seem to be having a difficult time….it’s a step in the right direction!

  • Paula

    Do you think these are 100% scams or do you think they just mess up like putting fake reviews up thinking it will get their business going faster. I know legit people with businesses who pull images from online thinking it will make their product seem better. Could these people just be misunderstood?

  • Sanders Sperlin

    Some of these I wouldn’t even consider just based on there name, like StartProfitsHere! I don’t think a reputable business would name themselves something so crazy sounding.

  • Hey, this is something which is called malvertising. Its a new way of manipulating browsers and various settings in order to inject ads. Try to clear your cache and see it this persists.