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Easy Trade App Review, Is Easy Trade App SCAM?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Easy Trade App Review and SCAM Investigation
After much deliberation and careful screening, the long-awaited launch of Easy Trade App has finally arrived. It’s true, we were about to blacklist the Easy Trade App, but thankfully we didn’t make that mistake.  We know, you are probably asking yourself: is Easy Trade App SCAM or legit investment platform? Well, as our detailed Easy Trade App review will show, Easy Trade App has generated automated signals with a success ratio of around 88%, and our initial €500 investment has now turned into €2,532 after 3 business days. This means the Easy Trade App SCAM-free software is NOT a fraudulent system, and in fact the exact opposite is true. It’s no coincidence Easy Trade App has received the royal seal of approval from a long and distinguished list of review sites, and with good reason.

Easy Trade App belongs to a rare breed of automated trading systems which trade commodities, stocks, Forex, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies. It’s also important to point out that the software is especially geared for amateur traders just starting out (but not only). Obviously if you are an experienced trader, you can use the Easy Trade App as an auxiliary system or just trade on auto pilot if you want it done simple.

This is what we looked for and didn’t find. First, we didn’t see any hyped up claims about fast money at the click of a mouse. We also didn’t find any fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, or lies about becoming a millionaire overnight. This means Easy Trade App is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. In terms of complaints we received one, and after a close examination we found it to be unjustified. Usually there are a bunch of sleazy affiliate networks which latch on to systems like this, alas we were not able to identify the usual crowd of liars which leave very distinguishable “finger prints”. Again, all of these findings paint a very convincing picture, so we must stick to the facts and based on that recommend the Easy Trade App to our members and viewers.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Easy Trade App

Quick Update: We are constantly switching brokers to maintain performance levels. Our new broker setup allows for more consistency, wins, and faster withdrawals. If you have questions leave a message below and we will answer.

Easy Trade App Review, Executive Overview:

The Easy Trade App scam free trading system is a hands-off automated trading software which executes live trades on auto-pilot without any form of human intervention.

Software Functionality
The app is mobile friendly so you can trade on the go, and there is no need to download anything. You don’t need to be an expert trader in order to use the app, and the user interface is highly intuitive as well as easy to maneuver around. It works best on Chrome, we did have some issues on Firefox, so please make sure to use a Google Chrome browser.

Indicators and Trading Strategies
You can choose from various trading strategies such as Classic, Fibonacci, and Martingale. We tested them to see how they perform and went back to the auto-trade feature. We only used it to trade Forex currency pairs and cryptocurrencies.

Easy Trade App Review, You Won’t Become A Millionaire Overnight (But You Can Make Money)
When we funded our real money trading account very quickly it became evident that we were assigned a professional broker and that we were in safe hands. The second thing we noticed was that the trading algorithm is very efficient in the sense that it does not waste time and immediately starts purchasing buy/sell contracts at optimal rates. We had various open positions on USD/GBP, and BTC/USD. With the exception of one loss, the software generated consecutive gains with an 88% win ratio across the board on all assets. The support desk is highly responsive and helps out, and the trade execution is done in a very transparent and easy-to-understand manner.

The Results Speak for Themselves
The minimum investment amount is $/£/€250, but we invested €500 and it was relatively fast to accumulate a substantial amount which allowed us to cash out a nice lump of money after a few days. In order to cash out we had to send a photo ID and sign a document verifying that we are the account owners. That’s it! The wires were sent the same day the documents were approved.

Easy Trade App Verified By Visa (Or Mastercard)
In order to fund your Easy Trade App account you may need to fill out a “Verified by Visa” form. This is the last step which is required in order to activate your account, and it is done for your protection. If you are unfamiliar with this procedure that’s perfectly fine, you simply need to contact your bank in order to obtain a password, and enter it in the right field as can be seen below. Again, this may not be needed every time, but we have seen this requirement growing (particularly in the United Kingdom). Its also crucial to allow the popup on the window browser to open in order for the form to actually show.  Additionally, you should also be aware that the appearance of the form may change from time to time according to banks, but it will usually need the same information. If you are not sure about how to move ahead simply message us at [email protected] and we will guide you accordingly.

Getting Started
Getting started with the Easy Trade App is a very simple process. You signup through the main registration form and fund a trading account. Once that is done the software is active, all you need to do is click the auto-trade button and voila, you are good to go. If you want to switch to manual trading and follow the signals you simply deactivate the auto-trade button and start trading manually according to the signals.

Still Hesitant?
It’s OK, we understand you perfectly. But seriously, the Easy Trade App SCAM free system is a very profitable software. Sometimes its just best to take a risk and give it a try, and this is just one of those cases.

Easy Trade App Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Easy Trade App SCAM free software and automated trading platform represents the latest in innovative robotic trading technology. We feel privileged to add this new and highly profitable investment platform after having it tested multiple times by various external auditors specializing in the Forex and algorithmic trading niche. As always, our endorsement is contingent on the fact that the Easy Trade App keeps performing and maintains a high level of performance and consistency. If we sense something is wrong or alternatively if there is a sudden change in the success ratio, we will immediately reverse our decision, proceed to blacklist the Easy Trade App, and label it as a financial scam. If you feel we are mistaken, or alternatively have tried out this system and feel we are overly optimistic in our assessment, please make sure to leave a message below and we will immediately address the your concerns with a proper response. Please don’t forget to message us via our our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel if you have any additional questions or need more information in regards to the Easy Trade App or any other trading software for that matter.



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