Einstein Profits is a Shameful Scam – Honest Review

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Einstein Profits is a Shameful Scam – Honest Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting a severe scam notice on the Einstein Profits APP and automated trading software. If you have searched the internet for reviews regarding this software and reached einsteinprofits.com, be warned you have stumbled on one of the most fraudulent online binary options investment scams that are active now and luring innocent day traders into funding broker accounts using false advertising techniques.

Proof of Scam
Below you will find a top rated Fiverr actor that specializes in promotional videos and testimonials and will actually do a very nice review for your product or service if you pay her a whopping sum of 5 US Dollars!


I actually used this actor to do a paid presentation for the Medallion App scam, and she was indeed very professional.

Exaggerated Promises of Instant Wealth and Prosperity
It boggles the mind how these low level ripoff artists stick to the same patterns of deception and thievery time and time again without any regard for public safety or security. Let’s get some facts straight, becoming a self-made Millionaire will not happen overnight if you use a push-button app some scammer gave you over the internet. People spend their whole lives trying to become rich, and it takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.

Einstein as a Public Figure
What personally disgusts me is the fact that they used someone who is a famous public figure, in this case a world renowned Physicist and Mathematician, and tried to piggyback on his reputation in order to promote their bogus software which will undoubtedly infect your computer with Malware if you download it.

Fake Certifications, Logos, Reviews and Testimonials
Stupid logos, cheap actors from Fiverr, rehashed reviews and testimonials that look like they were pulled out of a cheap hat trick 5 years ago categorically place this scam as something I would call “less than sophisticated”, however very effective on certain people.

Fake and Inflated Bank Accounts
That is an old Photoshop trick and has nothing to do with binary options trading or any form of legitimate online investing. There is no fool proof system or holy grail of binary options that will make you a millionaire over night, and the sooner people realize this the faster they will understand that trading takes time, effort, and an initial investment. Anyone trying to sell you a short cut will eventually scam you and leave you hanging to dry with a drained bank account and an overextended credit card.

No Real Proof of Wins
The only proof of win you will ever need is the one from the actual trading history inside your broker account such as the image you see below. Anything less will not be satisfactory and is a blatant attempt to mislead and deceive you in order to get you to fund a trading account.

real proof

Similar Scams
Scams on the same level include Coffee Cash Cheat, Mockingbird Method, Simple Profits, and Spectre System. The more insidious ones are Insured Profits, the Free Money System (Walter Green), Binary Matrix Pro, Centument App, and Channel Ranger.

Signals AutoTraders and Bots
The only automated trading solution I can recommend these days is Virtnext, which in my opinion will not make you the same amounts of money as signals since there is more flexibility and control over the contracts, investment amount, and ability to check technical analysis.

Conclusions and Recommendations:
Einstein Profits or Method is a cheap scam and an obvious attempt to lure innocent traders into funding broker accounts under false pretenses. It’s relatively easy to spot because they are using every dirty silly trick in the book so for someone with a trained eye its easy to spot. If you have been tricked, cheated, or duped by these online hooligans and have bought into this bag of tricks, please contact us at [email protected] and we shall try to assist you in recovering stolen money.

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