Elite Gold is Just Another Scam

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Elite Gold is Just Another Scam

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Well, the so called Elite Gold system is just another SCAM, and this time it’s very poorly executed. Nigel Pearson is just a second class actor who is listed in Istock Photo, and the people behind the deceptive offer are just filthy marketers that will do anything to dupe you into registering and funding an account with a binary options broker.

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So its basically the same story about how you can make a ton of money with a minimal amount of investment ($250). As I explained previously, there is no logic behind such a claim and they are mathematically flawed, unless you are using some type of Martingale system like the one employed by the 100percentprofitbot and used by the famous Charles Deville Wells. But even this system will only work in the short term, and as every gambler knows the casino will always win in the long run. Here’s the mathematical logic behind it:

<(1/2ϵ)4 [where ϵ<1/36 is a compensation for the probability to achieve 0]

Profit Bot

The idea behind this method is to double up on losing trades since you can’t be on a losing streak forever. So, in this case the people behind 100percentprofitbot.com nailed it on the head. They are advising you to open multiple accounts and fund them, double up on losing trades, and cash out even if it’s a small amount of money. If you have small amounts coming in from multiple sources its going to add up.

This is probably one of the only methods recommended these days that actually works (well at least used to), but you can’t let the broker meddle with the bot strategy. It has to execute the trades in an automated fashion without any form of manual intervention. The really important thing here is to cash out exactly when the robot tells you to do it and follow the instructions without deviating left or right. I know too many traders that wanted to mix strategies or try out something new the broker offered them and ended up losing their investment and rightly so by the way.

When trading binary options you need to understand something. First, the issue of money management is critical for success. Profitbot mitigates this for you by diversifying your trading portfolio and and maximizing potential gains on high yield orders (contracts). Secondly, this software is hand crafted and while the texts seem a bit complicated at times, the underlying logic and savvy nature of the programmers make it perform exceptionally well.

Unlike the Elite Gold scam software, this trading bot has consistently performed for a large spectrum of traders, starting from complete amateurs all the way through to gurus. You will not find actors or illogical and deceptive figures behind the product.

To sum up, the Elite Gold scheme is just another shameful product promoted by unscrupulous marketers who will stop at nothing in order to get you to invest money through their program. On the other side of the spectrum you have the 100percentprofitbot, which is an excellent choice especially of you are just starting out in this trading business and would like a solid piece of software to rely on. Additional signal or automated trading software I can recommend is Virtnext as well as Alex Kaminsky’s binary secret code which has performed for me in the past and I use it until this day with total satisfaction.

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