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Epix Trader Review, Epix SCAM Exposed With Proof!

Posted on by Dan Wright

The Epix Trader Forex and binary options trading robot by Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo is bona fide mega SCAM, and we blacklisted this fake app and auto-trader in our fair and impartial review and investigation. To the affiliates, owners and promoters behind this fake auto-trader we would like to convey a personal message. For some reason you got very sloppy and decided to copy the whole testimonial section from another offer named Auto Binary Signals. If you had paid more attention to detail and actually come up with a reasonably decent system, we would have endorsed it but this is not the case and you will now have to deal with the consequences of your actions as we will start referring the complaints directly to you. Epix Trader is not just a Forex software! The version we tested has nothing to do with Forex trading and everything to do with binary options. We signed up for this system and it was integrated with a binary options broker named Plus Option. Now, we have to ask ourselves WHY would online promoters choose to do something like this? We could not find a logical answer, and for all intents and purposes it doesn’t matter. As much as we liked the presentation and idea, we found it to be extremely misleading and deceptive simply because the facts are plain to see for everyone. Our staff of researchers didn’t have to work very hard to produce hard evidence and proof of foul play, in fact a simple search led us to the conclusion that we are dealing with yet another confirmed financial SCAM and there’s nothing legit or genuine about it.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: http://www.epix-trader.biz/lp.php?

Proof of SCAM
Below you will find a screenshot of these two actors who claim to be Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo the so-called owners and managers of Epix Trader.

Here you will see how we caught these crooks red-handed. The whole testimonial section is copied from another system named auto binary signals. Now we are honestly dismayed and baffled as to WHY these people would be so careless and literally show the whole world how they plagiarize content and put on a very bad show.

Update: We just found out the real identity of Mark Evans! He is an actor named Andy Haftkowycz and we attached his acting reel!

The answer eludes us, but it does not change the fact that many people fail to do their due diligence, and it’s exactly these people the marketers behind this software wish to bait and victimize.

And for the finale, as we stated previously once registered you are locked in to a trading account with a binary options broker (Plusoption). There is no way to test the software or even preview it just to see what it’s like and how it behaves. We have just heard from a couple of traders that it was integrated with CFD brokers so for the time being we are willing to acknowledge this fact.

Epix Trader Software Review
“The trend is your friend to the end.” That is how the sales video starts, and continues as Evans explains how he won “post-graduate scholarships in trading and finance.” in a university in Boston. Then Tina became a Head Analyst at a leading finance firm and was referred to as “Dr. Mofasa”. Evans became the CFO of a robotic software company AKA “remote control trading.” When they met at a reunion as the speakers talked about “the alchemy of finance”, which led them to the understanding of just how similar their “thinking caps were”.

Introduced by George Soros, the Alchemy of Finance is about how to catch trends at the nick of time to collect profits, this is later reduced to short-term volatility and highly leveraged transactions. They then discuss the theory of reflexivity and how to predict market movements in order to gain profits, and Tina explains how they moved to Washington and started working on the Epix Trader. Then they contacted some of their previous clients and got them to invest since they showed them how they could gain a 20% return on investment. The software reduces management fees for the “mogul clients”, so the can even employ junior staff to handle their accounts now. After the duo discovered the potential of the software, they decided to float it on the trading market.

How Does it Work – Staying Ahead of the Curve!
The principle of Reflexivity is based on the construct that markets trend towards disequilibrium, rather than equilibrium. This is because the actions of the participants are exaggerated by their biases or misconceptions about the market. Hence, their actions change the valuations of those markets which further reinforces those biases in a “self-reinforcing feedback loop”. To put it simply, this is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy which shapes the norms of the markets and its behavior. This behavior is then exploited, as they try to “catch new trends and trend reversals early.” They make money by staying ahead of the curve, and that’s how they based the trading algorithms. In essence, Evans is saying his system understands when to enter and exit a trade based on volatility trends.

Inspired By The Alchemy of Finance?
They mention they use scalping in order to make immediate short term profits and exit the markets based on reversal patterns and entry points. D’Angelo claims that success has nothing to do with how many indicators you have on your charts, then Evan says that one of his tutors, Professor Milano said that “everything is difficult until you make it simple”. This is why their software is simplified and easy to master.

The Indicators /Key Distinguishing Elements (Forex):
BP Trend Filter: A market trend indicator.
Market Deviation: Used to detect sudden price changes.
Price Pattern: Aggregates patterns and forms a recommendation
Relative Price Impulse: This is a statistical comparison tool.
Statistical Price Range: Breaks down pricing according to certain criteria.

The Indicators/Key Distinguishing Elements (Binary):
Risk/Reward Stabilizing System, MPMIS – Multi-Indicator System, Supply/Demand Price Predictor, and Auto-Adaptive Profit-Trade Technology. These are all preset strategies which can be put to use at a click.

Success Ratio
These clowns claim the ITM ratio stands at 78% on scalping and 80-95% when using non-scalping indicators. We don’t see proof of this, and we don’t see the software in action. In fact, the software is kept hidden for some reason and we only see it in the background after signing up.

Reality Check
What we have here is an epic failure, which is nothing like how Epix Trader is presented to us. There are no “mogul investors”, and the presenters of this scheme are paid actors. The whole testimonial section is plagiarized from another software, there is quite a bit of hype and exaggerated promised of winnings, inflated bank accounts, and the narrative is full of lies, inconsistencies and half-truths.

Is it Free?
Get ready to part with at least $250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by one of the brokers which is integrated with their software (which may or may not be regulated).

Fake Reviews
We are seeing a lot of fake reviews here, but also some very careful ones which are very right to take a more careful approach before endorsing a product.

Similar Viral Scams Trending
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Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are contemplating your next move and not quite sure about what system is best for you that’s perfectly normal. Our staff has compiled a short list of the best and most consistent money-making apps, these are all showcased in our recommended section.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Epix Trader Forex trading robot by Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo is a SCAM and rightfully blacklisted in our detailed and factual review. It appears there are two versions of the scam, one for Forex and one for Binary options. In both cases you will end up losing your money and wishing you had the common sense to avoid this fraudulent, thieving software. It should come as no surprise that this fake trading robot or automated Forex app is neither legit nor genuine, and in fact you had best be prepared to have your money stolen by crooked offshore brokers conspiring against you with unethical affiliate marketers. Our evidence is clear and the facts speak for themselves, Epix Trader is a scam and we are advising our members and viewers to seek alternative investment channels.  Don’t forget to join our Facebook group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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