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Escape the Rat Race Legit Scam Review, We Smell a Rat!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting an immediate SCAM review and BLACKLIST notification in regards to the Escape the Rat Race software, App, and Auto-trader as well as Matt Taylor the sneaky rat and fake actor. When the complaints started swarming in our staff immediately suspected foul play so we started  investigating, and found out some very disturbing facts. Our findings indicate a clear pattern of deception and trickery, which validated our initial premise. We have stumbled on to a confirmed binary options investment SCAM. This one is particularly misleading and deceptive, as our unbiased review explains.

Official Scam Site and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see an image which illustrates how Matt Taylor is really a part of a bigger deception. His BMW 2015 i8 is proudly displayed in a prominent rental company website, just as the case in the previous Alive in 5 and Free Money Guaranteed scams. I know these fraudsters don’t like is to divulge their little secrets of the trade, but all of this is leading to someone in Portland Oregon who is producing these scam videos for them. Eventually we will catch this guy red-handed and take him to country court with a police escort and a nice set of hand cuffs.

ratrace1Moving along, below is a screenshot which represents an oversight that may seem harmless to someone new or inexperienced. But what we see here is a one of many spelling errors, something which not only indicates a lack of professionalism but also provides insights as to the type of people who are orchestrating this charade. We are most likely dealing with offshore nationals, and people who don’t understand how to conduct their business in an ethical way. They have been accustomed to the good life and will not work an honest day for a fair salary. These people operate under the radar and have been known to avoid paying taxes and laundering money in offshore bank accounts.
ratrace2As you may have guessed the software is a rehash of an older SCAM called the bank tracker bot. As is clearly illustrated we are looking at the same type of garbage code and I expect you will find it will have the same type of results at the end of the day. As  for the testimonials, they are accurate as the software is so don’t pin your hopes on some stolen image bank photo or rehashed sales pitch saying how much money they made.


Escape the Rat Race Review
This fairy tale begins when Matt Taylor asks the very boring question of “how the top 1% make all their money?” Then he proceeds to mention the names of some of the world’s wealthiest investors such as Warren Buffett, Phillip Fisher, and Jeremy Siegel. He continues to point out how they made their fortune from predicting stock market direction, but how “most traders don’t use financial indicators to analyze market volatility” rather they rely on their gut reaction or what a friend said.

That is a very shallow lie and very insulting to anyone’s intelligence. Even the most uneducated person knows that finance and investing involves a high level of training and special skills most people don’t have. Anyways, this fake apparently developed a program to TEACH people how to understand the market and trade like the pros. He also mentions these theories are taught in top business schools around the world and are not some get rich quick schemes.

We also have the usual spiel about no need to spend money and go back to school since he will teach us all the insider strategies needed and help us “get off the wheel by changing perception” as his friend “Ronnie” (who ever that is) taught him. In reality this is all just a precursor to a dead end we are all too familiar with.

We have also tried contacting these people and they don’t respond. The level of transparency is very low, and performance is non-existent just like the actors in this production. There are no public social media profiles, no company address, and no way to get in touch with these blood hounds, so watch your step. If you buy into this fallacious fable you can kiss your money goodbye and all the real trading tools such as candle sticks analysis or bolinger bands won’t help you in the least bit to achieve a ~85% ITM ratio. It’s best you simply recognize you made a mistake, collect whatever is left of your money and move on to more credible means of investing.

Is it Free?
No, it isn’t. You will need a minimum of $250 initial startup capital to invest with, and that will be paid through one of their recommended brokers.

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Signals, Bots, Autotraders, and Copiers
If you believe these fake apps will cease to exist some day you are very mistaken, and they all ask us for endorsements. However only the ones that pass our credibility tests qualify to be listed in our recommended section and are showcased accordingly.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Escape the Rat Race software, App, and Auto-trader as well as Matt Taylor is a verified binary options investment SCAM. Our review has exposed these crooks for what they really are, and shed light on the various tactics they employ in order to bait, lure, and trick innocent day traders into opening and funding broker accounts. There is nothing fair, legit, honest, or genuine about this system and it will take inferior trades by design and fleece your wallet. Due to the growing levels and severity of complaints we encourage our members and viewers to seek alternative means of investing and avoid this system at all costs since you will surely lose all your money. As always, our Facebook group and YouTube Channel are at your disposal so feel free to comment, share, like, and subscribe!

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