Ethereum Code Review, Scam Ethereum Code App Exposed!

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Ethereum Code Review, Scam Ethereum Code App Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Ethereum Code Scam software and trading robot by Mark Weston is a Blacklisted Fraud. In our detailed and factual Ethereum Code review and investigation, we will provide all the required proof and evidence needed to validate our initial assessment. But first, a word of caution. Ethereum code is just another in a long line of fake cryptocurrency auto traders which are exploiting the new Bitcoin wave of success. In this context, the crooks pulling the strings behind this dirty operation are piggybacking on the news and media exposure which Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have been receiving in order to peddle their filthy little app. It goes without saying that we won’t let them succeed as we are on to them and will shed light on their misdoings. If you for some reason you believe the Ethereum Code is a legit or genuine trading app, you are mistaken and will end up having your money stolen by unethical affiliate marketers acting in collusion with unregulated offshore brokers. Ethereum code is extremely misleading and deceptive as it promises to make you a lot of money very quickly. But the problem here has to do with the fact that it is a clone and replica of the Bitcoin Code, which is considered by leading review sites to be the most dangerous and thieving app which is being promoted online these days.

We also have it from a trusted source that the crooks responsible for this sham (for the lack of a better word) are well-known in the industry and have a reputation for stealing money from unsuspecting victims and opportunity seekers looking to cash in on a legit crypto app. Their preferred baiting tools are SPAM email marketing campaigns, click bait ads, and annoying popups which you cant close. If you are illegally solicited to join this get-rich-quick scheme, please refrain from clicking on any of the links and unsubscribe immediately. We have received reports of viruses and malware infecting computers and devices after potential customers were baited into clicking the affiliate links inside. And no, it has nothing to do with Github development tools or professional programming and various coding, its just an investment scam hiding behind fancy technical terminology. We urge you to keep reading our informative review and see how we exposed these fraudsters and why we believe the Ethereum Code is a confirmed financial scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM:
Below is a picture of Mark Weston. It is taken directly from the Ethereum Code main sales page. Right next to it you will see the same image taken from an image bank site. This is conclusive and indisputable evidence of foul play, distortion of the facts, manipulation, and false advertising with malicious intent to defraud would-be investors.

Moving forward, below is a screenshot taken from the testimonial section of the Ethereum Code sales page. Its plain to see that we are dealing with actors and that is not something which can be tolerated in times where everything is transparent and open for all to see.

Ethereum Code Software Review
It’s time to buck the trend and guarantee an average of $3,000 a day! There’s never been a better time then right now to start profiting with the Ethereum code, a state of the art auto trading software created by Mark Weston, the CEO and Founder of this revolutionary software and technology. Its your turn to become our next beta tester and make Millions with a digital currency that’s been making waves in the global economy.

So consider yourself extremely lucky, because spaces are limited and this opportunity will not come around again. Then we start with the fake testimonials and how “a few clicks changed my life forever”.

Who is Mark Weston?
According to the sales video he is the CEO and Founder Ethereum Code. He claims he is not an analytical genius, but he knows how so many people are making fortunes by trading cryptocurrencies. It all started for him when he worked for a medium sized corporation. The work was completely boring and the pay allowed him to make ends meat. During his tenure there a friend of his “Michael” suddenly appeared to come into a large amount of money. He turned up for work one day in a brand new Mercedes. Michael invested in Bitcoin when it was just emerging. Now 1 Bitcoin is valued at over $4,000. Eventually Weston was able to obtain the code and started to invest. The rest as they say is history, and he has become a Bitcoin Millionaire.

What is Ethereum?
It is a relatively new cryptocurrency which has been gaining value exponentially. It’s considered to be the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

Is It Free?
No. This piece of fraudulent technology will cost you at least $250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by thieving and unregulated Forex and CFD brokers who will stop at nothing to get their dirty little fingers on your credit card.

Fake Reviews
We have seen a few of those so please be very careful. We now know that there are so-called “honest review sites” which accept bribes in the form of commissions and write favorable Ethereum Code reviews. If you are not quite sure if the review is legit simply message us.

In Reality
What we are witnessing here is a transition from binary to a crypto-scam. These are the same crooks and they are up to their same stupid hat tricks so don’t fall for it. We have all the classic tell signs such as inflated bank accounts, hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money, fake testimonials, and just outright lies and fabrications. The narrative is also lame and rehashed, its just sad.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones topping the complaints boards are Crypto Wealth Creator and QProfit System.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are a bit hesitant and don’t know how to proceed that’s perfectly normal. Our team of diligent researchers has combed the net looking for genuine trading apps in the Forex, Options, and Crypto strategy niche. We have compiled a short yet reputable list of consistent money-making machines and these are all proudly showcased in our recommended section so signup to get started.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Ethereum Code software and trading robot by Mark Weston is a SCAM and blacklisted with good reason. In our fair and impartial review we have provided all the proof and evidence needed to reach this obvious conclusion. If you are contemplating or considering depositing via this fake app, then we can absolutely guarantee you will end up having your money stolen by professional con artists. The liars and cheaters operating behind the scenes specialize in credit card fraud, identity theft, software manipulation (rigged and set to lose), and malware distribution. In light of all the damning findings our staff was able to produce, we are forced yet again to blacklist the Ethereum Code SCAM and advise our members and subscribers to seek alternative investment avenues. Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates.

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