Actress Gal Gadot Used in Ethereum Code Scam!

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Actress Gal Gadot Used in Ethereum Code Scam!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Ethereum Code Scam Uses Acclaimed Actress Gal Gadot as Spokesperson!
Fake News Marketing Campaigns Running Rampant on the Internet

As fake news continues to be spread through the internet and Bitcoin keeps getting media hype, we are constantly seeing get-rich-quick scams such as the Ethereum Code and Bitcoin Code gaining more popularity with internet con artists. The latest in a string of viral fake news campaigns is using Gal Gadot, the leading actress from Wonder Woman and Justice League to promote fraudulent cryptocurrency trading software. Hyped up claims of making over $7,000 a day and becoming a millionaire overnight are just a part of this latest fake news campaign designed to bait and trick unsuspecting victims into registering with and depositing money with rogue offshore brokers. UK financial Watchdog FCA has recently stated that £31,755,000 are lost just on Binary Options every year. Cryptocurrencies, Forex, HYIP’s, Ponzi Schemes, and fake ICO’s are newer on the scene and awareness levels as well as lax regulation creates loopholes which allow scammers to operate without breaking the law.

Why Is This Happening?
Actresses such as Gal Gadot are just the latest in a fake news trend which is gaining traction on the internet. A click on any of the links will direct users to a site named the “Ethereum Code” which has already been exposed here at Binary Scam Alerts.

The Ethereum Code is a well-known crypto scam which is being promoted by a huge network of affiliates and media buyers who specialize in purchasing ad space in various news and media outlets. The media buyers generate the buzz around the system, and the affiliates ride this wave and promote it via fake reviews, SPAM email marketing, social media, and video blogging. Ethereum Code is so favored with scammers that it now has two versions (both are equally misleading and deceptive).

If you happen to receive a “special invitation” asking you to join this new and “profitable software”, then we highly recommend you avoid clicking on any spammy affiliate links as we have already received complaints of Spyware infecting computers and various devices such as smart phones and iPads.

Fake News and Get Rich Quick Scams
This latest development comes after we saw how the marketers behind the “bitcoin trader” scam are also using similar tactics in order to promote their fake app. It’s no secret that people relate to well-known personalities such as celebrities and sports stars. Marketers understand this fact and use it to their advantage in order to cause potential victims to let their guard down. As the cryptocurrency industry keeps maturing we see very distinctive trends evolving. The first has to do with regulation, which is designed to protect customers but also to keep tax money inside regional borders. The second trend has to do with more sophisticated marketing tactics, and this trend will only grow as it is effective.

Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson
In addition to Gal Gadot’s name and reputation being exploited, for some reason con artists have latched on to these two personalities as they are now bar none the preferred faces behind increasingly elaborate get rich quick scams such as the Ethereum Code and Bitcoin Code.

For those of you who are new to online trading, you should know that Forex and CFD trading differ from the other cryptocurrency trading tools. While the former trades cryptocurrency pairs such as BTC/USD against contract rates, the latter form of cryptocurrency trading deals with actually buying and selling the currency (i.e Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple) in order to make a profit on the difference. Both forms of trading are considered to be highly speculative, and if you are not familiar with basic online trading concepts such as technical analysis or momentum trading then you need to consult a professional or try to find legitimate trading systems which have been tested and prove to perform consistently.

Closing Arguments: Fast Cash, Easy Profits, and It’s All Free
Some alarm bells and warning signs should go off when things start to sound to easy. In reality, there is no “easy money” and in order to get somewhere you need to risk money and some time to get where you need. Don’t believe the hype, fake news articles about Gal Gadot or other celebs, and use some common sense. Scams like the Ethereum Code are not going to stop any time soon so a grain of salt and a hefty dose of skepticism willy surely save you a pretty penny.Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel for additional updates.

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