Fast Cash Biz is a SCAM!! Review Exposes Leaked Customer Database

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Fast Cash Biz is a SCAM!! Review Exposes Leaked Customer Database

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting a belated SCAM Review and BLACKLIST notification in regards to the Fast Cash Biz software, app, and auto-trader as well as Madison Clark and David Graham the fake actors and so called “creators” of this extremely misleading and deceptive, system. Our staff has been receiving a steady drip-feed of complaints from irate day-traders who are constantly being badgered by SPAM emails and rude brokers calling them up insisting they are registered traders, but we know better. These customers never signed up! Their details were manually processed into the broker database after a disgruntled employee stole this information and sold it to the highest bidder.


As a result of these actions baffled traders now have unlicensed brokers calling them up and trying to bait them into funding trading accounts.

Don’t be fooled by these dangerous swindlers, they are not your friends and will attempt to trick you and steal your money.

Due to the severity of this recent development, we have also followed up and conducted a full investigation and review into this obvious sham, our findings and conclusions are clear, conclusive and will leave no room for doubt.


It should come as no surprise to you that we have identified a confirmed online binary options investment scam, and this is about as dangerous as it gets.

Official Scam and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
As you can see below the screenshot illustrates how these crooks substituted the broker’s logo with their own. This is done for a variety of reasons but primarily has to do with the fact that they do not wish to be associated with a specific broker since they keep alternating them depending on which one suits their purposes better at any given time.


Secondly, they are masking their brokers to avoid people searching the internet and looking for reviews. Obviously once this happens, the chances of that person buying-in is significantly reduced.

Special Alert
We are asking all our members and viewers to step up and tell us if they believe their email is being resold over the internet. If you are unsure or have doubts about this there are ways to check, and we will help you understand if your personal details have been compromised or illegally exposed. Please note, there are various implications here, and if we catch these cheaters then we can sue them and you may be one of those people who will eventually get paid.


Moving along, with all due respect for the nice logos on the T-shirts the image above represents a complete misrepresentation and intentional falsification of the facts. The funds derived from winnings are always wired directly from the broker’s bank account and not from some shady system. These cheap hat tricks are a thing of the past and don’t carry much weight these days, so please use a bit of common sense.


Last but not least is the bonus lock. I encourage you to read the bonus terms very carefully before signing any forms. A bonus can be a good thing, but if someone offers you $10,000 in bonus cash you need to run away and never look back.

Fast Cash Biz Review:
The story starts out when Madison Clark and David Graham walk towards the camera man as they exit a yacht. Then they introduce themselves as the creators of, “your shortcut to unlimited wealth”, but they have no social media profile on Facebook or LinkedIn for example. They continue saying that its the first time they are allowing the general public free access, and that their software has made them over 55 Million dollars and it keeps growing. Then they proceed to mention what their first group of Beta Testers did in “the first two minutes of activation”, and show you a live demonstration of how their software is performing on a daily basis. The fact they they are saying “you need money, lots of it, fast” means they are targeting the weaker segments of society and not the ones that are well-to-do and that is sleazy.

Pressure tactics are constantly used with sound bites like “the clock is ticking” and “right now is the time”. Inflated bank accounts are prominently displayed showing photo-shopped images and fake names. “Legitimate ways to make money from home” and “gaining financial freedom” are recurring motifs that are constantly being rehashed in an orchestrated and cosmetic fashion. There is no tangible proof of wins, or instructional videos showing you what the software looks like and how it works. The level of transparency is below zero, and these cheaters are doing everything to hide what their software looks like instead of displaying it and making it available for public scrutiny. The customer email at [email protected] was evasive and at times intentionally cryptic or non-responsive, specifically with questions concerning broker regulation and payout policies. Actual and documented proof of winning trades and accuracy levels were not provided, despite repeated requests.

The charade continues with a barrage of fake testimonials and cheap actors putting on a very convincing show about how much money this system has generated for them, when in reality these people have just been payed to act.

Our plot thickens as the duo enters a private jet and flies to the mansion in Colorado. We have checked the Colorado official property records Assessor’s Office in Denver, El Paso, Douglas County, and Jefferson County which account for about 90% of the land in that state. We have found no mention of such a property or any business under that name registered in those localities. To make a long story short, the system that makes “thousands of dollars every 60 seconds” without any professional charting tools like candles sticks analysis and bolinger bands does not exist. If you trust these people and believe they will make you “life-changing amounts of money” and auto-pilot earnings then you will end up losing your money very quickly and in most cases you will not be able to get a refund.

Is this Cheap Gimmick Really Free?
Not at all! You will most definitely have to pay least $250, and this money will be collected through one of their recommended brokers.

Similar Scams to Avoid
Report a Scam ButtonIt’s plain to see the amount of fake systems has been growing exponentially. Here you will see a partial list of the worst ones:  Terran CapitalsLie Detector Millionaire and Daniel Wilkins, the Drexel Code and Cory Drexel, Millionaire Blue Print, the Free Money System with Walter Green, Amissio Formula and Craig Phillips, the Quick Cash System with Sarah Markel, Disrupt Trading, the Push Money App with Dennis Moreland, and Nesdek INC and Mike McDonald.

Signals, Bots, Auto-traders, and Copiers
At this point and time we are not taking on or endorsing new systems because we are simply exhausted and recently all the ones we tested turned out to be SCAMS. The only ones we endorse can be found in our recommended section, and they have passed our rigorous credibility test.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Fast Cash Biz software, app, and auto-trader as well as Madison Clark and David Graham is a verified binary options investment SCAM. Our meticulous review has intensively probed, investigated, and scrutinized this shameful piece of trash code, and we are officially BLACKLISTING it as one of the most dangerous, misleading, fraudulent, and deceitful schemes being promoted online today by unethical marketers. We could not find one piece of genuine, or honest statement that emanated from the mouths of this cheating duo, and we are warning all our members and viewers to keep their distance from this system and use extreme caution if someone approaches you with this offer.  As always we invite you to join our Facebook group and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get informed.


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