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Fast Cash Club Review, Scam Software Steals Cash Fast

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Fast Cash Club software, as well as Aaron Martin is a SCAM, and we have BLACKLISTED this app and auto-trader in our impartial review. After getting a fresh flurry of SPAM complaints from some very angry day traders, we decided to conduct a full review and investigation into the workings of this nasty new scheme. Our staff immediately recognized some red flags, but our members always want proof of scam. So, we will provide you with all the facts and details required, and after reading the outcome of this initial probe, your will have no doubts that this system is merely the latest verified binary options investment SCAM.

Official Scam Site and Login Page:
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Proof of SCAM
Below you will see an image of the so-called “Aaron Martin”. In reality this person is a Fivver actor and his profile name is Ivannicholo. Technically speaking this should be enough to send you looking for alternative investing opportunities, but just in case you think it’s legit to have an actor making bogus statements about massive profits on auto-pilot we have provided additional evidence.
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Below you will find something which is called a “social widget”. The purpose of this widget is to provide a social feed, but in reality it is used by unscrupulous marketers as a means to provide false testimonials. What’s even worst, the images have been stolen from the internet with not written consent from the owners and used to lend an aura of legitimacy to something which obviously has none. This time these cyber-criminals stole the image of Bill Weihl, who is responsible for sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives at Facebook. I can promise you this person has nothing to do with this cheap app and you are welcome to contact him and alert him that his identity is being used to promote online investment scams (His response should be very interesting).
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So as the story goes this crook claims he has made “97 new random millionaires” by providing them with free access to his software. Apparently he is promising $3,000 a day “guaranteed”, but only for 20 people a day. According to Aaron Martin and his brother this places you on the fast track to making 1 million dollars a year.  However, there is a small catch, because there are limited spots available and only “action takers who have stumbled onto this promised land” will be deemed worthy and end up having bank accounts with millions of dollars.

In reality, this whole thing is a hoax filled with inconsistencies and designed to steal your money. The use of fake testimonials, stolen image bank photos, fake social profiles, inflated bank accounts, and exaggerated claims of earnings, aligns this app with the rest of the fraudulent software we have previously blacklisted since it fails every aspect of the most basic credibility tests.

There is zero transparency, and the software is not shown to us only as a part of the post-registration process. There is no proof of actual winning trades from the broker’s trading history, and the level of responsiveness from the support staff is lacking at best and even rude at times since the only thing they cared about was soliciting our staff to fund a trading account with an offshore and unregulated broker.

This thing is NOT free and you will have to fund your trading account with an minimal sum of $250.

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Signals or Autotraders?
Well, if you like more control over your trades then obviously you will need to opt for a signals solution. If you are a bit hesitant and are looking for an automated trading solution that will do the work for you, then you will need an auto-trader. The best of both solutions are listed in our recommended section.
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Review Summary and Conclusions
The Fast Cash Club software, as well as Aaron Martin the fake actor and cheater is as SCAM and our honest review has provided ample proof and evidence of this. This bogus app and auto-trader steals money intentionally by taking losing positions and sharing the profits with a rogue, unregulated and offshore broker. Against our better judgement one of our research staff decided to risk $250 through his Visa Card. Naturally the account was wiped clean in a matter of minutes and the money disappeared like vapor. So this validates our claims even more and leads us to the obvious conclusion that there is not one thing which is legit about this system and it is anything but genuine or profitable. In light of this overwhelming evidence and conclusive findings we are warning all our members and viewers to stay away from this malicious software and seek alternative means of investing. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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