Fintech Mining Review, Scam Mining Platform Exposed (Don’t Join)

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Fintech Mining Review, Scam Mining Platform Exposed (Don’t Join)

Posted on by Dan Wright

Fintech Mining Scam: Blacklisted and Fake Mining Platform
Are you searching the internet for an independent Fintech Mining review and scam investigation? If so, you have stumbled onto the right review site, as our staff has been able to produce hard evidence and proof of a scam which can only be described as shameless. For those of you who are not familiar with or understand what mining is, before getting started you should know that virtual or cryptocurrencies are decentralized and can be transferred from peer-to-peer. This means that instead of having a government produce official notes and legal tender, digital currencies are produced via mining machines (i.e Ant Miner 9, Dragon Mint 16T, or Avalon 6). Of course you want to know if it is possible to make money mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The answer is illusive, and due to high cost of electricity as well as access to mining hardware, it is not as easy as it used to be in the past and not very cost-effective. Still, some con artists would have you believe it is an easy task and all you would need to do is send them some virtual coins and watch your money and profits grow “passively while you sleep”. Well, after doing some calculations, looking into ICO announcements, and checking the sales presentation we were able to produce conclusive evidence and proof that Fintech Mining is a confirmed crypto scam. Want to see how we reached our conclusions? Keep reading our Fintech Mining review and see how we were able to expose this viral crypto-mining scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of Scam
Here is the mining dashboard for the fintech mining scam. It is supposed to check various vital stats such as optimal hash rate and other performance related indicators. In reality, we have identified various flaws which lead us to the conclusion that once you purchase hash power your money is stolen. First of all, in a real mining dashboard you don’t a “buy contract” option. What you have is a purchase package or deal option which is supposed to translate your investment into a certain amount of profit over a given period of time. Only after we dug in deeper we found out the reason for this. The term “purchase contract” is taken from online trading, and these guys would have you buy a Bitcoin contract at rigged market rates from an exchange you know nothing about. We also checked the ticker and it is totally out of synchronization with standard market rates. In other words, this is a fake data feed which is designed to trick you into investing by generating a misleading sense of authenticity.

As for the sales presentation, well that is something which we picked up on immediately. The testimonials are fake and provided by cheap actors. In this case we have the infamous Kyle Brauch which is very well known in the crypto scam niche.

The rest of the testimonials are also forged and have nothing to do with actual bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining. In fact, we can pretty much guarantee that these people are in the dark when digital currencies or any form of online trading is concerned.

Fintech Mining Review
Hi, Welcome to Fintech Mining. That is how the presentation starts, and it is preceded by the usual out-of-context news sound bites and flashy sales pitch about how bitcoin is “changing the financial landscape”. The video claims that it will not require any energy or effort and you stand to make a significant amount of money. Then it explains about the centralized banking system and how it is inefficient, and how blockchain technology is changing that and making transactions and information more secure. After that we start seeing the fake testimonials which is followed by the usual hype. There is also a mention about how you can make money passively while you sleep, and we have heard this kind of talk before.

How Does FinTech Mining Work?
If we judge according to the dashboard it seems there are two types of functionalities. The first is suited for mining and the other for trading. If you choose to purchase digital currencies then we have seen an affiliate ID which directs you to an exchange. Obviously the promoters and marketers of Fintech Mining get referral fees from the exchanges depending on how much you purchase. The second option is the mining setup, which is supposed to make it easier for you to invest and get effective ROI. In reality, you get ripped off regardless of what option you choose.

What Is Aorta Digital LTD?
We checked them out. Besides the various mentions of the Fintech Mining scheme, there is nothing available about this company. We also noticed that there are two versions for this offer. One is being promoted by the Clicksure affiliate network, and that has set off some alarm bells as well since we know this network to be unethical and deceptive towards clients. The other one is being promoted by various black hat websites that somehow turn up on search engines. We also checked out their address at Transpolispark 17-27 Siriusdreef, Hoofddorp 2132 WT, Netherlands. It is a shared office space at the airport, and the phone number is an automated service where you can leave a message but no one picks up.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up
A beginners Bitcoin Package costs $475 (expensive) and according to their charts your return will be about $125. This translates to an annual loss of 74%, and where do you think that money goes to? You got it! The scammers steal it. The same is true for the Dash and Litecoin packages. The rates differ but the concept is the same. In other words, its a scam and you can’t make money

Why We Have Decided To Blacklist Fintech Mining
We have done so for 3 main reasons. The first has to do with the fact that they are using fake testimonials. Now granted, people want to stay anonymous but still this is a very deceptive advertising practice (not to mention illegal). Secondly, the numbers tell the story and we did the math. Its not going to be possible to generate profits using Fintech Mining. The real profits will go to the advertisers, marketers, exchanges, and affiliate marketers who are orchestrating this fake mining scam. The last reason has to do with the fact that there is a contradiction in terms. Namely, it is advertised as a mining system, but in reality you also have the option to purchase cryptocurrencies. In short, its a sloppy mess and if we found it difficult to navigate and understand then obviously newbees just starting out will never fully understand how to use this system. Additionally, we don’t know about the ownership structure and there is no whitepaper, ICO announcement, or product road map in regards to the development life cycle and deployment of the hardware.

Fake Fintech Mining Reviews
We understand some websites are endorsing this offer, but in reality these are not trusted websites and all they are after is their commission checks. Alternatively they may have been offered the “softer” version of the offer and honestly mislead by the real crooks behind the mining platform. So if you are unsure and have additional questions just message us.

Viable Alternatives
If you are really interested in generating profits in a secure and safe way, then there is a way to do it. We invite you to check out our recommended section where you can try out social trading or signals directly from regulated brokers.

Fintech Mining Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The Fintech Mining scam is blacklisted and there is no other way to say it. We have to speak the truth and the fact is that if you have received a SPAM email message or saw some type of fake news article about Fintech Mining, then you must avoid it at all costs because you are being targeted by professional con artists. Don’t let yourself get tricked and baited by cunning online promoters and shady offshore mining operations because you deserve better. Don’t forget to reach out and contact us through our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel

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