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Free Money System Walter Green is a Big Scam

Posted on by Patrick Jones

“Congratulations! You just landed on the world only done for you free money system”. Well, Mr. Walter Green is an actor, the so called free money system is a SCAM, and this review will expose the truth about it.

I have to admit, this is a very powerful video which is extremely believable and has duped many people from a variety of income levels. Even highly educated and experienced traders bought into this racket and eventually ended up losing their life savings. The reason why it is so effective is because the main actor is being shown as a family man, business man, wealthy man, and it’s a Cinderella story which everyone can relate too.

To top it off, there is a very strong curiosity element and it harps on our basic instinct to create a shortcut to success. Well, unfortunately fast money and profits are a result of very intensive work as well as frustrations and obstacles that need to be overcome. But NO ONE LIKES TO HEAR THAT! Everyone wants the fast track to wealth and prosperity without the hard work because most people are lazy and and conforming creatures (sorry that’s the truth).

If you disagree with me please leave a comment below because I think this would be a good topic for discussion. I’m betting that most people would be willing to risk losing a small amount of money to attain wealth, even if there’s a very slim chance of it really happening.

Walter Green Scam

This is very much similar to a lottery, only when it comes to gambling you know that there is very little chance of you winning (unless you are a poker shark). The Free Money System leads you into believing exactly the opposite, and that is the infuriating and troubling aspect of it and similar systems like Channel Ranger or MockingBird Method and so on.

So, How Can I Fight Back?

  • Well the most obvious way is to ignore it and move on.
  • If you are curious and want to investigate a system create an email just for these things and use that to register. Never use your primary email because they will hammer it with offers.
  • If you have been lured into registering to this type of service with your primary email, consider changing it if you can because chances are you will be flooded with a barrage of spam emails soliciting you to activate your trading account and start making millions.
  • If you have registered for a broker don’t fund your account unless you are sure you are using a recommended system like the ones we have tested and obtained our seal of approval.
  • If you have already deposited make sure you take a step back and absorb your losses because if you listen to what the brokers’ analysts or account managers tell you then you will end up losing your lunch money – and that’s a fact.

Whatever you do don’t continue investing unless you have a solid and recommended signals or bot (automated trading) system.

To sum up, the Free Money System and Walter Green is a total scam and fraud, and any attempt to equate him to finance giants like Carl Icahn is immensely deceptive and misleading. There is no software behind it or anything that even resembles a trading tool. It’s just a collection of marketing gimmicks and punchlines designed to squeeze the maximum amount of money from unsuspecting people who want to invest in binary options and generate an alternative or secondary source of income. I strongly recommend you stay away at all costs.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts, it’s very important for us.


  • Ann Abbitz

    Very, very good advice here. I had an aunt who foolishly lost quite a bit of her money with this system, before her kids realized it and took over her finances. A lot of victims are usually the elderly, so they can leave a nice inheritance for the kids and grandkids. And though it may seem like disrespect, take a look at their finances and/or mail….see what they have “signed” up or. You will be surprised.

    • Its what I refer to as a classic scam because its very old and widely used as well as extremely effective at getting people to fund their account. I can see you are very well acquainted with these fraudulent systems, maybe you can share your own personal experience. Have you been getting spammed by these less-than scrupulous affiliate marketers?

  • Chrissy

    A lot of people don’t understand that these people in these videos are paid actors paid to scam people. everything on TV is scripted even reality shows. I’ve been to many taping of television shows and have seen it for my self. I attended a court show and while I was standing in line one of the workers there asked me if I wanted to play the defendant. I was shocked, she told me that they would give me a background and then I just ad-lib the case. Of course I didn’t do it, but it’s the same principal here. It’s all made up stories to make money with.

    • Hi Chrissy, interesting you picked up on that. Some of the really successful scams like channel ranger, insured profits, binary matrix pro, and mockingbird method use the same false advertising tactics. It’s really disturbing how they are able to trick so many people and cheat them out of their money.

  • Dinesha

    Hiii can I know how I can join

    • Join what? What is it you are looking for?

      • U K Obanzu

        Listen folks, I am not about to shove the gospel or preach any religion to anyone, but The Bible has it all about the ways of the greed: greed begets greed! £200 may be too small for anyone to sacrifice to make £1000 in a week or so, but think of a thousand people putting 200 pounds into so-called Green Machine. Please folks, work hard, work smart and work wise, and live your life well. When you feed greed, you lead the weed to weep indeed!!!

        • Hi UK,
          I hope you didn’t invest in this SCAM. Walter Green is an actor – we already know his Identity and plan on publishing a follow-up review.

  • Mitchell Pike

    Can you recommend a legit service?

  • jake

    We are all suckers
    for the almighty dollar, creatures of habit we get up go to work come
    home, or wake up go to bed and play video games all day. You
    get stuck in one spot and believe in fairy tails that you will get
    what you want, were brainwashed into that way of thinking from
    television, radio parents, friends. You win once of the lottery and
    want more or you lose always and you want to win so bad you throw
    your you cation out the window and keep betting believing that if you
    lose enough you will win big eventually, I believe if you work hard
    enough you will win good luck with your participation medals.

  • Maria Kopystecki

    OK everything I’m reading here sounds about right….I have just started my journey with BinaryBook and I invested a deposit of $250 with my Visa today, there are a few significant things the BinaryBook team asks you to email them within 24hrs and then someone will call me tomorrow afternoon to match my deposit for a total of $500 in my account…This is how I understand it to work. I am definitely new to this trading world so I will see how it goes

  • Muddy3

    LOL…go to the registration page (Free Access button) and open the Risk Disclosure Statement link at the bottom…and the cat is out of the bag. QUOTE: “The Millionaires Blueprint sales video is fictitious … Actors have been used … it
    should be viewed for entertainment purposes. We do not guarantee income
    or success…” UNQUOTE
    So much for “Walter Green”‘s millionaire promises!

    • Hi Muddy, this scam is very dangerous and tricked a lot of people. Walter Green is a fictitious character and the Millionaire Blueprint is just a different packaging for the same scheme. We are constantly warning people about this scam, but since they are mostly new to trading and have little or no experience, they get scammed real fast and the brokers have a field day with them. I cant even count the number of complaints we received about Walter Green AKA the Green Machine, his name has become synonymous to the word SCAM, and with good reason. Our review aims to expose the tactics used by the slimy marketers, I believe we have done a decent job of that. Thank you for your valuable feedback. Pat

  • uri kohlenberg

    how can an inteligent person ( she or he ) be impressed by walter green story , statements , calculations and promises on the presentation video ? after vewing 2 or 3 minutes and if you believe in miracles let s say 10 minutes you have to reach the conclusion that the presentation is fraudulous or to put it simple ~a bunch of lies. the statement about ” the last 7 ” is the shalowest kind of advertising which a serious advertising comp. will never use. the presentation is aimed to the 4 to 7 tenth socio economic layiers of the population – 1,2 ,3 don t have the money to spend, 8 ,9 , 10 don t believe in miracles but in perseverent work day after day. thanks to theese who had the patience to read my wanders about the topic.

  • Maria Kopystecki

    Well Kevin it’s been a week of back and forth with these people, they call from all over the US and I got a call from London. Of course their English is questionable. I submitted all the required paper work, gave them my Visa and what happens next is very concerning. Someone told me that once all the paperwork is accepted they will match my $250 investment and deposit the $500 to my Binary Account. Well, that didn’t happen exactly as they said it would. The very next day I decided to change to my Mastercard but they wouldn’t change it (obviously clientele don’t matter to them) they thought I lost my Visa and told me to get a letter from my bank saying that I am the account holder for the card. All I wanted to do is just switch and they said that they have the Visa on file and that’s what was going to be used. The next morning I get an email stating that my $50 investment didn’t win me anything and that it was an unsuccessful trading in currencies. I never authorization them to go ahead and start on the stock market since they didn’t even match my investment. So now I’ve emailed them to shred my info, cancel my account and I will be disputing the charges on my Visa with my bank ( FYI I’m Canadian from Vancouver) and this was not a good experience, lesson learned so if you don’t want headaches from these scammed…

  • Hi Nyadzo,
    It appeals to a very broad range of potential customers looking to profit from binary options trading, so while it may be illogical to you a great many people have fallen victim to this elaborate scam. Did you have any success with other systems by the way? Thanks, Pat

    • Nyadzo

      Hi Pat, I had my fingers burnt once, after trying to use a seemingly infallible system called Auto Pilot Profit System, which guaranteed an 88% win rate! I lost all my money because Ihad bee tricked into accepting their bonus gimmick which I later realized was a ploy to make it impossible for me to withdraw my funds before I was completely wiped out! In hindsight all the signs of a scam were in plain sight but I simply didn’t want to acknowledge them because I wanted to believe I had finally discovered the secret to untold wealth! They still call me from everywhere, UK, India to trade again but I know better now!

      • Yea sounds familiar, best way to get them off your back is to tell them you have no money.
        Eventually it will stop once they understand it won’t work.

  • Hi Jazzymadius, unfortunately this video has tricked a lot of people and they are now profusely complaining about Walter Green AKA the Green Machine. I really hope they finally catch these cheaters and lock them up for organizing internet investment scams. Thanks, Pat

  • hassan mohammed hassan

    i am so confused about this app
    i really liked but i did not still get how to make money

    • Hi Hassan,
      It’s a very convincing SCAM but there’s absolutely nothing there. It’s just a way to get you in and rip you off. Pat

  • Laura Harwood

    No way is this convincing in any way, come on! ‘Free money system’?? were you born yesterday? Every single thing about this screams scam…You would have to have learning difficulties to believe a single word. I cant believe ANYONE would even BEGIN to believe it.
    I cant believe people think its convincing. Its the least convincing thing ever….Peope must be getting dumber.

    • Hi Laura,

      People are not getting dumber just more desperate. And as their situation deteriorates so does their propensity to act in a rash and un-calculated fashion.

      • Laura Harwood

        Perhaps you are right dude. That’s a more considered response. It screams scam to me, but I guess ppl have different circumstances. So horrible the world is filled with such trickery.

  • Laura Harwood

    Its a SCAM. The opportunity is to LOOSE money not make it. SCAM.

  • Laura Harwood

    Jesus wept?Of course it is!! they are all SCAMS

    • Hi Laura. Eventually these scammers will pay for their crimes. Im sure of it.

      • Laura Harwood

        In this world or the next…..

  • Typical scam. Thanks for the share.

  • Alynda Amaral

    Just to say,
    the people in his video they looked for there lines Every now & then lololol
    I did watch his video to the end
    I would never fall for a scam but
    he was convincing!!!
    ! If I wouldn’t no better.
    U can’t con a con when uve learned from the best !

    • Hi Alynda,
      very perceptive – I didn’t even see that. Thanks, Pat

  • Hi Tim, good catch, a lot of people are tricked by Walter Green and the Free Money System. It really is one of the biggest binary options scams being promoted these days.

  • Hi Riza, yea they are relentless and will stop at nothing to get their greedy little fingers on your credit card. I’m really happy you caught on to that. Pat

  • Gosia Sirvent

    Hi, I just watched the video and he tries to push just the right buttons…the visual stimulation of beautiful houses, cars, yachts etc. I must admit that it can be tempting because you might think “…well, it’s only $250 so if I lose that it’s not such a big deal…”.
    To me (as much as I would like to have it be true) it unravelled when the lady came into the office and the whole conversation was so fake/scripted, the office looked like it took all of five minutes to set up and she actually commented on how nice it was!!! However, the penny really dropped when she showed the bank balance, refreshed it after a few seconds and the balance changed!!! It takes a day or at the very least some hours for the money that someone transfers to your account to show up!!!
    This is how “Mr Walter Green” makes his millions …by getting $250 from unsuspecting, hopeful and at times desperate people … nasty predator …

  • Laila

    Riza, hi i read your comment from.this column. I think we have the same way on what happen . ive watched the videos and really convincing for me. But i stop when i saw the 250 dollar pre invest money. I tried to check out if its scam or not ?then i found out this comments. Its good i did nit gave my bank account nor send money for 250$.

  • Robin Hood

    hi.. i am from indonesia and have already give them my card number and the CCV code..what should i do? because i’ve already give them the card details..but yet..still didn’t transfer the amount that they have ask for..kindly guide me..fuuhh! thanks for this article..

    • OK just contact your bank and make sure to tell them not to allow any transactions on your card with that broker. For next time use a prepaid or E-wallet. – Pat

  • Jason

    I gave them my credit card # it’s one of those pre load pay as you go cards that I haven’t used in 2 years I had a gut feeling it was a scam so I didn’t want to give them my active info.

  • Correct, its a very viral scam and has tricked many day traders looking to make some extra money online.

  • albert tierra

    hi im from phil.. i gave them 2 of my atm card but its not active anymore can u tell me the details wat should i have to do??. because they kept.. calling me ever since i register in walter green millionaires promises

    • Just tell them you have no money – eventually it will stop.

  • Well – Mr Walter Green is an actor and we already know his real identity. We will publish a followup review about this scam very soon.

  • Su-Mari

    Hi, I almost gave my bank account for ”The Millionaires Blueprint” and then I saw you’re article.. Thank you a million times… But can I aske you if you can look at the ”Binary Options Robot software” if it’s a scam as well or not?….

  • Hi Dani,
    Yes this has been going on for a long time. We actually know who is behind it and will updated the review soon.

  • Sure np

  • Amaranth Six

    If any one wants to prove to me that they really do care as he said, he feels kind of guilty then help a fellow american that just lost his small business, (me) I can’t even afford dog food, my entire life is about to change in the next few days, here’s a chance Walter Green or who ever is the boss. Help me for free if you care so much. what’s a couple hundred dollars to a millionaire. I’m actually thinking of just ending it all. I rather be gone than homeless, so show me your compassion.

    • Hi Amaranth,
      Please don’t be so depressed. You never know what life has planned for you and its a fact that our lives a like a cycle so one day you are down and the next you will surely be doing well and achieving success.

  • Muhammed Ejaz Khan

    Hi buddy’s I do the same and they charge me 250$ through my credit card and start trading so I gain 18$ in one hours now I try to trade again but they told me your account is lock unless you send us copy of you id along with Investment testimony form which they send me on email so in this form there is some paragraph ,
    I understand that binary options trading involves a risk of loss and that transactions are irreversible in such cases
    so can I give them my personal detail and authorizing or not can someone advise

  • Miles Lacey

    You’ve been rejected from so many jobs you could wallpaper the living room with all the job rejection letters. You see little chance of ever getting a job even at the local fast food joint. You’re broke. You’re living on chicken noodles because it’s all you can afford. Then some guy comes along and says that you could make lots of money with this low risk free money scheme. Once you would’ve ignored it but as soon as he says he, too, used to be in debt and unemployed you pay attention.

    It’s not laziness that leads people to sign over their money to these scammers but desperation. There’s only four ways to get money for nothing: win it, steal it, inherit it or marry into it.

    • Hi Miles, I agree. They are not targeting the affluent segment of society.