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Free Money System Walter Green is a Big Scam

Posted on by Patrick Jones

“Congratulations! You just landed on the world only done for you free money system”. Well, Mr. Walter Green is an actor, the so called free money system is a SCAM, and this review will expose the truth about it.

I have to admit, this is a very powerful video which is extremely believable and has duped many people from a variety of income levels. Even highly educated and experienced traders bought into this racket and eventually ended up losing their life savings. The reason why it is so effective is because the main actor is being shown as a family man, business man, wealthy man, and it’s a Cinderella story which everyone can relate too.

Update: Free Money System is currently being integrated with fraudulent CFD and Forex brokers as well (not just binary) so please use extreme caution.

To top it off, there is a very strong curiosity element and it harps on our basic instinct to create a shortcut to success. Well, unfortunately fast money and profits are a result of very intensive work as well as frustrations and obstacles that need to be overcome. But NO ONE LIKES TO HEAR THAT! Everyone wants the fast track to wealth and prosperity without the hard work because most people are lazy and and conforming creatures (sorry that’s the truth).

If you disagree with me please leave a comment below because I think this would be a good topic for discussion. I’m betting that most people would be willing to risk losing a small amount of money to attain wealth, even if there’s a very slim chance of it really happening.

Walter Green Scam

This is very much similar to a lottery, only when it comes to gambling you know that there is very little chance of you winning (unless you are a poker shark). The Free Money System leads you into believing exactly the opposite, and that is the infuriating and troubling aspect of it and similar systems like Channel Ranger or MockingBird Method and so on.

So, How Can I Fight Back?

  • Well the most obvious way is to ignore it and move on.
  • If you are curious and want to investigate a system create an email just for these things and use that to register. Never use your primary email because they will hammer it with offers.
  • If you have been lured into registering to this type of service with your primary email, consider changing it if you can because chances are you will be flooded with a barrage of spam emails soliciting you to activate your trading account and start making millions.
  • If you have registered for a broker don’t fund your account unless you are sure you are using a recommended system like the ones we have tested and obtained our seal of approval.
  • If you have already deposited make sure you take a step back and absorb your losses because if you listen to what the brokers’ analysts or account managers tell you then you will end up losing your lunch money – and that’s a fact.

Whatever you do don’t continue investing unless you have a solid and recommended signals or bot (automated trading) system.

Check out our Free Money System Video for reference.

To sum up, the Free Money System and Walter Green is a total scam and fraud, and any attempt to equate him to finance giants like Carl Icahn is immensely deceptive and misleading. There is no software behind it or anything that even resembles a trading tool. It’s just a collection of marketing gimmicks and punchlines designed to squeeze the maximum amount of money from unsuspecting people who want to invest in binary options and generate an alternative or secondary source of income. I strongly recommend you stay away at all costs.

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