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Gemini 2 Review, Brandon Lewis SCAM Exposed

Posted on by Patrick Jones

In our previous Gemini 2 SCAM Reviews we have uncovered a vile plot designed to designed to steal money from unsuspecting day traders wanting to trade and make money online with binary options. Our staff of researchers has just now obtained information confirming the real identity of Brandon Lewis, and we will expose it in the most transparent and revealing way. If you had any doubts concerning the legitimacy or authenticity of this app, this last review will lay to rest any form of uncertainty and connect all the dots in a clear and factual manner which can’t be misinterpreted. Alas, we have found the smoking gun and all the affiliate marketers writing fake reviews about the Gemini 2 software can pack their bags, apologize, and bow in shame.

Official SCAM Website and Login Page:

Brandon Lewis is Really Jeremy McLaughlin!
We have searched the internet and finally found the evidence we needed to dispel any doubts about Gemini 2 and Brandon Lewis. This person is an actor and definitely not a cheap one. In 2013 he even won an Emmy for Best Host. You can find everything you need on his personal website and go through his bio.

geminibrandonlewisBelieve it or not we even contacted him and inquired about his employers to get details about how they operate and what their budgets are, he remained formal yet polite and refused to reply. Actually he is a very nice guy and a family man who got paid to do a job, so our grievance is not with him rather his employers and the puppeteers behind the Gemini 2 SCAM.


Gemini 2 Review – A Quick Recap
It’s not every day we get to see a sophisticated scam like this come out, so here’s a quick overview. Brandon Lewis is supposed to be some kind of hi tech superstar out of Silicon Valley who accidentally developed this trading app which “takes the power from the big hedge funds and corporations and gives it to the regular working man”. He is now looking for beta testers to help him launch his new system, but this is a limited time offer and the window of opportunity is closing quickly.

Live Disclaimer and Confession From the Real Actor!
We have recently received this message from the Real Brandon Lewis and we are asking you to treat him respectfully, listen to what he has to say, and refrain from sending him any form of hate mail. We have also pinned his comment at the bottom of this post, please take a minute to read what he wrote to us.

Why Is This Happening?
Similar to Dream Catcher, Quantum Code, and the Dubai Lifestyle App, this scheme was devised to fool and victimize would-be customers and potential day-traders. The idea is to get them signed up and depositing with a recommended broker which is already integrated into their losing app and auto-trader. Once the account is created and funded, the loot is then divided between the thieving broker and the affiliate marketers promoting this nasty scheme.


How Come I Saw Some Good Reviews?
In reality, the bloggers and website owners peddling this fake app are getting paid to do it. They are not concerned with the welfare or well-being of their subscribers, and in many cases deliberately deceive them in order to receive commissions or just a flat fee for promoting a certain product or system.

I Saw Other People Saying They Made Money With Gemini 2
Those are fake testimonials and the people doing that are the promoters or the actual owners operating the SCAM and using misdirection to funnel customers into their cheating software. In essence, this is a form of spamming which is becoming more prevalent these days.

Are There Any Genuine Trading Apps Out There?
Yes, but those are scarce. Fortunately for you we have compiled a few of the best and most consistent money-making machines available for you today. These systems are divided into signals and auto-traders and are proudly showcased in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Gemini 2 Software, app, and auto-trader is a malicious financial SCAM. Our review has exposed Brandon Lewis, and now we know he is an actor named Jeremy McLaughlin who played in various movies and productions. If you simply Google “The Wild Life With Jeremy” you will see him performing. There is not one good thing to say about the Gemini 2 software. It’ NOT LEGIT and rigged to take losing trades so don’t think about getting a refund because the brokers are getting to be very professional about holding on to stolen funds. To learn more join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.


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