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Gemini 2 is a SCAM, Fake Reviews Alert

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Lets start by confirming the fact that the Gemini 2 options trading software by Brandon Lewis is an investment SCAM. We have proven this is our previous Gemini2 review and there is no disputing this fact. So, when searching the internet looking for an honest recommendation about this fake app and auto-trader please remember to be extra cautious and critical concerning any form of hyped up claims, false or misleading information, fake testimonials, and the use of inflated bank accounts. All of these are the signatures of a SCAM auto-trader, and our investigation has already reached the conclusion that this system is a bona fide ripoff. So, how is it possible that there are so many favorable reviews about Gemini2? The answer is clear, there are greedy affiliates who are not interested in their readers’ welfare and care only about the profit margin and getting paid to promote fraudulent software. In this follow up review we will show you how to spot these fallacious cheating articles, and skip to legit ones that don’t mince words and provide factual and authentic information designed to properly educate and advise the average day trader looking to make a buck trading binary options online.

Official SCAM Website and Login Page:

Typical Fake Review
Ferdinand de Saussure was a leading linguist and pioneered the study of semiotics which is basically the human interpretation of signs. In this context, certain people will interpret the Gemini2 software as a positive one, while others will take a negative or neutral approach. But it’s our responsibility as professional bloggers and site owners to peel the layers of deception mounted on these atrocious schemes (in this case Gemini2), and in this way empower readers and allow them to make a more realistic and factual interpretation of the signs and information presented to them.


Industry-leading sites and portals are bound by a social contract and have a responsibility to shed light and expose lies. While this may seem a bit outlandish or detached from reality in times where money places a heavy hand on our lives, this is exactly when readers pass judgement and decide if a review is fake or legit. The staff and management at Binary Scam Alerts has made a decision to be extra vigilant and look out for our viewers best interest. Whenever our staff endorses a product, we usually take additional precautionary measures and don’t only check the software’s performance. We talk to the owners, have some kind of guarantees, and make sure to follow up and revise our reviews if and when the level or intensity of complaints rise.

Gemini 2 Software Review Recap
This tall tale begins when Brandon Lewis (Alias and paid actor) explains how he was a Google Engineer in Silicon Valley when he accidentally developed this software which empowers the “little man” and makes him millions of dollars trading binary options on auto-pilot. Now, he is offering a hand-full of Beta Testers free access to this superb no-loss software, but time is limited so you have to make haste and sign up for his program now.

In reality, this is rehashed software cosmetically souped up and made to look more believable. The graphics were changed but this is a rehash of an older scam system called Amissio Formula and this has already been proven, verified, and confirmed in our earlier review.


What Are My Chances of Winning Here?
You will achieve a winning ITM ratio of 100% as advertised when donkeys fly and pigs sing Ava Maria at the Vienna Opera House.

How Much Will This Cost Me?
It’s gonna be around $250 minimum to get started and this money will be charged to your credit card by their crummy brokers who could care less about your win ratio and will skin you alive and eat your corpse like dirty vultures out to get their prey.

Similar Viral Scams
You absolutely have to watch out for Quantum Code, Terabit Trader, Drexel Code, and Brooks Blueprint.

Signals or Auto-traders?
That is a recurring question and with good reason. Signals offer you more control over your trades, something which appeals more to this writer. Auto-traders are hands-off trading machines that allow you to conduct your life without having to manually intervene. We showcase the best, most accurate, and consistent performers in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Conclusions and Summary
The Gemini 2 Software and Brandon Lewis is a SCAM. The amount of fake reviews peddling this repugnant piece of trash code is growing exponentially, and so is the danger. We implore you to reconsider your options and avoid the Gemini2 app since we have examined it and it miserably failed every aspect of our credibility tests. We have found it to be not only deceptive and misleading, we believe this system was designed with the pure intent of stealing your money and then splitting the profits with rogue brokers. The affiliate marketers behind this ruse do not care about business ethics or legitimate practices. They will do everything in their power to get you signed up and depositing through their software. It is for this reason we have BLACKLISTED this fake app and are warning all our members and subscribers to seek alternative investment avenues and more genuine apps.  To learn more join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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  • Anna

    Yeah…what kind of trading company gives people huge checks?! It’s not a game show people!

  • N0tAnId10TUser

    Hi, I don’t know if you noticed, but the guy made the video “today”
    when showing the date on NY Times, and then, in the SAME CLOTHES, he
    goes and sees the “poor guy” with only 63 dollars on his account,.. so
    it’s still today, almost real time.

    The app starts trading with 250$, even the guy had only 63$… ODD, don’t you think???

    And after that we’re taken to the future 30 days from now to see how the poor guy bought a Maserati…

    If there was a “Worst Nigerian Scam Award”, it should be handed to this CEO ?

  • Nikos

    Hello. I registered my acc but I didn’t fund the 250$ cause I don’t have them. Today a guy from the app called me an told me that I may can’t work with them cause I’m from Greece. They asked me my credit card number cvv etc. is there any chance to steal any money from my bank acc?

    • Hi Nikos, if you didn’t give them your credit card details then they will not be able to steal money. I do however recommend you use an E-wallet like Neteller or Skrill of you have one. It’s more secure and very reliable. Thanks, Pat

      • Nikos

        Hi Pat the problem is that I gave them my credit card details. Basically it’s not a credit I’m not sure how it’s called its probably an e-wallet it’s a card that don’t have money unless I put inside the card… sry for my English I hope u understand cause I don’t use them everyday and a lower license isn’t enough

        • If its not a credit card you are safe.

          • Nikos

            Not even when I put money in the card they can’t be able to take them? I didn’t authorize to fund the money at the registration..

          • Again, if it is not a standard credit card like Visa or Master Charge they will not be able to defraud you.

          • Νίκος Κατσιγιάννης

            Sry to bother you like this I’m just nervous.. it’s a debit card. R u 100% sure?

          • You said it was an E-wallet, if its a debit card then they can do it but you just have to call the credit card company and tell them not to approve any charges for this broker.

          • Νίκος Κατσιγιάννης

            Thank you very much my friend

  • aiman

    hii name aiman from malaysia..wanna ask from u all my friend.this my story like same with 2nd october i have make a deposit using my visa debit to one of guy in gimini mybe.but in my MSOS code im received is..optionfm..the trnsction was successful.but im still confused until today.i dont now where tht $250 goes or happen..
    .first wanna ask to all dearest friend..if they any way to get my $250 back.and my visa debit save..i gve them my card number n CCV to..

    • Did you sign anything?

      • aiman

        im sign in with gimini2.balance $ optionfm $0…my email now received tone of email to sign up for trading..n must deposit minimum $ new in this…

      • aiman

        im sign in with optionfm and gimini2..if im can find my $250 there..but only $0…

    • Junaid Olawale

      Hi Aiman, pls call your bank to deactivate your online transactions

  • Jay

    Gemini 2 money making is a scam, unfortunately I didn’t do my homework well, I invested my hard earned money and I was scam. Don’t trust these people they are thieves. Beware, beware Gemini 2 money making is a big scam.

  • Hi, thanks to read about this. This seems a fraud, just stop the video the first time that poor guy shows his phone, you will find time is 2:53 pm and battery was 70%. At the end of the video in which they spent about 30 minutes from the video, you will see time is still 2:53 pm and battery is 70%. The second thing is, how come the date is today everytime you change the computer and you are told one post remained from your country. This guy needs to up his game. That’s why I am happy to develop my own trading strategies in forex trading.

  • Maybe I should ask, I have started learning about binary options. I am currently doing only forex trading. What is the real binary option robot I could use with my broker of choice rather than using the the brokers that are put on the fake robots which are usually scammers?

  • Hi Elleiyn,

    Eventually it will stop and they will move on. If you did not provide credit card information you should be safe.