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Gemini 2 Review, New SCAM Same Dirty Lies

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Gemini 2 Software and Brandon Lewis is a dangerous, thieving SCAM and we are immediately BLACKLISTING it in our impartial review and investigation. It seems an old network of slimy, greedy affiliate marketers are up to their old tricks again and have rehashed the old Amissio Formula SCAM. This is due to the fact that it was extremely effective at baiting innocent day-traders and convincing them to fund trading accounts with rogue offshore brokers. This “new and improved” version of the notorious auto-trader has dramatically increased the level of deception and trickery by employing the same dirty scam tactics which have grown to become what our staff of researchers considers to be the classic, hallmark signature of an online investment scam. Keep reading to see how we exposed these cheaters and their fake app and why the complaints keep mounting.

Quick Update: We have found the real identity of Brandon Lewis and published a new and shocking Gemini 2 review!

Official SCAM Website and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
Below is a screenshot of the so called “winners” who have made thousands of dollars using the Gemini 2 software. In reality, these people are paid actors who will say they are direct descendants of Queen Victoria very convincingly for the right price. Now, as you can see the promoters of this vile scheme must have spent too much money on renting the Lamborghini, so they decided to cut some corners and used the same images from their older Amissio SCAM. Its plain to see they left the same amounts, same dates, even the same content on the fake checks. They just switched logos and erased the Amissio name on the tee shirts.


If you need more proof here it is. These guys just don’t get it! They keep saying they produce a 100% ITM ratio, when this is NOT POSSIBLE! Even the best systems absorb a certain percentage of losing trades. Additionally, if you honestly believe you can turn $250 into $918,112.50 in 221 days trading exotic options then you must take a very good look in the mirror and start asking yourself the difficult questions because trading online is most likely not for you.


Gemini2 Review
As the story goes Brandon Lewis was one of Google‘s top engineers working from their headquarters in Silicon Valley when he discovered something that “will take the power from the big hedge funds and corporations and give it to the regular working man”. But only a few beta testers will have access to this incredible money-making software and it is reserved for action takers only.

Brandon Lewis is now offering you free access to “the worlds only no-loss trading software”.

Now, what they have done is designed a new graphic user interface for the software (AKA UX), added another feature called compound wins, and made it seemingly more flexible and user friendly. In reality the software which powers the app is the same trash code and the chances of you winning resemble the chances of you becoming the next pope.

Again, we see the same narrative of how the “system is rigged against you and Brandon will give you the tools to a new life” using his predictive algorithm called Gemini 2, which was able to come to fruition since more engineers joined his team of developers. In the members area he simply machine-guns through a rehearsed script about life on the fast lane, lavish vacations, fancy cars, and careless lifestyle with no worries. This is just done to get you to sign up.

In reality, this software is bogus, the sales video is full of hyped up claims, fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, and stolen image bank photos. There is no way you can win if you buy into this sham, and that is the honest truth and a fact.

Is it Free?
No it is not! It’s gonna cost you at least $250 to get started and this will be collected via one of their slimy offshore brokers.

Can I Withdraw My Money?
This really depends on your broker, if you have partnered with a “deposit only” broker then you can kiss your money goodbye because there’s no way these guys will payout.

Fake Reviews
Lately we have been witnessing a barrage of fake reviews. This is because blog and site owners are paid to write positive reviews, so be mindful and skeptical of these so called “honest” review sites.

The really dangerous ones are Quantum Code, Millionaire Blueprint, Push Money App, and Drexel Code.

Signals Versus Auto-traders
If you are not quite sure when system is right for you, its perfectly normal to feel this way. Manual signals will give you more control over your trade execution, but an auto-trader is a “fire and forget” system. We have chosen the best and most accurate systems which perform consistently and showcased them on our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Gemini 2 Software and Brandon Lewis is a dangerous investment SCAM and rightfully blacklisted. Similar to the Amissio Formula it is designed to take inferior traders and in this way steal your money. The initial investment, as well as any additional funds deposited are then split between the dirty brokers and the unscrupulous affiliate marketers promoting this fake app and auto-trader. If after reading this review you still believe this system to be legit or genuine and decide to “test the waters” contrary to our recommendation, you will surely fall prey to this scheme and we will not be able to help you retrieve stolen funds this time because the brokers are smarter and have now learned how to suppress refund requests. Please join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel today, its the best way to educate yourself!

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