Global Crypto App Review, Scam Crypto App Or Legit?

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Global Crypto App Review, Scam Crypto App Or Legit?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Global Crypto App is a new semi-automated signals app which is advertised as a “high end crypto and financial software” and social trading platform. Truth be said, we were about 5 seconds away from blacklisting this cryptocurrency investment software, but decided to test it before reaching any conclusions. Our initial €250 test included a time stamp which is designed to check how long it takes to generate the expected return on investment. We also conducted a type of “sanity test” which places stress on all the app features to see if it breaks down and how it reacts. Finally we did a navigation or user-friendly check,  as well as an evaluation of the overall user experience. We must admit that initially it started out as a “bumpy ride” as we could sense that the trading algorithm was sampling the trends and absorbing a few losses. However after a few hours we noticed a steady increase in successful trades which stabilized at around 88% which is what we expect to see when testing a new trading app.

We are skeptics by nature so while it’s true that we were (and still are) pleasantly surprised we took additional precautionary measures before officially endorsing Global Crypto App. We checked out the brokers, the customer support, and also other parameters like level of courtesy, response times, email bounce, and other aspects regarding licensing and ethical business practices. Our broker was Alvexo, which is a fully regulated broker. We were also told by other members as well as the Global Crypto App support staff that all brokers integrated on this platform are regulated and that was real a breath of fresh air for us.

Global Crypto App Official Website, Members Area, and Login Page: Global Crypto App

Global Crypto App Review: Executive Overview
The Global Crypto App scam-free trading software combines the power of highly accurate signals coupled with a robust social feed which exemplifies how a truly helpful trading tool should look and behave like. The success ratio was not 95% as advertised, but it did reach 88% which is more than acceptable and beat our expectations.

Is Global Crypto App SCAM? And If Not How Does It Work?
The Global Crypto App SCAM-free trading software is not another fake auto-trader designed to steal your money. This system employs opt in filters which are activated behind advanced trading algorithms and in that way generates consistent profits.

Global Crypto App Review, Leading The Pack With Profits And Speedy Execution
It’s not every day we come across a trading app such as this, and we are not easily impressed. However the way we see it, the all new Global Crypto App has set the tone and is currently the industry leader with after having tested this new and patented software. Its critical to point out that this system is designed for newer or less experienced traders wanting to start out. If you are an experienced trader you may want to choose a different software which allows you to have more freedom of choice in regards to contract selection and lets you implement your own trading strategy.

Global Crypto App, A Leap In Trading Technology
Always a step ahead is the best way to describe Global Crypto App. There are actual people who analyze the stats and figures, and it is this combination of human analysis coupled with robotic trading technology which sets this app apart from the rest. On top of everything there is also a social feed which is a useful tool and helps you derive insights in regards to your trading activity. They mention arbitrage possibilities, but that is just a fancy way of saying that the software identifies the optimal exit and entry times and in that way generates revenue consistently.

Detailed €250 Deposit and Withdrawal Test For June 2019 
As mentioned previously, our broker was (and still is) Alvexo which is a fully licensed broker. The cashier section of the software was very user-friendly. We were asked to provide some documents and after doing so were able to fund our trading account. The staff was professional and did not badger us over the phone or by email. Our initial impression was doubtful at first, but very quickly we started to grasp how the app works. The first trades had mixed results and then it just started to improve gradually. We were able to generate  €1,150 in 2 days, and then proceeded to cash out. It took 4 business days for the money to arrive, and that is acceptable and perfectly legitimate because their compliance staff has to approve everything.

Factoid: Some platforms will require a minimum deposit of €500 so don’t be surprised. It’s still worth it because you are gaining access to a premium product coupled with a fully regulated platform.

A Word For The Skeptics And Disbelievers
We are probably the biggest skeptics you will find online, so please don’t just take our word for it. Nine out of ten review websites have crowned Global Crypto App as the top trading app for 2019, and if this trend persists then the future looks very promising (to say the least).

Above we have an actual screenshot from a bank account one of our members took from his bank account. He agreed to send us the proof we asked for (please refer to comment section below).

Getting Started
Getting started is more simple then you can imagine. You simply signup, fund a trading account, and start using the software. Since we are using regulated brokers you may be required to send documentation, but in the end it is better for you since it allows you to cash out immediately without having to go through a tedious identification process.

Global Crypto App Review Summary, Conclusions, and Final Recommendations
There really is not much more we can say in regards to the Global Crypto App scam free trading platform. We would like to take this opportunity and tip our hats to the developers, management, and customers support staff who were a cut above in regards to the level of professionalism and personal touch they have exhibited. Still, and despite everything we have seen and experienced ourselves, we reserve the right to amend or revise our recommendations depending on the feedback we receive or if there is a sudden drop in performance levels. Additionally, we have a signed letter from the owners who are officially obligated to payout winnings promptly. If any issue arises in regards to declined withdrawal requests, we will expose these people and their real identity for everyone to see. Should you need additional information or would like to ask us anything in regards to the Global Crypto App, please leave a message below or contact us through our Facebook page or YouTube Channel.



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