Global Millionaires Club is a Scam and a Reveton Ransomware Virus

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Global Millionaires Club is a Scam and a Reveton Ransomware Virus

Posted on by Patrick Jones

If you have searched the internet to find out if the Global Millionaires Club by Alexander Wilson is legit or a scam, you need look no further. Our staff has recently been flooded with complaints from an angry mob of traders insisting they have been locked out of their computer, and received a message for a $200 ransom to be paid by MoneyPack or Bitcoin currency.


The Reveton Ransomware Virus is designed to extort money from innocent victims (that’s you) wanting to trade and profit from binary options.  The so-called “software” is in reality a type of Trojan Horse downloaded into your computer, most likely by a small community of Botnet Hackers in Russia which specialize in cyber crimes, online credit card theft, and internet fraud.

Global Millionaires Club

How Does the Scam Work?
In most cases you will receive an Email or message on your computer asking you to click or download a link. Once you do that you are referred to the website where you register, your email and then directed to a members area. After you register at some point your computer may (or may not) freeze, and you will see a ransom message, in most cases its for $100 to be sent to an offshore bank account.

Global Millionaires Club

No Transparency When it Comes to Choosing a Broker
Similar to other scams, this bogus offer actually tells you to press the “play” button (see image below) after you fund your trading account, how stupid is that right? This tells you they perceive this as a game as opposed to professional trading, and it’s a very strong indication the software is more like gambling as opposed to actual trading.

No Proof of Wins
The members area shows you some photo-shopped pictures straight out of an image bank and some numbers rolling back and forth. It’s a java script widget that reads random data from a pre-selected script and has nothing to do with reality. Another great indication of the scam are the fake news syndication icons that can be seen below the movie or in the members area.

Global Millionaires Club

Fake Reviews and Testimonials
There is not one single piece of genuine truth in this deliberate attempt to mislead and deceive innocent victims so they may fund a trading account with some shady broker operating out of some slimy basement in the Philippines or Moldova with sales reps that will sell their own mother to get commissions on depositing traders.

Why Are They Using Reveton Trojan Horse?
Well, think of it as a kind of extra or perk on the advertising side. After these affiliates receive commissions from the brokers for referring traders, they extort people to get payments from them in order to unlock their computers. It’s kind of like a restaurant losing money on the main course but selling you Whiskey in order to profit, only they make their money in both cases.

Similar Scams
Similar scams include but are not restricted to the Citadel LTD App, Centument, Insured Profits, Free Money System, and Channel Ranger.

Signals, Auto-traders, and Bots
In the sea of offers waiting for you out there, it’s possible to find a few solutions that have arisen to become the market leaders. In our reviews section we mention Virtnext and the Binary Profit Method as solid trading tools that provide consistent gains over time, and those are the systems we recommend.

Final Verdict
The Global Millionaires Club co is not an honest app and there is nothing genuine about it. After careful review and consideration we have decided to officially categorize this quick get-rich-scheme as a less-than sophisticated binary options scam, and if you feel you absolutely have to try it out make sure to provide them with fake details and use an old computer because you will get locked out and phished for sure. If you have lost money with this fake app and would like us to intervene in order to assist you to recover your funds, please contact us at [email protected] and we shall try to assist you as much as we can.

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