Greenwood Formula is a Verified Scam! Legit Review Exposes Fraud

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Greenwood Formula is a Verified Scam! Legit Review Exposes Fraud

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting a severe SCAM notification in regards to the Greenwood Formula Scam, Software, App and Auto-trader, as well as “Jake” the main culprit and cheater behind this fake system. Last night we received a batch of fresh SPAM Emails promising massive profits on auto-pilot with no risk to your money. We find these kinds of messages to be extremely misleading, deceptive, and even dangerous, so our staff of researchers decided to conduct a full review and investigation into this obvious sham and what we found put to shame even the most sleazy and cheap con-artists in the business. Our findings are conclusive, clear, and leave no room for hesitation or doubt. We have stumbled into a confirmed binary options investment SCAM.

Official Website and Login Page:

Proof of Scam
Below you will see an image taken from the video they use to promote their app. As you can clearly see, these images are FAKE and you can see the time stamp on it is even dated June 4th 2015. That is because they are using rehashed images from older videos to show inflated figures and bank accounts. If you try searching the internet for Cedar Finance you will not find it anymore and that is because they shut down operations and closed that broker about a year ago (give or take a few months). This issue has been reported on various industry-leading blogs and known to be a verified fact, the broker does not exist. I believe these liars tried to cut corners in the production and that is what happens when you do that. It can also be a mere oversight on their side, either way they are busted and can now formally join their blacklisted friends with the Amissio Formula.

Additionally, this person Jake or whoever that is says he will pay you $10,000 out of his own pocket “just for trying!” That is not something which is viable or has any financial logic behind it. He might as well be giving out money and we all know that when people talk like that eventually you end up paying them and not vice versa.


As if you needed further proof, the whole testimonial section is one big pile of horse manure. Below you can see Steven Eartrum who has profited $768, 112, but in reality his name is Tom Coquereau and he is a Parisian engineer working on various projects having to do with NodeJS framework (whatever that is). I can pretty much promise you the rest of the images are stolen from the internet and copied without permission or consent. I personally would be infuriated if someone ripped off my picture and used it to peddle his slimy product online.


Greenwood Formula Review
So this is pretty much a textbook example of a high-end scam production. They have this presenter named Jake and he reads a script from a teleprompter saying how much money he can produce using his automated trading system. This person is promising $100,000 in a period of 30 days or he will fork up 10K and wire you the money. Unfortunately what we are seeing here is a replica of other systems such as binary interceptor, and Perpetual Formula.

These things don’t work and the actors they paid to spread their lies may seem credible and authentic, but in reality there is nothing legit or honest about them. In fact the opposite is true and at best what you stand to get is a bonus which will have trading requirements on it. We have written extensively about various bonus scams and how they operate, so please use extreme caution and read exactly what you are registering for if they want you to sign any forms.

To continue, this video is repetitious by nature and constantly keeps harping on the same key points in a very aggressive and irritating manner. So despite the respectable look and easy-going mannerisms of this charlatan, at the end of the day he is providing disinformation based on a very clear agenda designed to trick and deceive innocent customers into funding trading accounts with shady, unregulated binary options brokers. So in reality, all the charting tools in the form of technical analysis, momentum trading, or candlesticks charts will not assist you when you try to achieve that very evasive 85% ITM ratio. You must realize you have been mislead and continue with your endeavor to find a genuine trading app.

How Much Does this System Cost?
Well, you will need at least $250 to get you started with a broker account. If you have an existing one it will not work, so don’t put away your credit card just yet because its anything but free.

Similar Scam to Avoid and Report
Report a Scam ButtonHere’s a shortlist of some of the “finest” scams available online today: The Millionaire Blueprint, Push Money App, iFollow Club, Lie Detector Millionaire, Centument, Perpetual Formula, Drexel Code, and My First Online Payday. Our list of victims keeps growing on a daily basis so please be careful.

Signals, Auto-traders, Bots, and Copiers
Our staff is approached on a DAILY basis by various app owners looking for endorsements and we turn down the majority of these people. Our recommended section only takes in the best systems after they have underwent a stringent credibility test which includes various parameters and even a stress test which is conducted by an external lab and measures how many traders can use the system simultaneously without it crashing.

Conclusions and Recommendations
The Greenwood Formula Scam, Software, App and Auto-trader, as well as “Jake” the fake actor and pretender is a blacklisted binary options investment scam. We have tested this software and found it to be anything but genuine or legit. It will take inferior positions by design and steal your money. We are warning all our members and viewers to avoid it and seek alternative means of investment. As always we would like to personally invite you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Like, Share, and Comment on our Facebook group wall.

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