GT Accelerator is a SCAM, Legit Review Exposes Fake Trading App!

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GT Accelerator is a SCAM, Legit Review Exposes Fake Trading App!

Posted on by Dan Wright

The GT Accelerator review and scam investigation. The GT Accelerator scam software and automated trading system (AKA Robot) by Grant Thomas promises to make you a lot of money while you trade on auto pilot. Here are some facts you must be aware of before signing up for this fraudulent app.

The new GT Accelerator software is being marketed as an automated trading app which is powered by “powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence which produces unrivaled accuracy”. The problem is that GT Accelerator is very similar by nature to other get-rich-quick schemes. They claim you will generate massive profits of thousands every day, however this could not be farther from the truth. In reality, the primary goal of the greedy scammers behind this latest launch is to get you signed up and depositing with unlicensed Forex, Crypto, and CFD brokers. In our case it was Prestige Financial Markets and we have attached proof of this in the lower section of our review. But you could be allocated to any number of brokers like Universe Markets, Tradovest, or Trade Invest 90.

This is the real secret no one tells you about and you must remember that everything on the internet can be tracked, so once you click on a text link or banner add you are automatically assigned to an affiliate marketing campaign and after you fund a trading account the money is sent to the promoters. To better understand, this process can be compared to a travel agent which sells an airline ticket for a company and then gets commissions based on a compensation scheme. Only in this case you are being illegally solicited to purchase fraudulent Forex trading software and not a legitimate flight ticket. To make matters worst, we have received complaints about credit cards being overcharged and rude sales reps posing as legitimate brokers calling up customers during late-night hours. This is a strong indication that we are dealing with offshore operation and an international fraud ring consisting of financiers, offshore banking facilities, and credit card processing companies. All of this is being orchestrated by professional con artists specializing in financial scams. If you are interested in finding out more about the GT Accelerator scam and seeing how we exposed the crooks behind it, we invite you to continue reading our extensive and informative review and investigative report.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM – Just Facts and Details!
Here we have a screenshot taken directly from the GT Accelerator sales page and registration area. It is plain to see that Grant Thomas is NOT the CEO of this non-existent company. He is an image bank actor whose picture was stolen from the internet because some online marketer believed it would increase sales (see proof below).

Moving along, here is what happens after you sign up. Customers are not even aware they are in the cashier section of a broker. They are led to understand that they are signing up for a kind of push-money software, but in reality they just signed up for a broker they know nothing about.


The facts speak for themselves and all the double talk about a revolutionary investment platform which generates passive income on auto pilot is a load of rubbish and fools-gold designed to glitter and captivate your imagination by selling you phony lies about the easy life and how you can become the next millionaire.

Who Is Grant Thomas?
He is NOT a software developer turned successful entrepreneur. He claims he knew nothing about online trading. According to the story, he developed prototypes that performed competition analysis based on predictive modeling and this was the technological infrastructure which supports the the GT Accelerator.

GT Accelerator Review – There is NO Top Secret Project!
The sales presentation starts off immediately by saying here is your chance to make a lot of money from the comfort of your own home. After that we get into the fake reviews section, and the the the sales pitch. Thomas claims he spent over a year writing a code which he personally handed over to his boss who then left the company and made millions trading with it. He asked him to keep the code a secret and not tell anyone, but now the cat is out of the bag and Thomas is allowing a select group of opportunity seekers a once in a lifetime chance to transform their lives and get their share of the pie using a cutting edge software with a 95% success rate.

How Does The GT Accelerator Software Work?
It is being marketed as a system which uses “state of the art artificial intelligence and machine learning software” which generated over $15,000 in 24 hours for its members.

“A Select Few”
If you are starting to get a feeling that someone is manipulating you into doing something you are not quite sure about then its not without a cause. These savvy internet scammers are well aware of your financial situation and they are not looking for people with an investment portfolio at Goldman Sachs. In fact, they are preying on your financial insecurities and lack of knowledge in the fields of finance and online trading so in this context we implore you to stay alert and refrain from clicking on any spammy affiliate links or advertisements which you may be exposed to.

Is GT Accelerator Scam or Legit?
This software is totally blacklisted so don’t you even think about investing. It is NOT free and it WILL cost you at least $250 to make use of this crappy piece of trash technology.

Fake Signals and Phony Reviews
The GT Accelerator software is totally rigged and set to lose. One of our staff tried it out and it is based on the binary options market maker model which eats up your money since your loss is the broker’s gain. The ones who make the money are the promoters and brokers who then split the profits between themselves according to a prearranged contract rate.

Viral Scams Trending
The one which has been getting the most complaints is Binary Robot 365.

Legitimate Alternatives
We are constantly asked if there is a new system that’s worth trying out. The fact remains that most of the software which is rolled out and launched these days is worthless at best and in most cases fraudulent and designed to rip you off. Our staff compiled a short list of profitable trading apps which have withstood the test of time and generate profits consistently. These are all proudly showcased in our recommended section.

GT Accelerator Review Summary and Conclusions
The GT Accelerator scam is a blacklisted automated trading software which employs the use of sleazy Forex, Cryptocurrency, and CFD brokers. The people peddling this software are ex-binary options affiliate marketers who are now diversifying into Forex and Crypto scams as that is the only way they know how to make money for themselves. Honestly, there are so many scammers out there that its just mind-boggling, and GT Accelerator is a classic example of what the online trading industry has been reduced to. So to recap, in light of all the proof and evidence our staff was able to produce, we are blacklisting the GT Accelerator Scam app and auto-trader in our review and advising our members to seek alternative and more legitimate forms of investing. Don’t forget to reach out and contact us through our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel

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