Guaranteed Wealth is a Scam

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Guaranteed Wealth is a Scam

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Is Guaranteed Wealth legit or just another binary options scam?  After conducting a comprehensive investigation we have concluded that Victor Lambert and his friend Nigel do not exist, and they are most likely a figment of someones very colorful imagination. Furthermore, this has the signature of a classic affiliate marketing scam utilizing false advertising practices to lure unsuspecting would-be traders into a fraudulent scheme designed to steal your money, and in reality not a real way to build wealth from scratch.

Guaranteed Wealth Scam2

How Do I Know its Really Scam?
The fast and easy way is to get my 10 Point E-book, but let’s start taking this thing apart. The first and most obvious indication of the scam is that it does not in any way mention binary options in the first section of the video. It talks about anomalies and some babble about his previous job as a network engineer and how he was able to use these anomalies to profit. The second is that he says it’s automated and does all the work for you. So, in essence this is like going to give someone or something money and let it roll the dice on the craps table for you. I think you stand a better chance of winning the lottery, because at best you will be doing random 50% win/loss ITM ratio. The third and and quite boring indication is the use of fake logos and certifications. Obviously if you can’t click on it and it leads no where then it’s just a gimmick and not a genuine security certification.

Deceptive False Advertising Tactics
However, the most disturbing and criminal tactic employed by these dirty crooks is telling people they are registering for automated software, while in reality they are signing up for a broker. They are advertising $10,000 in weekly profits when in reality the reviews for this software have been disastrous.

SPAM or Harassing Email Marketing 
Guaranteed wealth scrounges the internet for emails and then bombards innocent, unsuspecting victims with a barrage of emails telling them how they can make massive amounts of money with very little time and effort.

Misleading Information and Fake Wins
This chart is a popular widget marketers use in order to show fake wins from so called “live accounts”.

Guaranteed Wealth Scam

Remember that the only thing that matters is the actual wins section shown inside your trading history which is displayed in your broker account. Anything else that is shown to you, regardless of how nice or impressive is an attempt to distort the truth in such a way as to make you believe the wins are real as well as the payouts.

How Are Victims Targeted?
You can be targeted via Email spamming, spoofing, phishing, malware, virus injections and Trojan Horses, Infected Download Links, repetitive popups or pop-unders, spam videos, Craigslist, fake work from home ads, survey forms, refer-a-friend programs, or simple services you sign up for like diet program consultation or pharmaceutical sites offering various medicines online.

How Can I Avoid Getting Scammed?
If you really want to learn how to detect and filter out the scammers you need only read my free 10 point E-book scams will bounce off you like Teflon. It really is quite simple, and once you will read the information and get educated you will be angry at yourself for not knowing this before, because it could have saved you a lot of money.

Conclusions and Recommendations
Guaranteed Wealth is an old yet commonly used and effective binary options scam. Unlike Insured Profits, The Free Money System (Walter Green), Channel Ranger, and Centument LTD, there are no actors, reviews, or anything which actually includes real people in any way, which already makes it significantly less interesting but still a very effective scam. If you are looking for trading systems in the form of signals or automated trading tools simply leave a comment below or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you with real solutions that will help you make long-term substantial profits.


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