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Insiders Circle Scam Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

When I first got an email about the Insiders Circle I was sure it was just another scam like channel ranger, but then I decided to take a deeper look and review this new binary options trading system. The results were quite surprising, and I was happy to see that this time they were able to produce a signals system that actually performs consistently.

insiders circle panel

I also like the fact that immediately they let people know it’s binary options and let them make the decision if they want to buy into it or not. In many cases this is hidden from the viewers due to the fact that many have been burned in binary options and would not be willing to risk investing again, and also because of the high risk nature of exotic AKA binary options.

What I don’t like in this video are the inflated figures, and while I do leave a bit of leeway for marketers who actually have solid products, I think over 5 million dollars is a bit too much (to say the least). I mean most people would be very happy if they made 500K a year and it would also sound more credible or believable.

So lets move forward with the 5 key components of a successful trading tool for binary options:

  1. Transparency: You know what you are getting into immediately. The system is displayed to you in a clear and coherent fashion, and when you register you know it’s going to be connected to a binary options broker.
  2. Reliability: When I used it there were no technical issues, error messages or bugs.
  3. Ease of Use: This is a signals software and not a BOT, so you have to look at the instructional video carefully and just do what it says without getting too creative.
  4. Accuracy Levels: It was pretty good, just over 80% ITM rates, and the more I traded the better the results got.
  5. Support and Service: Not what I expected but pretty good overall. I wanted more time with the coach but I understand there are many like me so I moved to email correspondence as well as video tutorials and it went very well.

I do like the concept of making money with a circle of friends and benefiting from the mutual feedback I received, but you have to be careful not to be swayed into heavy conversations about the stock market or other issues not related to trading because it will distract you and eventually you will start losing. Actually, that is one of the few cons of trading in this type of environment. You can easily drift into other realms of interests and find yourself wasting time on issues unrelated to trading. And as we all know, time is our most important asset and the only thing more valuable than money.


Another thing that kind of made me standoffish about this system is the fact that it resembles the inner trading circle concept of trading, and is also very similarly named but much less successful as you may have seen previous reviews by Michael Freeman. I don’t like to see a rehash or regurgitated formats of trading, although I must say they employed different graphic elements and videos so it comes off as something different and unique altogether, which it really is by the way.

Alright so let’s do a quick recap, on the updide we have a new system that answers to all the criteria forth mentioned and produces results consistently. On the downside we have a social signals tool which if you are not careful you may wander off into unnecessary conversations and start losing focus and and money. On the overall I would have to recommend the Insiders Circle system in this review and if someone blacklists it for any reason I would love to know what it is.

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