Instant Cash Club Review, Scam Steals Your Cash Instantly!

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Instant Cash Club Review, Scam Steals Your Cash Instantly!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Instant Cash Club software by Thomas Jordan, Andrew Haines and Jim Robinson is a BLACKLISTED SCAM. When our staff of researchers decided to review this cheating new app and auto-trader, we were told by a few day traders that they felt something was fishy but could not quite grasp the full extent of the deception. Alas, when the SPAM complaints started arriving by the dozens, we understood we were dealing with affiliate marketers who are promoting a loathsome investment scam to innocent would-be traders in a very aggressive and rude way. Our investigation led us to to the very heart of the crime, and we ruthlessly exposed these cheaters in a way which will dispel any form of doubt or hesitation concerning the authenticity and legitimacy of this vile new scheme. Keep reading to see who these people really are and how we shed light on their dirty little operation.

Official Scam Website and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM:
Below you will see a picture (left side) of Jim Robinson who claims his software is the genuine article and his app will make you millions of dollars on auto-pilot. Right next to him you will see a picture of the real actor portraying a role in a different video. His name is Greg James  and we attached a link to his website and professional BIO.


Now as if this wasn’t enough, the acting demo reel also includes Mr. Walter Green from the Free Money System AKA Millionaire Blueprint. If you have been around and seen a few things in the binary options business, you will know that this actor is directly responsible for wiping out countless bank accounts and causing misery and grief for thousands of people.

Greg James – Commercial Acting Demo Reel (2014) from Greg James on Vimeo.

Instant Cash Club Software Review
The story starts when Jim Robinson introduces one of his new beta testers named Linda Watson. Right after he gets off the phone with “Thomas” he immediately starts talking about how he was a nobody who was lucky enough to get an invitation to the Instant Cash Club and now he is making massive profits on auto-pilot just by clicking his mouse. Even more so, he claims that you can be making “over $5,000 in the next 8 hours”, but you have to be an action taker and the window of opportunity is closing because the spot will be given to someone else.

Robinson claims he’s just a “regular guy with no money-making expertise at all”, strangely enough that’s the only truthful thing in this sales video, the rest of the story about how he coupled up with some Wall Street fat cats is a perfect example of a tall tale taken right out of a Grimm Brothers story. In reality the instant cash club is not a “revolutionary piece of software”, and quite the opposite is true. This is a piece of rehashed code designed with pure malice and the implicit intent of defrauding innocent victims and stealing their money.

This sham employs a variety of scam tactics such as fake testimonials, hyped up claims, inflated bank accounts, and stolen image bank photos to project a sense of legitimacy and integrity when the exact opposite is true. 

How the SCAM Works
The diagram below is a simplified illustration of the money trail and how this shady business operates. It’s worth pointing out that this type of organization is compartmentalized and most people won’t even understand how this crime is being perpetrated or how they got caught up in this scheme. But the facts remain, our sources inside the brokers operation have compiled a short list credit card processing companies that act as as a virtual bag man and transfer the stolen funds to offshore bank accounts in tax shelters like the Cayman Islands or the British Virgin Islands (BVI).


Is it Really Free Like They Say?
No! That’s another lie, you will have to fork up at least $250 to “enjoy” the benefits of this sub-par software. This money will be charged to your credit card via their thieving broker.

Similar Viral Scams
The ones to avoid are Gemini 2, Brooks Blueprint, Quantum Code, and Drexel Code.

Fake Reviews – DANGER
Some of our more loyal members have pointed out that there are a few well known websites actually endorsing this software. It’s our responsibility to warn you and advise you to read more factual reviews in order to achieve a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into.

Signals Versus Auto-traders
There has been a massive growth in various online trading systems offering you vast riches at the click of a mouse with little or no effort. Realistically speaking, the majority of these apps turn out to be useless at best and even dangerous at times since they are used to steal your money. Fortunately for you we filter out the chaff and leave only the best and most reliable software in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Conclusion and Summary
The Instant Cash Club software by Thomas Jordan, Andrew Haines and Jim Robinson is an investment SCAM and we have rightfully blacklisted it in our fair and impartial review. We believe the affiliate marketers and rogue, unregulated brokers steal the money and then share the profits as illustrated above. If you still believe this software to be a trustworthy, legit and a consistently profitable auto-trader after reading this review, you are either in denial or have not fully grasped the gravity of the situation. We harbor no ill will towards anyone, however when we uncovered this vile plot we felt sickened and decided to inform our members and subscribers to seek alternative means of investing and a more genuine trading app. Please join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get informed.

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