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Insured Profits is a Scam Warning Avoid at All Costs

Posted on by Patrick Jones

What if you could toss a coin and every time you win, you would get $20 but every loss would only cost you $2? Well, the story  as it’s told by Dave and his brother sounds very convincing at first impression. The fact that his wife came in “unexpectedly” also added to the mystique, but when you take 1 minute and start thinking about what’s happening, you will immediately understand it’s a class A scam, and this review will prove it without a doubt (and make sure to watch the video as well).

So here we go, if scroll below the yellow button that says “click here to access your free copy now” you will reach the so called “income statement”. However, as I mentioned previously in my reviews, it’s easy to spot a fake from a real because this is just a rehashed java script data feed which is used in the channel ranger scam, only the color scheme is different.  Furthermore, the download button won’t work. It’s just something they use because it seems to appeal more to certain people for some reason.Insured and Channel

If you take a look at the payments, username, history, and all other data you will see that it corresponds in the exact same way. Remember, the only information that is relevant is what’s going on inside the broker’s trading history section. If these thieves don’t show you actual consistent wins from inside the broker accounts, you can give them the royal finger and even send them a nasty mail if you want.

So again, we’re talking about the same people doing their usual gig and trying to coerce innocent people into spending their hard earned-money. Now here’s the thing, the people who buy into these make money schemes are penniless in most cases.

I mean, unless you are filthy rich and want to burn money for fun, or alternatively a spiteful wife with a hefty credit line you will actually want to use this bogus system to supplement your income or actually quit your day job and become a full time trader. The people who really want to invest won’t try out the Insured Profits scam, they will go to their investment banker or Goldman Sachs and pull out money they have saved up from businesses, inheritance, or actual life savings from hard work.

OK, so let’s continue debunking these false claims of riches. I still don’t understand what I’m buying. Is it software, is it a strategy, a voodoo doll, or a rubber ducky? Point is, these guys are just throwing a bunch of made up stories at you, but in the end there’s nothing more powerful than the truth. And if you consistently lie and deceive people, not only will your soul rot in hell, but you will also end up paying for it in this life because of bad Karma, and that is what I wish for people who prey on the weak.

Insured 2

So now that we fully understand that there’s nothing behind this nasty fraud, the next question you need to ask yourself is what DOES work? Well, not many things do and to be completely honest if you really want to make money you need guidance and solid tools like signals to assist you before you actually start executing trades. Recently John Thiel from Binary Options Analyst found an interesting strategy, where if coupled with certain signals tools can provide optimal results and excellent performance.

OK so, here’s a quick recap, Insured Profits is a Scam, and the people behind it are not too different from Bernard Madoff. These guys Dave and Steve and the wife Ginny are just actors with an accent similar to Devin Miles from Channel Ranger. If you found this review to be useful please let us know by sharing your thoughts. Thanks, Pat

  • Steve Nichols

    I have to ask, how come these things keep succeeding so well? I would never use these methods to trade, it’s closer to gambling than anything else.

    • Hi Steve, I’m assuming you have some experience in binary options trading so of course it would seem like an obvious scam to you, but many people are tricked into losing their money under false pretenses and lies. I can also see you are from Switzerland, so in your case it would be easier since you can choose any regulated broker. As for the gambling section, there is a wagering element to every kind of trading but with the right kind of strategy and tools (i.e. signals or auto-trading) you can make significant gains and very high ROI. Thanks for your comment and I will send you that free E-book we discussed, Patrick

  • Vedran

    These days there are literaly hundreds of scams, makes me wonder if there is anything worth it in Binary Options trading

    • Hi Vedran, your concerns are well founded and to answer your question – it can definitely work out for you but you need to use the right systems and the results will come after initial practice, proper guidance, and a slight learning curve. Yes I know, everyone wants a push button format to succeed and that’s an easy sell – but you won’t get anywhere with that. Thanks, Pat

      • Vedran

        Thats why sites like yours help!

  • Ann Abbitz

    That’s a shame how people actually fall for getting a broker over the internet….I don’t care how flashy your upload is or your attractive “wife” just happens to step into view. I know it’s not as easy for everyone as it was for us, we just continued using the firm that our families have been with for years…but, surely people realize that there are liars everywhere online….social media, companies, various sites. As with everything to do with the internet, do not believe what you see. If you cannot meet up with these people who you are handing your hard-earned money over to, then don’t trust them . (It’s also hard to find people in real life to trust anyways, especially in this aspect.) Not that ALL are devious, but use common sense.

    • It’s because the internet is an anonymous medium people feel comfortable doing things they wont dream of doing in real life. I mean, would you consider selling someone a fake insurance policy or water instead of medicine? I think not, and for obvious reasons. So going to jail is the proper remedy and punishment for these online hooligans.

  • Kevin K

    Yeah the math just doesn’t add up with this. win=$20 lose =$2. Yeah I want that to be true on my end so I guess that’s why people jump into it, but if you look on their end. How could you they do that? Their company would be negative for profits. Sometimes out wishes and want we want to be true takes over our common sense, I guess. I’ve fallen for bot programs in the past but not anymore.