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IO Software Review, Recycled SCAM System Exposed With Proof!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The IO Software (AKA IO System) and trading robot by Oliver Breitner is a recycled SCAM which was previously launched as a fake system named Insured Trading. In our detailed and factual review and investigation we will provide proof of SCAM and explain why it should be blacklisted. In essence, the only thing which is guaranteed here is the indisputable fact that you will get scammed and lose your money. After reading our input and looking at all the proof and evidence our staff was able to collect, you will have no doubts about IO software and if it is genuine or legit. The only thing you will ponder about is how to keep your credit card information safe and away from the prying hands of these wolves dressed up in sheep’s clothing. YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO GET SCAMMED! So stop and don’t say we didn’t warn you about these unethical affiliate marketers and how they choose to SPAM random email accounts. The complaints we received indicate we are dealing with a very experienced fraud network specializing in baiting tactics, internet fraud, identity theft, and credit card fraud. Keep reading to see how we exposed these thieves and why IO Software is a confirmed financial SCAM.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Here is a picture of “Oliver Breitner” selling his lies only as you see circled in red, he does not refer to the software as IO Software, but as Insured Outcome AKA Insured Trading. This means the promoters of this filthy software were just too lazy to produce another video so they just took an older one and repackaged it under the name of IO software.

And here’s the proverbial smoking gun. You have the SAME actor and his real name is Kevin S. Martin, posing as Richard Royce of the Royce Code SCAM. This whole thing is just one big lie wrapped up and ready to be digested by innocent day traders looking to make a decent dollar online.

IO Software Review (Recap)
Oliver Breitner (Alias) lies to us about how his new auto-trader generate $540,000 for him each month, $18,000.01 a day, and $750 per hour. Now its time for congratulations because “you just stumbled onto the promised land” and will be granted “free access to the most powerful auto-trading software in the world”. This farce continues while Breitner machine-guns through the rehearsed marketing script and the phony story about how his grandfather and father passed away and left him an investment empire primarily dealing with stocks and shares which was valued at a billion dollars and all of this is managed at from offices in London, Tokyo, and Wall Street. This cheap actor says he “did not like the stress” of trading these financial portfolios so he to diversified into binary options and now he is looking for long term no strings business relationships, but this is one in a life-time opportunity is for action takers not tire kickers.

Reality Check
Breitner claims he has nothing to sell you, but its a SCAM and he’s an actor that’s getting paid on the back end. The narrative is bogus and full of inconsistencies. We see the usual tells such as inflated bank accounts, exaggerated claims of easy money, fake testimonials, and just outright lies and fabrications.

Is it Free?
No way! $250 is the minimum amount of money you will be required to spend in order to use this fake app. This money will be charged to your credit card by sleazy offshore brokers out to get you.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Equinox Trading and Quantum Code.

Fake Reviews
We have some of those as well so don’t be surprised if some “ethical review site” actually endorses this fraudulent software. Chances are he’s getting paid to write a favorable review so don’t fall for it.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are still contemplating and not quite sure about which system is right for you then you are not alone. Fortunately our team of researchers has done all the work so you don’t have to. Simply refer to our recommended section and check out a short list of consistent money making apps.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The SCAM IO Software and trading robot by Oliver Breitner is BLACKLISTED and with good reason. There’s nothing legit or genuine about this app, and if you decide to invest don’t even try contacting us because we will not be able to get your money back since these liars have become extremely efficient at stealing money and concealing their digital transactions. In fact, we already know from an inside source that these crooks specialize in internet and credit card fraud. The proof of scam our staff has produced is enough to shed light on this dirty operation, however if you feel you need more evidence in order to make an informed decision simply message us and we shall be more than happy to produce it for you. In light of our findings and indisputable conclusions we are forced to declare the IO Software a SCAM and advise our members and subscribers to seek alternative investment avenues. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and get informed!


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