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Lazy Millionaire Review, Lazy SCAM Software Exposed

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Lazy Millionaire Software and Charles Knowles is a SCAM, and we have BLACKLISTED this fake app and auto-trader in our fair and honest review. This SCAM got me real lazy, so we without getting into the details of how nasty this bogus app really is we will just point out a few verified facts. First, the personal income guarantee and refund is a trap and not feasible. Secondly, they have pressure counters in every spot on the sales page. Finally, Charles Knowles does not show himself. He is the embodiment of some marketer’s wild idea about how to defraud innocent day-traders and fleece their wallets real quick. We have a zero tolerance level for these lazy wannabe Millionaire Scammers so we’d like to extend them a personal screw you invitation and don’t come back ever unless it’s to apologize for your misdoings and refund in full the money you stole. This piece of trash is not even qualified to be called software so we will just call it “cheap code” for all intents and purposes and warn our members and subscribers to seek other investing opportunities if or when being illegally solicited to buy into this binary options investment SCAM.

Official Scam Site and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
Well, here’s a quick recap of what we mentioned previously and additional facts. First you should notice that we are familiar with the tactic of “returning your initial investment” as we have seen this trap set in a previous SCAM we blacklisted a while ago named the Free Money Guaranteed Scam as well as other cases which have been documented here in Binary Scam Alerts.

If Charles Knowles (Alias) were to return the original investment he would be left penniless, and we know scammers like to hold on to their stolen money since that’s how they make a living. Additionally, you can see the bold statement that says “100% Income Guaranteed”. What does that mean exactly and what is the actual profit? No one knows who this person is or what’s his professional background, and no proof of winning trades is provided from the actual broker. What we get is a cauldron of lies and deception designed to sidetrack you from the really important and key questions which need to be asked and addressed. For example,

  1. Are the brokers you are using legit?
  2. Is there a risk clause displayed prominently which says something like “Trading Can Cause Significant Loss to Your Capital”.
  3. What is the withdrawal procedure and how fast can I cash out?
  4. Is it legal to trade from where I am?

All of these issues and many more are not addressed, and if you try contacting the people who are supposed to be providing you with real honest answer, you will soon realize you are facing a brick wall and just move on to the next thing.

Lazy Millionaire Software Review
OK, so immediately the sales video starts off  with a barrage of fake testimonials from paid actors. What we see and hear is how 3 people are making $10,000 daily using the “secret” Charles Knowles has stumbled into and now he’s going to let us have access to it so we can make easy money on auto-pilot and do the things we love to do like spend money with the family, take lavish vacations, and drive fancy cars. He then goes on to say that he is obsessed with “efficiency” and that’s how he came up with his “secret trick” which targets markets around the globe and works 24/7 to provide optimal performance.

In reality, this thing is a hoax. We don’t get to see the actual software until AFTER registering. After we investigated and checked the REAL important aspects of a genuine app such as accuracy, performance, transparency levels, customers service responsiveness, integrity, and user-friendliness we came to some abrupt conclusions. You can pretty much bet your bottom dollar it’s a worthless piece of junk and you will figure this out immediately after executing the first trades, and you can’t choose 60 second options or long term contracts for example. If you want to alternate to signals or manual you can’t do that either, and you can pretty much kiss your money goodbye.

Is this System Free?
Absolutely not! It’s gonna cost you about $250 minimum in order to get started and that money will be charged through a broker of their choosing.

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Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The Lazy Millionaire Software and Charles Knowles is a worthless SCAM and we have rightfully BLACKLISTED it in our impartial and fair review. Our findings are conclusive and indisputable, so if you are constantly on the lookout for a genuine trading app you will be bitterly disappointed with this system. We seriously recommend you wait for a real opportunity to profit instead of risking your money on this cheating software and auto-trader. We tried, but could not find anything legit, honest, or sincere in this system so we find ourselves in the same position of advising our members and viewers to keep their distance from it and seek other investment options. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

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