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Lexington Code Review, SCAM Lexington Code Software Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Lexington Code software and trading robot by Michael Lexington is a SCAM. In our detailed review and investigation we have blacklisted this fake app and auto-trader since the complaints have mounted and surpassed anything we have seen to date. But first a word of advise, if you were unfortunate enough to receive SPAM emails inviting you to join this program we urge you to immediately unsubscribe from receiving further communications and never click on any links. We now know this thieving software is being peddled by unethical affiliate marketers specializing in internet and financial fraud and will produce conclusive proof and evidence to validate our findings. This band of crooks has partnered with some of the industry’s sleaziest brokers and are back to their old tricks, only this time they have perfected their methods and devised the Lexington Code to bait and victimize innocent day traders. If you have somehow stumbled onto this fake app believing it is genuine or legit, get ready to have your wallet fleeced and money stolen by conniving offshore brokers. We have heard horrendous grievances about overcharging, declined withdrawals, and rude phone calls from phony stock brokers with a strange accent during the little hours of the night. So keep reading to see why we believe Lexington Code is a confirmed financial scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: http://lexingtoncode.com/

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see an image of Mr. Michael Lexington, the so-called “Chief Operating Officer” of Lexington Code. In his hand you will see a “certificate of authenticity” which is signed by Papry Naznin and Rezaul Islam (aliases and fictional characters).

Here we have a close-up of this fake certificate, where it is clear to see that it is totally fabricated as these scammers have neglected to add actual text to the certificate and it is written in gibberish. Feel free to click the image and enlarge the picture, you will see for yourself.

As if you needed additional proof, here is a screenshot of the Lexington Code trading dashboard and right below it you can find an image of the Nuvo Finance dashboard (another scam). It’s plain to see it is a replica with minor differences in the color scheme and button placement. Additionally, this paid actor and performer is actually saying his software has not absorbed any losses during the last 9 months and that is all the proof you need in the world in order to understand you are dealing with bona fide con artists.

Lexington Code Software Review
Michael Lexington is holding an envelope which he claims is “proof that your life is about to change forever”. He claims the certificate he holds in his hand legitimizes and validates every single trade ever made with Lexington Code, which is the latest trading software available only to private brokers. Lexington claims his traders have been making at least $500-$5,000 per day for the past 9 months.

He also states that “an outside accounting and legal firm” went through their trading history and gave them their official stamp of approval. He continues to say that the key to financial welfare is creating a sustainable flow of income “big or small”.

He is also saying his traders “have not lost one single trade in these last nine months”, and that is because they have “rocket scientists perfecting their algorithm”, and that is also the reason why their market data and potential is always the most cutting edge. After that he enters an Audi sports car and says that this is your last chance to get in on the action before its too late and they go public with their product.

Then we see him enter the office and are introduced to Barry Storyk, the lead programmer for Lexington Code. He claims he has a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from MIT and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University. That’s where he met Michael as he was offered a job at Space X to work in their propulsion app, but they had already developed the Lexington Code so he had to refuse the job and helped build “what is now the most advanced trading software in the world”.

Binary Options With A Twist (How it Works)
When the software presents a trade, it actually makes multiple small deals in exchange for a higher fixed dollar amount. That way you are left with the same trade but with a higher profit potential. In a nutshell, they offer a small portfolio of stock in exchange for a better deal.

In reality what we are witnessing here is a very expensive production designed to effectively bait and victimize innocent day traders. We are witnessing the same type of fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, hyped-up or exaggerated claims of wins, and outright lies and fabrications we have seen in the past. The narrative is also riddled with holes and full of lies, inconsistencies, and half-truths.

Is it Free?
Absolutely not! It’s gonna cost you around $250 to get started and that money will be charged to your credit card by one of the slimy brokers linked to the scheme.

Fake Reviews
It’s true! There are many so-called “honest review sites” promoting this filth and getting bribes in the form of commissions to publish favorable reviews. If you see one of these sites please close the window and move on. Then immediately inform us about it and receive a free consultation.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones topping the charts these days are Omnia App and Orion Code.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
We know that it can be confusing and difficult at times when choosing the right app. Fortunately we have conducted all the research so you don’t have to. Our staff of researchers have compiled a short list of systems that have performed consistently for us over time. These are all showcased in our recommended section.

Review Conclusions and Summary
The Lexington Code software and automated trading app by Michael Lexington is a rightfully blacklisted SCAM and we have proven this without a shadow of a doubt in our detailed and insightful review. The facts speak for themselves, this is a fraudulent software which was designed with pure malice by dirty affiliate marketers and offshore brokers in order to steal your money. You can’t afford to get scammed! So don’t deposit and stay away from these blood-thirsty jackals because the only thing you will gain is a hefty dose of frustration and disappointment. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, and don’t believe that this auto-trader is legit or genuine in any way, shape, or form because we will not be able to get you a refund after you “test the waters”. In light of all the evidence and proof we have been able to produce we are blacklisting the Lexington Code and advising our members and subscribers to choose alternative trading avenues. As always, don’t forget to  join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel and get educated.


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