Lie Detector Millionaire is a Scam, Don’t Believe the Fake Reviews!

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Lie Detector Millionaire is a Scam, Don’t Believe the Fake Reviews!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting a severe SCAM warning in regards to the Lie Detector Millionaire (LDM) Software, App, and Autotrader, as well as Daniel Wilkins and Jonas Kane the fake actors. Our staff of researchers and data scientists was practically mauled by overzealous marketers trying to push this extremely deceptive trading system. This recent scam has proven to be particularly misleading and beguiling since the owners of this scheme tried their best to conceal the evidence, and they almost succeeded but right when we were about to give up we found the proverbial smoking gun, and seconds after publishing this post our staff started getting threats from these Cyber-criminals.  It didn’t help them one bit though, they were out for blood and it’s our job to stop them and inform the public.

Update: The Lie Detector Millionaire is currently being relaunched as the Polygraph Millionaire. The is the exact same scam and the same sleazy affiliate marketers are behind it and are now promoting it very aggressively.

Official Scam Sites:

Proof of Scam
We went through the California Yellow Pages and searched for Mr Jonas Kane in Roseville CA (that’s where he claims his business is) under various combinations such as Polygraph, Lie Detector, Private Investigator, and even under Military Titles such as General or Officer. The guy doesn’t exist, he’s got no address, no business, no social profile on Facebook or Linkedin, and he is not registered in the Better Business Bureau. I even used my personal connections in the DMV and asked my ex-girlfriend to see if this guy is for real, I actually wanted him to be legit just this time. But as luck would have it, this person is most likely a paid actor who will say he is the Prince of Wales very convincingly if you just pay him a measly $5.

Lie Detector Millionaire 1

They did do it very nicely though, if you noticed they hid his face then you can probably guess there is a reason and it has to do with the fact that he is most likely well known for selling snake oil and magic potions to blind old ladies. Contrarily Daniel Wilkins is another story and has never been seen before. This person is a well paid and very convincing actor, they did not get this guy on and he is very talented, which makes him that much more dangerous. They did however manage to screw up the testimonials with fake image bank photos, and it’s actually rehashed from an older scam called, you are welcome to check out the fake testimonial section there and compare it yourself, it’s getting really late here and I’m really tired of using MSPaint to do these screenshots from older trash systems.

Lie Detector Millionaire Review
The Lie Detector Millionaire is a story about Daniel Wilkins who “used to be a scammer” and now found something legit and with his friend “Trader X” are supposedly making millions. This con artist goes on to explain how 99% of traders lose their money trading binary options because most systems can’t factor in events like fires, or hurricanes but HIS system has an algorithm that has managed to solve this issue and is now offering it to Beta Testers for free. In reality, this guy is a pretender and charlatan that’s obviously very good at selling, but totally clueless about binary options or how to really make money in life. He’s just reading a script from a teleprompter and going through the motions as dictated to him by the directors and producers of this obvious sham. The software itself actually looks a bit different than the usual, but there is enough corroborating evidence to show a pattern of deception without testing it.

Lie Detector Millionaire 2

The most troubling thing here is what’s missing, which is the actual proof of wins. All we see is inflated bank accounts which are obviously photo-shopped but not one piece of content or graphical image has been used to display winning trades. This by itself should arouse your suspicion, but if you are still in denial and want even more proof than you can invest and see how fast you lose your money, just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Additionally, if you do decide to deposit for some reason, don’t fund your account with over $250 since you will want to test the waters first. I honestly believe that all the technical analysis, charting, and candlesticks spreadsheets won’t help you achieve the desired ITM ratio of ~90% as advertised in most scams. You will end up very frustrated and upset, but not so curious anymore (hope it was worth it).

Is it Free?
Yes, the software is free but you will need to invest a minimum of $250 with your broker account in order to qualify.

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Signals, Autotraders, Copiers, and Bots
It’s not every day that we see a clever deception such as this explode on the scene. It’s definitely a Class A Scam, which means it has the uncanny ability to trick, cheat, and dupe innocent day-traders in a very effective way. To view our recent recommendations you will want to check out our new signals and auto-traders section.

Final Words and Troubling Conclusions
The Lie Detector Millionaire (LDM) Software, App, and Autotrader, as well as Jonas Kane and Daniel Wilkins are a malicious binary options investment scam. After reviewing and examining this system, we have decided to urge all our members, viewers and subscribers to avoid this piece of trash code. There is nothing genuine, honest, or sincere about it besides the brazen attempt of the people behind it to steal your money. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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    What systems would you recommend?


  • Maggie Hayes

    That’s insane that you guys received threats from this company! Clearly not a professional company at all!! An honest company would have handles a bad review much classier!

  • Jessica

    Interesting how they hid his face. I noticed that too, but it did make me a little suspicious at the same time. They must be running out of people willing to do their fake videos.

  • Tarn

    When you get the phone call from their “selected trader” their not interested in your questions, just deposit your money. The caller was dum enough to tell me the trader makes money from my profits and we need their services to withdraw and trade. I kept saying its supposed to be auto pilot, no need for their “help”. He ended up hanging up. Very Nicgerian accent although he said he was ringing from UK.
    In the lie detector video, the “actor” seems very directed walking from room to room, no family photos, oh and the calling out to the wife…theres also a shot of the Teleprompter with his dialogue on it. The laptop, wasn’t the same one he started new account on either, which he showed to camera with profits.
    I was so sucked in, thks for the ph call scammers, you had me up in till then.

    • Andrew Fowler

      I listened to his video, I honestly had this gut feeling I hoped it would be true. But everything about the video raised red flags. From reading off a teleprompter, to a clearly rented home and rented cars, to trying to seem relatable, saying “honey ill be home” to a wife who clearly didn’t exist.

      Hesitantly I registered an account with them, only providing my first and last name which is public record, my telephone number and my email address which I don’t really care if they have either. I expect those details will probably be sold off to telemarketers, etc. But whatever I already get spam calls anyway.

      After seeing the front layout of their system, riddled with ads, and flashy images with dollar signs, I’m like, okay this is clearly a scam, lol. I’m surprised anyone would take it as far as giving them their money.

      About 5 minutes later because I never gave them any bank account details or my address, because who knows who these people are. I receive a phone call from some people claiming to represent vantage capital, or something like that. Sounds like some dude from Brooklyn, or jersey, heavy accent.

      I respond to him saying “it’s clearly a scam”. The guy mockingly repeats “it’s clearly a scam, okay, have a good day” and hangs up. I’m thinking to myself alright, whatever, let’s see if the number they called from leads anywhere. So I call the number back, some dude who sounds like they are from India, repeating this same company name, vantage capital, I just listen for a second and hang up.

      Any “company” who acts so hostile at the word ‘scam’ and who has such a shoddy name “lie detector millionaire” like, what, that name is as stupid as it is fishy.

      I really did all this to scope it out, and now I can do the honors of telling people no, it is 100% a scam, wouldn’t trust them as far as you can throw them.

      Feel free to add their number to your block list.

      • Damion

        I too made an account knowing it was a scam just to see what kind of process they had going and I’ve been called 5 times from 3 numbers in the last 6 minutes. Honestly I don’t understand how they think being that desperate is conducive to being a legit organization. I do enjoy humoring the people over the phone however, and as someone who is learning technical analysis through my cities schooling institution, I know the 99% statistic is total BS

      • miss k

        i registered too and gave my name number and emai. nothing more. i registered without knowing that it is a scam. im kinda new about this kind of things so im worry of what might happen when they have my number email and name. i just received a call and an email from them. but i didnt answer any of those. after that they didnt call anymore. i already changed my email password and secured my accounts. will i be fine?

    • Grace J.

      Oh my gosh the computer changed really?! You have a great eye!! I’m going to rewatch it to see all of this! Crazy!!

  • shyam

    Its true. I m from india and just checking how they fool people. And its gone through as my expectations. I also registered and within 2 min i got call from them. and he was asking my bank and credit card details. I suspect more when he told me either i have less money in my account than 250$ just complete the procedure to deposit it. Thanx for giving above information about LDM as a big scam.

    • Sure, the Lie Detector Millionaire is very effective at stealing people’s money so you must be very careful and not be tricked by these cheaters. Thanks, Pat

  • Hi Nancy, I don’t think RCMP deals with these issues. You need to contact the local financial regulators in Canada such as the OSFI or CSA/ACVM.

  • Hi Missn,
    If they respond let me know. I’d be very interested in hearing what they have to say. Thanks, Pat

  • Hi Brett,
    I see you got some serious grievances, well this is definitely the place to gripe and let it out. Don’t forget to report these cheaters in our report a scam section. Thanks, Pat

  • Amynester

    I am so happy I did research first!! Reading all the comments below, I’m in shock that I missed all of these obvious red flags. How can we report all of these scams and get them taken down?

  • Beth Anne

    Wow I would hide my face too if I was doing a sleazy video like this trying to scam a bunch of people.

  • Charles Pucci

    It’s crazy how I almost fell for this scam. Now that I look at it, or any of them, they have the craziest names! I would never name my computer something like lie detector! I don’t think any company that wants to be taken serious would do this. Our minds fall for the dumbest stuff sometimes!

  • Hi Fritz, you made the right decision because that is a well-known scam and the review proves it. I appreciate your feedback and make sure to join our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel for updates.

  • Doug

    I have to check out this app. I haven’t heard of it until now. That could he very helpful.

  • Jamie

    If they didn’t get this video guy from a freelance site and he’s very convincing I would think he might be part of the scheme or knows the people involoved.

  • Chuck

    They did have an interesting approach with how other systems don’t factor in natural disasters. I can see how people would fall for this…it got my attention until I did more research.

    • David

      Yeah people have a misconception that computers can do anything. But computers can only do what people tell it to do and in case is there even a computer doing the work or just a scummy person?

  • Sam

    Damn !!! i was about to continues with my details … i already entered my all details there and about to click the button then suddenly think to google it … & see i am watching horrible and disaster reviews about these people thanks anyway …

    • Hi Sam, it’s a good thing you searched it for sure. If you gave them your phone number expect phone calls for sure, these guys are relentless.

  • Wan

    how about Bina Bot/ Bina binary ?… it is a scam too?…because i read some good comment on them and i think i want to try invest with them… please give me some advise..
    thanks for your info

  • Hello, is polygraph millionaire a scam?