Lord Alan Sugar Warns About Bitcoin Trader SCAM

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Lord Alan Sugar Warns About Bitcoin Trader SCAM

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Bitcoin Trader SCAM Update: 
To anyone who was either scammed by “Bitcoin Trader” or received a personal invitation to join a “unique and profitable” new Bitcoin Trading system, please be advised that the scammers behind the Bitcoin Trader fake app are now using the name of LORD Alan Sugar to entice would-be traders and opportunity seekers. Sugar is a British business mogul whose net worth is estimated at around 1.5 Billion Pounds. Needless to say, he is extremely angry and gunning for the crooks behind this latest sham (for the lack or a better word).

Please be advised. The purpose of this scam is to get you signed up and depositing with an unregulated offshore broker. Once that is done the process is complete and you can kiss your money goodbye.

In our previous Bitcoin Trader reviews we have explained how fake news is used to promote this fraudulent trading software, and why we believe it to be extremely dangerous and misleading.

Detailed Bitcoin Trader Review

A Quick Recap
Bitcoin Trader is a classic get-rich-quick type of scam designed to attract and bait you using out-of-context remarks and half-truths. There is no logical narrative and one never knows who is behind the scam. If you have received any form of email communication advising you to signup for this software, you should know you are being deceived by cunning scam artists.

Binary Options, Forex, and Bitcoin Scams
There is a close relation to all three as the affiliate networks promoting the scams are basically the same people. If you feel you have been tricked and your money has been stolen, please reach out and we shall do our utmost to assist you in retrieving stolen funds.

To reiterate. This software is dirty and has nothing to do with legitimate Bitcoin trading. That is the truth and we have been repeating it for a while now.

Replica Scams
These crypto scams are being duplicated and copied. The ones which seem to be the most viral are Bitcoin Code and Ethereum Code which is now using actress Gal Gadot to promote fake software.

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