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Lucrosa Review, SCAM Diagnosed With Malware – DANGER!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

If you have received a SPAM email or been exposed to an annoying popup promoting the Lucrosa SCAM software and John Lucrosa the fake actor and cheater, you must read this eye-opening review. It seems some very tech-savvy affiliate marketers are planting viruses and spyware tool bars which are automatically downloaded via exe (executable format) files onto unsuspecting customers computers while they are surfing the net totally oblivious to the sinister nature of the parasitic software which has latched on to their PC or mobile device. So be careful if you believe suspicious activity has been detected in your email account or you are getting strange SPAM offers all of the sudden.

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We have received multiple grievances from a wide spectrum of day traders and the dots are starting to connect. The Lucrosa Software and John Lucrosa serve as a front for what we believe to be a very high tech operation designed to spy on your most private and sensitive information and then aggressively market various products or services based on your browsing activity.

We have documented cases where people have been exposed to very aggressive popups and display ads which specifically target their previous browsing history. Complaints range from offers relating to fake handbags and all the way up to Forex and binary options fast money-making schemes.

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Intolerable and Unacceptable
We can not condone or accept this form of criminal behavior as it infringes on the privacy of our members and subscribers, as well as compromises their financial security and safety. As a result of these horrid acts we have taken measures to protect our computers and are now advising our readers to do the same.

How to Protect Myself?
The first step is to make sure you have a solid anti-virus software installed. McAffee, Norton, and Kaspersky are all well known but you can also use Trend Mirco which has been proven to be very effective as well. Secondly, make sure to turn off all the popups in your browser. This is done through the advanced settings area on the top section of your internet browser. Finally, make sure to run a bug scan and quarantine all types of malware which can potentially damage your computer.

Lucrosa Software Review – a Quick Recap
John Lucrosa is offering you a short cut to success and massive profit on auto-pilot. 200K monthly on auto-trading with exotic options is not only far fetched, it’s an outright lie and extremely misleading and deceptive. This cheater continues to go through a script about respect, trust, and loyalty. Three things the people behind this vile are clueless about and don’t care for in the least bit. Lucrosa Partners and John Lucrosa do not exist. There is no social profile of this character anywhere online, and his public record seems to indicate a past he is trying to hide (and with good reason).

This Months Most Viral SCAM
Without a doubt, we are looking at the Centument Project 2.0 and Gerald Reed. The prodigal son returns with a new and refurbished scheme designed to fleece your wallet very quickly so be careful and don’t believe a word these cheaters have to say.

Signals or Auto-traders?
We have them both and only recommend the best and SCAM-free systems which have been tried and tested by our staff.

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Review Summary and Conclusions
The Lucrosa SCAM software and John Lucrosa is a malware-infected app and fake auto-trader. Peoples lives have been ruined by these criminals and we have documented cases linking their parasitic software to susceptible computers and devices. Our previous review has provided a broad factual base of evidence which lays to rest any possible doubts you may have regarding the legitimacy and accuracy of this crooked system. It’s not enough these people steal your money, now they want your private information to sell you other slimy products and when they are done they resell it to the highest bidder. In light of all of this evidence we are warning all our members to stay away from the Lucrosa software and recommending you seek alternative means of investing. To learn more simply become a member of our  Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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