Maximus Edge Autobot Review, SCAM Maximus Edge App Exposed?

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Maximus Edge Autobot Review, SCAM Maximus Edge App Exposed?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Welcome to our Maximus Edge Autobot Review and SCAM investigation. It seems this new semi-automated trading software by Max or “Maximus” has just been launched, and we have already received multiple complaints (some still unverified) and quite a few queries asking if Maximus Edge Autobot is SCAM or a legit and genuine trading software. First, we have to send out a warning to our members and viewers. This system reportedly operates in the form of a Forex EA (Expert Advisor), but also advertised as a semi-automated binary options app. So if you are a bit confused you are definitely not alone, because most of the queries we received were from people who didn’t know how to proceed or what to do. In other words, they felt the app was not intuitive or user friendly. Secondly, you should be aware that there is a lot of hype and a big network of affiliate marketers promoting this system and publishing Maximus Edge Autobot reviews on their blogs which may be construed as misleading or deceptive. Now usually and under normal circumstances I would say run like the wind, but this is a different situation as we are in the middle of our testing phase and initial findings show mixed results with minor gains so far on the Forex Binary Options app, so we are very careful about blacklisting the Maximus Edge Autobot at this point.However, we are leaving our doors open to feedback and asking our members to leave a comment below this review if you have deposited with Maximus Edge Autobot and lost your money or had it stolen by thieving brokers. If you wish to test this system out yourself and risk your money we won’t stop you, just advise you to risk the absolute minimum amount of money (usually $250) and stay super alert about the brokers you are dealing with. Keep reading our Maximus Edge Autobot scam review to get additional insights about this system and make an informed decision before jumping on this gravy train.

Quick Update: Based on feedback and losses we incurred we are revising our initial findings. The Maximus Edge Autobot SCAM is a fraudulent trading app which stole our money. We are more than disappointed and extremely angry. We hope our Maximus Edge Autobot Review will help shed light on this filthy software and expose the crooks and dirty affiliate marketers behind it.

Official Website, Login Page, and Member’s Area: Maximus Edge Autobot

Maximus Edge Autobot SCAM Review – Who is Behind It? A True Conundrum
As much as we tried we could not find the person who is behind this software. We did find a few clues leading us to the initial conclusion that we may be dealing with a SCAM. This is just a part of the puzzle and this piece simply does not fit. We are obviously looking at a nameless actor who is getting paid to present a narrative which was written for him. Just saying Max or Maximus is not enough and creates a heightened level of suspicion in an already high risk online trading environment (not smart).

Maximus Edge Autobot Review
Confusion – that is the best way to describe this software. It is presented to us as an Expert Advisor, which is a term reserved solely for Forex. But in reality we are looking at a binary options app. From an operational perspective you are being invited to try out a semi-automated system, so if you are looking for a fully automated trading robot (AKA bot) you can just continue searching our site to find a reputable software.

The Maximus Edge software apparently utilizes specific trading and investment strategies. For example risk reversal, straddle, and hedging trades. All of these built-in strategies are used to increase profit an minimize risk while exploiting ripe market conditions. For example, straddle attempts to generate more signals based on volatility and market fluctuations while hedging is used for more conservative trading opportunities.

It’s worth pointing out that the charting features of this software are a cut above, and we have seen all kinds in this business. They complement the technical analysis indicators perfectly, but if you really want to understand it you need to be a bit resourceful and have an intuitive grasp of trading, otherwise it will confuse you and you will get annoyed and frustrated.

How Does the Maximus Edge Autobot Work and What Are The Best Settings?
Practical trading with Maximus Edge utilizes as much as 5 technical indicators. Starting with RSI (AKA Relative Strength Index), Fibonacci retracements, Bollinger Bands, and MACD which is actually the strategy sRs Trend Rider 2.0 employs to achieve results. The signals come in based on the indicators you choose, and then you simply approve the trade or skip to the next one. And since it is semi-automated the trades which are executed are based on the selected fundamentals of day trading.

On a side note, if you need further or detailed information about Forex or Binary Options technical indicators, please contact us and we shall be more than happy to assist.

Maximus Edge Autobot Review – The Hype
We do see some of it for sure, but 84% ITM Ratio (Success Rate) is very conservative. Especially in binary options and particularly if you accept bonuses (so just don’t). We didn’t see the usual inflated bank accounts and exaggerated claims of easy money. But we do lack a certain degree of transparency and some real proof of winning trades from the brokers trading history section.

Is it Free?
No, this system will cost you at least $250 to get started with and that money will be charged to you by the broker you select which may or may not be regulated.

Fake Reviews
Maximus Edge Autobot is still in the process of being evaluated so if you see any review which attempts to glorify this app and hailing it as the “next big thing”, you can be sure this is an affiliate ,marketer getting paid on the back end.

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If you are a bit hesitant and not quite sure about how to proceed then you are not alone. Our staff or diligent researchers has combed the internet and was able to compile a short yet reputable list of profitable cash machines. These apps are proudly displayed in our recommended section.

Review Summary and Conclusions -Maximus Edge Autobot Scam or Worthy?
Maximus Edge Autobot by Max is what we refer to here as a borderline case. Our Maximus Edge Autobot review we have shown some inconsistencies and a lack of transparency. However, after testing the software itself we found out it did not steal our money, the brokers we were assigned were professional and very prompt where payments were concerned, and we were even able to make some cash. This does not mean the investment of time and energy was worth it, so for the time being if you feel you must try out Maximus Edge Autobot we will not stop you but never deposit over $250 which is the minimum amount. In a nut shell, if you were wondering if Maximus Edge Autobot is scam or legit and genuine trading app, the answer is somewhere in the middle. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel

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