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Maximus Profits Review, Maximus SCAM Steals Profits!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Maximus Profits software and George Maximus is a SCAM and we have BLACKLISTED it. Our honest review and investigation will provide a factual base of evidence and expose this fake app and auto-trader as well as the cheating actor peddling this cheap code. We caught these guys red handed when complaints started swarming in from angry day traders saying they are getting profusely SPAMMED with emails containing messages of massive profits on auto-pilot and zero risk to their money. We immediately identified the all too-well-known pattern of deception, and proceeded to conduct a full review and examination of this phony app. Keep reading and understand why our findings lead us to the sad conclusion that we are dealing with a confirmed binary options investment SCAM.

Official Scam Website and Login Page:
Main Culprit: George Maximus (Alias)

Proof of SCAM
We checked out Maximus Profits and George Maximus the so-called CEO and found out the name is just made up and the company does not exist. The closest thing to it is a company called and they specialize in business management and consulting. That’s a legit corporation and the CEO is named Tom Romeo. When we contacted them about this latest scheme they immediately distanced themselves from it and referred us to the legal department to see if this meets the requirement for trademark infringement and criminal impersonation with the intent to commit internet fraud.
maximus 1

If you wish to gain access to this email communication please leave a comment below the post and we shall be more than happy to provide it for you. Moving along, this charlatan (whoever he is) boldly claims that last MONTH he created 14 new millionaires. Not last year or over a period of 3 years, just last month. In order to achieve this feat one would need to have the backing of a multi-national corporation lush with funds and even then I would be a skeptic since these things don’t happen. People don’t become millionaires over night! It takes a lot of hard work, persistence, diligence, and street smarts. The testimonials are totally fake and the cheap actors that machine-gun through a ready-made script have profiles. Here’s one for an actor called Simonbaldock, I’m sure you will recognize him as he is one of the actors providing paid testimonials.

Now for the final nail in the coffin, as you see above the same actor is doing the main sales pitch for the Cloud Trader Software. Additional red-flags are the fake CNN logos, the fact that this non-existent company was never covered in the news, stolen image bank photos, and fake Trust Guard seals that can’t be clicked. These are all “old school” scam tactics that may have worked 2-3 years ago but will not work today since the options trading niche has evolved and traders are more educated and savvy these days.

Maximus Profits Software Review
So here we have Mr. George Maximus the alleged CEO of Maximus Profits. According to him he developed a software that has made 14 millionaires last month and now these people are showing us inflated bank accounts of wires sent from an entity named “Maximus Profits Payout”. This is not possible since wires are sent from the broker’s bank account only, and there are no exceptions here.
MAXIMUS 3The actors are spewing lies saying that “after 3 months the system has not lost a single trade”. This thing has all the tells of a cheap scam and the chief presenter and actor does not get into how the software really works and what is unique about it. This is just a smoke screen designed to fool and solicit you into funding trading accounts under false pretenses while using the same lies, deceptions, and aggressive means to mislead potential paying customers.

Is this System Free?
Not at all! $250 is the minimum amount you will have to invest, and that will be paid through one of their slimy unregulated brokers.

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Signals, Bots, Auto-traders, and Copiers
So if you have been offered what seems to be a legit, genuine, or trustworthy app we advise you to think twice before making a decision on where to invest your hard-earned money. Our recommended apps section includes only the best and most reputable systems which have been tried and tested by our staff and proven to provide consistent results.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Maximus Profits software and George Maximus is a verified binary options investment SCAM and we have rightfully BLACKLISTED it! If you have searched the interned for an honest review about this app and auto-trader hoping it is legit, we are sad to inform you that this is just another in a long line of affiliate marketing schemes designed to drain your bank account and split the profits with shady, unregulated offshore brokers. After additional testing we found the software to be more fraudulent then we initially believed since we actually funded a trading account and we saw the robot taking inferior positions intentionally and losing trades. The ITM ratio was under 15%, which means the app steals money and even playing Black Jack give you better odds. In light of this overwhelming and conclusive evidence we are advising our members and subscribers to avoid this system and find other investment opportunities.Don’t forge to join our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel to get informed.


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